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Salve of the Immortal Heart

Salve of the Immortal Heart


White water lily, motherwort, passionflower, saltwater pearl, valerian root, skullcap, ashwaganda root, pennyroyal, white willow bark, and lily of the valley, ritually fumigated in frankincense and benzoin on the Immortal Heart election and immersed in sweet almond and olive oils, alongside prayers to the Divine Mother to provide comfort, security, and emotional safe haven.

Gently warmed on the Moon’s days to expedite therapeutic efficacy, given the tight incubation period of one Lunar cycle before being mixed with organic beeswax, essential oils of a grounding and soothing nature, and poured into tins over Mother of Pearl hearts with cape amethyst. Topped with 12k white gold.

Rub well into the soles of the feet, front and back of the heart, and shoulders for a magical full body experience in self-care. Instantly banishes anxieties and pulls the Self back into the body, regaining composure and presence. Combats dissociation and makes it possible to explore heavy emotions without the dulling impact that pharmaceuticals would have for a similar intended purpose.

Soothing, stress relieving, and especially good before bed, or as an intervention in times of intense emotional upset. The Divine Mother’s magical tranquilizer.

Offered in a 2 oz size for $63, or 4 oz bulk pot for $95

Note: 100% of the Salves for this series were poured at one time, what remains is final stock. No more 4 oz sizes for this iteration will ever become available.




Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunset of September 16th, 2020. Evening of the New Moon in Virgo III, Neptune rising.

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Immortal Heart Info Sheet



  1. Sometime last year, I found out that my arrthymia was getting worse. Of course, I then started worrying about it non-stop, which only exacerbated it. When I discovered this salve on Kaitlin’s site, I thought this might help. Well, dear reader, it did not cure the arrhythmia, but it did definitely help in calming me down about the whole thing! I would rub a little bit on my chest every morning, asking for the Goddess to bless me and heal my heart. In time, I came into acceptance and stopped resisting the medicine I was going to need to take. I blame the salve….Highly recommend this item!

  2. I only wear this before bed – either on my feet and neck when I’ve been physically worn out, or rubbed into my heartspace when it’s all been too much emotionally. The smell alone is healing, now that I have a strong association, while its magic embraces me and whispers ssshhh… it’s alright… sweet dreams… you are loved and cherished and watched over while you sleep. It fills a lifelong hole I never could put words to, and does it so gently, lovingly, that I swear the women in my family & lineage are also benefiting from it.

  3. What a helpful series to work with. This salve, specifically has been a lifesaver when heading into therapy or some kind of bodywork session. I find that it’s often helpful to give it some kind of “container” rather than casual use. Could be a meditation, hour of journaling, etc. This is a powerful exfoliator.

  4. One of my cats was diagnosed with a chronic illness and the combination of seeing her suffer with the struggle to get her to take her meds was destroying me.
    My tin of salve, missing for weeks in the cluttered abyss of my abode, literally dropped from a shelf and flew across the room at me (the magic is no joke!).
    I anointed my sternum and shoulders, neck and legs. The act itself brought me back into my body, and the energetics felt like a big supportive hug, a cosmic boost that I wasn’t alone even as the lone human dealing with this sick kitty, as well as a reminder that I am more than capable in seeing us both through this.

    Kitty’s condition is currently good and stable, and I’m grateful to have this in my arsenal both as a tool for general practice and in times of profound stress.

  5. I am so thankful for this line and being introduced to Our Ladies of the Immortal Heart. As a healer, I have added the enclosed invocation to my morning prayers and intentions in my treatment room. I feel the support of the Ladies as I as endeavor to connect with the spirit of my patients. I apply the salve to acupuncture point CV-17, Within The Breast. The salve is pure magic, immediately bringing a deep multi-dimensional level of opening in the heart spaces of my clients. On top of the salve, I apply moxibustion heating the salve allowing it to penetrate deeper. Each day I see how much people are struggling. Magic is Healing and I am grateful for this Magic.

  6. Immortal Heart is like the biggest hug from the ultimate Divine Mother. Less dependent on astro weather, so use at any time. Lean on her and she lets you grieve without denial but softens it enough for you to able to process trauma or grief. Has gotten me through very tough times. The whole world needs IH right about now.

  7. The Immortal Heart series, so blessed by the Divine Mother in all her forms, “relies less on the specific *election and more on the blessed empowerments of the attending Spirit Patronesses — Our Ladies of the Immortal Heart.” Yes. If you are ever mothering the world, yet never learned to take care of yourself, to mother yourself, forgive yourself, forgive others – this is the gentle salve for your body and those long untended wounds.

  8. I’ve been working with this salve for a week and the power astonished me! It has soothed me in really difficult moments, Venus conjunct my Pluto has brought up many difficult subjects, but no matter how traumatic the event, the salve is resilient and THERE for YOU when you need it the most. I have tried the water, oil, powder and now the salve, I find the salve, especially INVALUABLE. I recommend this series to everyone because who wouldn’t like a loving magical hug? This salve delivers.

  9. This salve of Immortal Heart offers such comfort and release. With application before sleep, or an afternoon of self care, I find it a deep sense of melancholic nurture~ a respite from the jagged turmoil of a particularly challenging time of grief and loss. The scent alone is a sanctuary, a blessing. Much gratitude.

  10. This salve is very comforting. I used it during the grieving process after losing a family member and it allowed me and my family to process the daily hurdles of it. it’s very special! Wear it at night after days packed with emotion, it’s the perfect escape.

  11. As a huge motherwort fan, i felt a connection to this just from reading about it. She’s been a fantastic protector for me for decades, and that energy can be felt in this salve. I anoint my sternum with this to help process grief and anxiety, usually before bed. I find it to be subtly restorative and instantly comforting.

  12. I love this salve! I’ve used it to consistent good effect when my mind is racing at night time, to help settle and drift off to sleep. It feels like it opens me up and helps both my mind and body soften out of the daily grind.

  13. Salve of the Immortal Heart has become a dear friend to me. When my system goes into overwhelm on any front—emotional, physical, energetic—this salve gives me the feeling of being held. There’s the sensation of soothing chemical release, like the feeling of being held is translating to all my cells, and making a pervasive feeling of okay-ness.

    To be able to spread peace on yourself from a tin that smells like your childhood in some way you could never explain is a miracle. So grateful this stuff exists.

  14. I lost my dad to Covid in September 2020 and was thrilled when this election came out later that year. The salve has been one of the most powerful offerings I have used, and has helped me process the loss by cultivating a sense of security and comfort despite difficult emotions.
    I use the salve at night, and apply to my feet and heart chakra region. My dreams have been of female family members and guides who bring mothering energy. I also enjoy simple peaceful rest when I use it, even if no dreams occur.
    The scent of the salve is so comforting, and since I use it often my room and bedding now carry its distinct aroma even when I don’t apply it, which has created a sanctuary like vibe.
    I have also been able to apply it on work days that grief threatens to disrupt, and it helps me feel calm without being flat or disassociated.
    Thanks, as always, to Kaitlyn for creating something so powerful and genuinely helpful. I’ve never had to use magical materials in this way and I am so grateful for it.

  15. I started using the salve and De Genetrix shortly after I started a new job that requires a lot more emotional energy than I’d provided in a work context for a while, and they’ve both really helped me decompress when work is over. Also, my quality of sleep has significantly improved and I feel like I haven’t slept this good in a long time.

    I personally haven’t felt any big T trauma stuff come up for it, but over time, it’s gently assisted me on a process of figuring out what really feels comfortable for me and where I may have been unintentionally compromising for other people. I might snag up more of the salve sometime soon, and I look forward to eventually working with other offerings from this series.

  16. I have been using the salve and the water in combination with other practices, primarily reiki and emotion code. I would put the salve on after my shower or bath. I would make a reiki symbol while putting it on with an intention to heal a specific area or general. I would also spray my pillow with the water before bed. I’ve found it to be incredibly soothing, calming, and nurturing. This has been the warm blanket that I need to wrap my anxieties.

  17. This is one of my favorite S+S products. At first use, I did find it made me more aware of my grief, which was painful and really necessary. Using it for the first time was like finally being able to see my grief as it was. It broke something open, and I’m really grateful for that. I’ve used it a lot for my grief work and on hard days and I find it makes me feel more unified with my emotions and unified with the love my ancestors had for me. It definitely bolstered me significantly. I’m so grateful for this offering! <3

  18. I’ve been using the salve before bed pretty consistently before bed for about six weeks. Early on I noticed I would have brief bouts of intense crying that would come and go quickly, around things that ordinarily I might not have been able to access an undercurrent of feelings. I ordered a Shakti mat following Kaitlin’s recommendation on the main page for the series and had what felt like a profound rest laying on it and listening to a sound bath the weekend after New Years. It is ordinarily difficult for me to calm my system down enough to truly sink into rest so this was very welcome.

    IH has helped me narrow in on the most essential elements to focus on right now in my morning routine/rituals, and it’s played a part in helping me recognize and shift how I’ve been relying on sugar as a crutch when what I really need is deeper rest and space to move through big emotions.

    This came into focus very clearly yesterday when I realized I had been triggered by something and was dissociating, and instead of getting stuck I was able to acknowledge and feel the feelings, reach out for support, take the break I needed to re-center, and recognize when I was ready to come back into my work day. I felt really clear about some simple ways I could be gentle with myself, and because I’d already built a foundation with resetting my relationship with sugar, I was able to support myself with food through the day in ways that satisfied what my body was craving without creating huge spikes and crashes in my blood sugar.

    For me Immortal Heart feels like a very welcome counterbalance to the ambitious, empire-building energy that I’ve found through Luminous Crown, and I’m looking forward to exploring more of the IH series.

  19. Everything from the Immortal Heart series is POTENT! I feel I should say this first: it’s important to heed Kaitlin’s guidance regarding easing oneself into this series. I thought that’s what I was doing, but I may have.. messed up lol.

    I felt intense grief on the day that my IH materia arrived (hours before it actually got delivered, and I wasn’t aware that it was coming then either). I proceeded to use the Salve first, and my initial experience was wonderful! I had held each item separately (Salve, Water, Oil) to get a read on their energies before choosing my introductory medium. The energy of the Salve came through as a beautifully sensual one. This was the most desirable at the time, as I felt it would help combat certain symptoms of trauma such as disconnection from the body/self/identity.

    A lot of healing began to take place for me from this point on. I would only use the materia at night, directly before going to sleep. Eventually, however, I became overwhelmed with deep, painful emotions (sadness, grief, etc) as soon as I awoke each day, and it became so intense that I knew it was time to chill lol.

    I reached out to Kaitlin for some extra support, and her advice was sound. She also explained that using the materia at night before sleep can cause issues (due to lack of complete or conscious processing of trauma/emotions, etc). This makes sense, and although I’ve chosen to stop working with IH for now, I understand the importance of careful, conscious healing & will remember to maintain this awareness.

    Not everyone is going to experience this with Immortal Heart, mind you. And it needs to be said that the series has such stunning, positive potential & many secrets/blessings to reveal. I have experienced this too. We aren’t always ready for everything at all times, so I don’t feel bad about having to take a break from this energy. Let yourself be guided by wisdom. That, in and of itself, is a sign that you are healing.

  20. I use this salve regularly before bed and before work in conjunction with the oil from the same collection. I find both help me feel less frazzled, stressed, or emotionally distracted during challenging days and promote regaining or gaining a sense of feeling grounded and calm. The salve has the added bonus of soothing tense muscles, can be comforting, and blends smoothly into the skin.

    This salve has been useful enough that I use it on most days and essentially all of my work days since I received the product. I’m also recovering from a surgery that I associate with a lot of painful emotions and have been using this to promote self-care while I heal. Applying the salve has been helpful for dispelling anxieties about the surgery results during the healing process as well (and is pleasant to apply!).

    I may buy more and expect to try future salves that interest me from S and S.

  21. This is truly a warm blanket feel that quickly reduces any anxiety, and puts one to ease. I’ve been using this every night before bed, and it’s been so helpful to quiet things down and allow myself to integrate. This has been tremendously helpful as new triggers have impacted me, and my stress has been alleviated. May need more of this amazing salve.

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