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Butter Ocean Kolonía

Butter Ocean Kolonía


Cleanse all aside Jupiter’s sweet, restorative, nourishing Grace.

Arrives in the Client’s selection of 1.7 oz woozy ($32) or 5 oz bulk for $96, each with keepsake consecrated amethyst and yellow jade.





Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2.4 in
Creation Date

Morning of June 12th, 2021, Jupiter in Pisces + Jupiter on the MC. Hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.


1.7 oz, 5 oz

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Cozy in a Bottle

This kolonia has proven so indispensable for me that I ordered a large bottle before I ran out of my first small sized one. And then I transferred some from the large bottle to the smaller travel-size one when I needed the reassuring support of Jupiter on a high pressure work trip. The spicy citrus scent (I can't do it justice in words) is my favorite of any S+S series/offering, and has me seriously considering the bath salts as well!

Eleni G.
Like the first bite of an immaculate Lemon Madeleine…

like the smoothest first sip of your favourite perfectly made drink…
Taking in the scent from my hands, my body sort of relaxes in the perfect pleasure and energetic signature that I get with a perfect sip of coffee, or when I can smell it brewing in another other room. The scent to me is buttery lemon peels smoked in a high grade incense. Rich, but somehow accessible. A perfect Lemon Madeleine.

Warm, buttery Jupiter vibes

Tremendously valuable for Jupiter remediation--this clears the way for generous and gentle Jupiter manifestations in my life, smoothing a tricky chart placement.

MaryBeth Schroeder

We actually got this kolonia by accident and then S+S let us keep it and are sending what we ordered. And it was...SUCH A GIFT! The day this came, I literally won an award and had a lovely night. I'm someone who can over-plan my social stuff because I have trouble feeling chill but the three days I used this in a row, I was on a chill one-thing-after-another social journey where I was like "ok cool!" and able to be really calm and enjoy stuff without feeling like I needed to know the whole plan. Jupiter is a planet that I feel, based on its really strong placement in my chart, WANTS to smile on me and I am not always able to let him in. This is helping me let him in. And I feel it already. I'm so glad we got it by accident, I treasure it and I think it smells delicious.

Another Kolonia review...

The scent of this is amazing, but the feeling is so helpful and welcome. Helps to take away what isn't needed and facilitate towards what is needed. It's true. I said in another review that I feel like I'm repeating the series write ups, but they are accurate. I suppose this is a testimonial, after all. Does the job, I enjoy, thank you, thank you!

This Came Back in Stock Just When I Needed It

I'm very grateful that this Kolonia came back in stock, as using it for spiritual clearing purposes to support my Jupiter has become an important part of my weekly routine.

So glad this returned!

I splashed a few drops on my hands and waved it over my skin and *immediately* felt a bunch of tension bubble to the surface and then release. This is my first time using this type of materia and I think it's going to be a great way to energetically cleanse on the go without needing a full bath or ritual.

Reviewer avatar
Magical clearing

I think I'm in the minority with my scent preferences here — I actually prefer the aromatic profile of some of the other Forms in this series (such as Ghee of the Sea & the Oil), hence the 4 stars. I still enjoy everything about this kolonia quite a lot; I don't at all dislike the smell! It's just that I think I probably would've loved the kolonia much more if its scent were similar to the richer, sexy, deep reverberations of the Oil, especially. But I understand the choice of a cleaner, lighter profile for a clearing Form! In any case, it's a beautiful addition to my life. I tend to use it every Thursday, sometimes other days as well, and it — along with the rest of the series — has brought me such powerful healing, rejuvenation, relaxation, rest, etc. It was sorely needed. I appreciate this series on such a profound level.


Very sad it is out of stock - the kolonia amazing at releasing any hard feeling. After using it it it feels like you are in a nice warm and soft blanket.

Delish citrus-y delight

I do not love the scent of the rest of this series (I’m very sensitive) and I had to warm up to the scent of the water but this particular kolonia is an exception! It’s nothing like the rest of the series! I know the reason we buy materia often isn’t scent but it does matter to me when it’s something I use often. I reach for this precious kolonia every Thursday if not more often and I had to grab the larger bottle I enjoyed the small so much I used it up so quickly! The quickest I’ve ever finished a small bottle of kolonia and I use DA II religiously!


  1. I love kolonias as well – and I got the largest size available when this came out. The kolonia is light and zesty, and its just comforting, bright, and cleansing. It doesn’t quite have the solar energy of Regulus, Jupiter in Sag, or any of the Sol materia. But it isn’t quite as soft as any of the Venus, or Lunar materia. Think about this like putting on your lucky shirt underneath your uniform/dress clothes.

  2. For the most part the Butter Ocean scent profile isn’t for me, but I *love* the kolonía and it may end up being the first one I buy in the larger size when I finish my woozy. It’s grapefruit-forward/citrus-y in a way that’s so refreshing, and I tangibly and immediately feel what I can only describe as a “warm fluffy blanket” sensation when I do my auric cleanse. Instant rejuvenation + comfort in a bottle.

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