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Butter Ocean Bath Salts

Butter Ocean Bath Salts

Bathe in Jupiter’s Good Graces.   Literally!

8 oz bale top for $36, 16 oz bulk pot for $64, or unbreakable 18 oz (by weight) bundle for $60

Note that reusable muslin bags are available as accessories, if you’d like to bathe without leaving herbal residue behind in the tub or going down the drain. They also work wonderfully as body scrub bundles for using magical Bath Salts in the shower, or for small travel portions without fear of glass breaking!




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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2.4 in
Creation Date

Sunrise of Jupiterday the 17th of June 2021, Jupiter in Pisces on the MC. Hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.


16 oz, 18 oz bundle (weight), 8 oz

Planetary Body




No – Ghee, Powered Milk

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Derek O'Neill
Jupterian goodness!

I'll throw a spoonful into a bath before any Jupiterian workings or if I need to hedge my bets on a more successful and bountiful day. Love this mix!

Reviewer avatar
Kelly S.
A different take on Jupiter love

I purchased this bath salt as a hopeful replacement for the sadly sold-out Bath Salts of Jupiter's Grace -- and while the Jupiter's Grace salt remains beyond compare, I've found a different kind of comfort in this very approachable alternative. Unlike BSoJG, Butter Ocean Bath Salt is one that I find myself using quite generously; big, heaping scoops *want* to be used, rather than the more conservative portions of BSoJG that I used to add to epsom salt. This tendency to indulge is reflected in the overall effect of the salt, which is quite luxurious and fortifying. The scent can be quite strong: seaweed and citrus -- but I've come to associate it with relaxation and body-and-mind-melting indulgence. Afterwards, my skin feels incredible. I feel generally nourished and replenished, like my whole body is sighing with relief. Good stuff!

Subtle and satisfying

I find that BO bath salts are more like a good friend you know you can count on to make you happy. It’s not over-the-top happy or energizing which is perfect for a relaxing and revitalizing bath. I find that I just want to smile.

Like a Warm Hug

These bath salts are obviously cleansing, but they also leave me feeling warm, comforted, and supported, like receiving a long hug from a father, uncle, or other beloved male relative. The scent is buttery and citrusy, also warm and inviting. Great for Sunday nights (Jupiter’s night) to shake off any anxiety about the upcoming work week.

Lisa C
Hard to explain

A lot of really amazing stuff has been happening to me since I started using these products. Hard to explain.

Very relaxing

I enjoy all the bath salts and body butters. This one is nice and chill. I just feel relaxed and at peace. Thankfully not tired or spacey. Have purchased a couple times and will repeat until the series runs out.

Melty & delicious

These bath salts are heavenly. I feel like a delicious cake covered in fruit when I emerge from a bath with these — light, fluffy, sumptuous. Tensions melt away into soft, simple presence.

Reviewer avatar

Lovely & divine stuff!! In terms of scent, it's more along the lines of this series' kolonia & water (that is to say, citrusy/ fresh), which is different from the oil or butter. And while I tend to crave the latter, I can't imagine these salts having that same scent; the deluxe, exquisite citrus just resonates perfectly here. Using these salts is like diving into the most refreshing, yet nourishing & bolstering, waters. They make me feel so strongly supported, blessed, receptive and attuned to the expansive, creative, loving & beautiful nature of the divine... I could go on. Don't hesitate to try these! One of my favorite offerings from Butter Ocean <3


Comparing to the first Jupiter in Pisces series, this has more of relaxing evening energy and so I keep for evening showers or feet bath before sleep. Releasing and renewing energy.

Orange and Delicate

These bath salts smell great - light on scent in general, but orange-dominant to me, which I love. They're cozy and comforting and make for a great respite from the busy-ness of everyday life. For me, they weren't profound, but were still very lovely.


  1. Lovely. I decided to take a bath with this since Jupiter is conjunct Luna right now (and I was able to marvel over their beauty last night!!!) along with some Fomalhaut bath salts and am very much looking forward to a deeply slumbersome night. (This also smells sooooooooooo good!) Trying to make friends with my 12th House Jupiter (conjunct Sun in Cancer) and having some A HA! moments. Super Juper! I called the Jupiter-Moon conjunction last night ‘Moopiter’ which I quite like.

  2. Just received this yesterday and utilized last night within Jupiter’s hour. A truly lovely experience, both physically and energetically, and felt incredible after. Will definitely look to restock when need be!

  3. A big fan of the S+S bath salts, Butter Ocean Bath Salts do not disappoint! I find the best results come when I pay attention to what the election chart stimulates in my own chart, and this one specifically works very well with my chart. Election Venus also rising in my chart, election Jupiter widely conjunct my Moon, election Mars conjunct my Jupiter I took a bath with these salts during Jupiter hour this past Sunday and felt so much better and had a lovely day. Now to decide what else to add from the collection! Enjoy!

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