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Exalted Luna Body Butter

Exalted Luna Body Butter


Organic and wildcrafted herbs of Lunar, Taurean, and Jupiterian alliance, fumigated at the height of Sphere + Sundry’s first ever Moon in Taurus election with myrrh resin and Lunar incense. White lotus, moonstone, Jyotish remedial-grade pearl, and white gold.

100% organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, whipped with essential oils.

Nourishes, soothes, and imbues with healthy yin.

Refills what is empty. Facilitates secure attachment.

Offered in a 2 oz glass jar for $33, or 6 oz bulk pot for $78





Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Creation Date

Night of November 24th 2023. Luna’s hour. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body



Benefic, Neutral


No – Contains Butter CO2 Total Extract


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Fabulous and wonderful Body Butter!

Love every bit of it. Doesn't make my lazy, but does help me appreciate all things of sense and beauty. Wonderful scent, too. Rock this!!!

What anxiety?

This body butter is fortifying in ways I was not expecting. The anxiety that usually keeps me from doing things comfortably just… doesn’t happen when I’m wearing it. It doesn’t make me sleepy - in fact, I have to avoid application immediately before bed because I find my sleep is disturbed under its influence - but the soothing effect on my nervous system is life changing.

Lunar hibernation

This has a lovely scent - the S+S body butters are just gorgeous. Made me feel sleepy and relaxed, definitely an evening application. Pairs well with Venus too.

Reviewer avatar

As I mentioned in my review for this series' salve, I find the body butter to be much lighter energetically than either the salve or the anointing oil. It almost has an uplifting, buoyant quality to it that is somehow lacking in other forms {which is not to say that I wish anything about this series was different than it is — quite the contrary!} . . . each form has its own merits & beautiful benefits, and I absolutely love that. I prefer this body butter when I'm desiring much of the core magic of the Exalted Moon, but without a great deal of sedation. I wouldn't say it's super stimulating, of course, but it does resonate with a sense of energetic aliveness to me. Maybe like an ideal Full Moon that feels upbeat, rapturous, enlivening? And the smell is one my favorites~ so gorgeous, just like the anointing oil!

Heather McDonald-Sand
Feels safe and cozy like a mamma bear hug

I like to use this on my bod when my super-mercurial nervous system (with a fiery natal moon) can use soothing... And/or I'm about to go into a day I suspect may try my nerves to give me a nice calm baseline to start from. I'll apply it to the places recommended for applying the balm, and if I'm feeling a little bit of pain somewhere, I'll rub some into that area too. It soothes instantly! And, it has a nice sparkly whipped texture, and a subtle scent that's just lovely.

Creamy and Relaxing

My new favorite body butter. It smells like roses and almonds, with an herbal undertone, and it’s creamier than the other body butters I’ve tried. When I use it before sleep, I sleep much better (not necessarily more, but better). Used at night but not directly before bed, it makes me feel relaxed, but I thankfully haven’t had the indulgent feeling others have (maybe my natal Capricorn moon keeping me on track?). Either way, 100% recommend.

Astral Experience

This butter is fluffy and whipped and light as air. I slathering it on, it immediately melted into a nice oil. The scent is fantasic, like sleepy time tea, very gentle. This sounds silly but my body feels like it's calm, floating, and out of body while fully awake. I could nap right now but I can't. I will use this later tonight at bedtime though. This is one of the most physical reactions I've ever had to a bb materia and I kinda love it.

Cozy and Sensual

The first day I used this body butter I was feeling run down. After applying I took the most healing nap. I felt totally replenished upon waking. Spent the rest of the day cozied up in my room with a Taurus moon native making music and enjoying some calm, slow sensual touch. This series amazes me in its ability to be healing, cozy, nourishing and even sexy. I feel my nervous system recalibrating towards a desire for secure attachment. I do feel a little more indulgent and less active than with a more Yang series. Definitely more appropriate for R&R

Perfect body butter

This is my first time trying S+S body butter and I think I picked the perfect series for it. It is creamy, soothing, and feels luxurious. The scent is calming and subtle. I put it on and it was like taking a sizable dose of CBD. I felt so relaxed and slept very well.

A New Favorite Body Butter

This series has been out for like a week tops and it makes total sense that there are already four reviews singing the praises of this body butter. It is truly incredible!! It's just the most divine smelling rich creamy butter you could possibly imagine. Nothing could be better on your feet before thick socks, a warm blanket and a NAP. Do yourself a favor and get some of this: you will not be disappointed.


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