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Oil of Exalted Sol

Oil of Exalted Sol

Herbs of a Solar and empowering nature were ritually immersed in equal parts safflower and jojoba oils during a supreme Sun in Aries election, almost one year to the day of its public debut. Sol’s ruler (Mars) was also in its Exaltation at the time, as the Moon waxed conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran.

Organic orange peel, ginger, calendula, white peppercorn, saffron, and homegrown sunflowers harvested during the day and hour of Sol, frankincense, 24k gold, essential oils, garnet, red coral, and sundry ingredients befitting the operation.

Anoint the self for Solar remediation, and to aid in the process of becoming one’s best, brightest, and most accomplished self. Aids in purifying the Heart, Mind, and Spirit, creating greater cohesion between them.

Assists in excavating one’s ambitions and putting ourselves to work on behalf of our own goals, desires, and milestones. Assumes the mantle of Championship.

Promotes bravery, vitality, and right-relation with the inner and outer masculine. Instills leadership qualities and joie de vivre. Banishes melancholy and facilitates inner coherence, which soothes anxious states.

Anoint Solar ritual tools, use to dress candles, or add to other spellwork.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $72 (with optional dropper cap kit), or selection of three 10 ml gem rollers for $58: red jade, tiger’s eye, orange coral.

A handful of 14k gold plated rollers are also available for $108.

Note that the final Exalted Sol oils have been poured, all in standard vials. This is the final restock for this election.




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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunrise, Sunday March 29th 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

If I could go back in time and get more of any sold out products, I’d stock up on this oil and mars in Scorpio. But about Exalted Sol: my very prominent and demanding Taurus sun DELIGHTS in this oil. A sincere feeling of joy, a lightness of being while still grounded, a sensation of beaming from the inside out. It certainly flips the Solar Energy switch to ON!! But in my experience, in a far less terrifying way than Regulus materia. Regulus is like the spotlight on you, while exalted sol is like YOU are the spotlight itself. YOU are the lightbeam.


I would get a lifetime supply of this oil if I could. It’s exactly what I needed for Solar remediation, but also combined with hefty Martial support which adds so much depth and strength to this materia. So grateful to have access to such powerful and life-changing magic.

Aries Sun Energy

Using Exalted Sol oil is so empowering and cathartic for me. It's one of a few oils that feels like a second skin, almost part of me. Also one of a few oils I crave. Using Exalted Sol brings out my positive Aries qualities and stops the toxic, stereotypical Aries brash impulsive reactions from popping up. And the scent is divine. It SMELLS solar. The entire series smells of the sun.


I use this oil for remediation (12th house Sun in Aqu.) with a Sun Mantra. For me it does not have the "illumination of solar wounds" quality that Golden Sol does. I find it less emotional in that way. It feels physically supportive and energizing, and I am slowly developing a better rapport with that big strange orb.


Love to annotate candle on Sundays or when situation is depending being confident in myself. The oil feels spicy and very little needed when applying on skin.

great at bringing tremendous energy to the distractible working-from-home space

I thought this didnt agree with me at first, like that it was too harsh or something for my anxiety-prone and already marsy constitution, but when I started working from home, actually specifically on a project in my nonprofit to provide solar panels to low income homeowners in our city, I found myself getting distracted and turned to it, asking it to help me take initiative & stay driven to help more people appreciate and harness the suns power through my work and be bright and shiny, and it worked A TREAT. I cannot wait for another pure sol offering (no offense to beautiful regulus)


I reach for this one over LC when I'm hungry for energy. That moon on Aldebaran I feel really amplifies Sol's vitality and drive on an entirely different level and feels aspirational and ambitious to me.


This oil has been helpful in many of my interactions. i sometimes lack the courage to speak up. This oil has helped with my self courage but in a mutual respecting way. I highly recommend it.

Willow Mama

This oil has been transformative for me. The word that comes to mind is "uprightness": I act with more integrity, honesty, boundary setting, and care. This in turn has led to more confidence and conviction in my work and home life. When I started using the oil I was amazed at the pain points it hit but the shifts it led to were swift and so worth it, I am so grateful for the clarity that has come through this materia!


I prefer the spray to the oil, so I gave the oil to my sister who has a very physical job where I thought she could utilize it well. She's also a sun and venus in aries. She loves this oil! Uses it every day for her work. Very pleased with the results. <3


  1. This oil has been helpful in many of my interactions. i sometimes lack the courage to speak up. This oil has helped with my self courage but in a mutual respecting way. I highly recommend it.

  2. This oil has been transformative for me. The word that comes to mind is “uprightness”: I act with more integrity, honesty, boundary setting, and care. This in turn has led to more confidence and conviction in my work and home life. When I started using the oil I was amazed at the pain points it hit but the shifts it led to were swift and so worth it, I am so grateful for the clarity that has come through this materia!

  3. I prefer the spray to the oil, so I gave the oil to my sister who has a very physical job where I thought she could utilize it well. She’s also a sun and venus in aries. She loves this oil! Uses it every day for her work. Very pleased with the results. <3

  4. I love this oil! I use this when I know I am facing a mountain of hard work and need to energy and motivation to get it done. Somehow the work feels easier to accomplish. When I am wearing this I feel confident and strong. Conversations with powerful people are easier and lift any feelings of intimidation. If life were a video game this would be your power-up!

  5. This is a really potent oil! I’ve been using it consistently for a few months and can really see the effects of prolonged use. It’s really helped to propel me towards going after and following through on my goals and creative ideas and creating more of the life I want. Really helps to build confidence and belief in one’s self and definitely fuels one’s motivation get things done. It also has a nice warm, glowing sensation to it when applied.

  6. This oil has been deeply transformative to work with. I have been applying it for about 5 months now and am beginning to see the long term effects. I’ve never really been a task master and at times I’ve suffered from debilitating self doubt resulting in a kind of paralysis and dissociation. Going back to school this fall I knew I needed to step into my power and start championing and advocating for myself more. Exalted Sol became my ally in this 🙂

    I use it before school most days, before tests (been acing em), when I’m facing a pile of homework, or needing to make phone calls. Honestly I just use it anytime I am procrastinating or being avoidant! I’ve gotten more done in the last 5 months than ever before. My physical practices have gotten a huge boost. It has also helped me grow my business. Essentially any area of my life that was being neglected due to a lack of initiative is being remedied by this oil.

    I have some very cautious and methodical themes in my birth chart and although I’m grateful for the intellectual rigor this provides I definitely need something to forcefully push me off the ledge sometimes. This oil is it! Thank you Kaitlin and the team at Sphere & Sundry, I’m blown away by your products.

    Little side note: this oil can be very intense, and sometime when I apply it my body starts to itch all over (in places it wasn’t applied). To prevent this I use a small amount in a carrier oil or lotion. A little goes a long way!

  7. It’s given me a courage and boldness that I’m surprised myself! i.e. volunteering myself for a demonstration during my anatomy class, and after being chosen realized i needed to remove my tank top in front of the whole class. someone told me afterwards they thought i was so brave, which to me is NBD but it was funny to hear that because I had used exhalted sol right before the class.

    i also use it for performance anxiety around exams and i’ve been acing each one so yay!

    i’m looking forward to using it for other uses too, such as asserting myself in relationships and leaning more into the martian energy of not backing from conflict (when warranted, i.e. when i’m othered or disrespected due to unconscious racial bias.. instead of keeping quiet i will determine if it deems a response from me and just tell them what’s wrong with what they said or did)

  8. I love this oil. It is warming, brightening, and calling it a dose of spring fire is a spot on description (as Kaitlin’s write-ups always are). I had a video interview timed during a not particularly great transit and I was having trouble getting into a good headspace. I anointed myself with the Sol in Aries oil and it was a total 180. The nervous, pent-up energy melted and I got a good warming in my heart center, instead of the energetic blockage I had been feeling. It definitely gives you that boost of “being excited to perform”, just as described. The interview ended up going very well. I felt comfortable and totally myself during it, which I was not feeling at all prior to bringing Sol in Aries to the party. A great choice if you need to shine, feel centered and internally cohesive and fortified. Good kick of energy for getting things done, but in a brighter more solar way.

  9. As someone with a 12th House Sun, this has been so helpful as a remediation tool for me. It’s energizing, warming, and helps me feel confident in my daily life. I do get the warming as a side effect. This oil won’t remove your anxiety or fears, but it helps me feel courageous enough that I can press forward in spite of my internal hesitations!

  10. As a 12th house sun, I turn to Exalted Sol when I am feeling down or unmotivated and too in my head. It lends incredible focus and motivation without being draining – and I’m so grateful for that! Like a fresh new day in a bottle: hopeful, bright, and ambitious. Worth noting – I do find this oil *very* warming. I usually need to open windows or remove layers when wearing it!

  11. I love this stuff! As a Leo with Aries rising, I always love Aries season, and the Sun transiting my first house. I always feel totally energized and invigorated during that time of year, so when I saw this series was launching I knew I had to have a little bit of that in a bottle and I’m so glad I went for it. This series is very different from the Sol in Leo series (which might be my absolute favorites series). It definitely has way more of martial kick to it, which I’m definitely not mad at. When I wear it I feel brave and ready to handle business. It also really helps give me an extra push when I’m lacking motivation and need to get stuff done. It’s warm and uplifting and I’m very happy to have it my collection.

  12. I lean on this oil more than I expected. It’s bright and zingy, offers a great boost plus resilience. I use this in place of Mars materia (Mars in Scorpio wasn’t a good match for me) as well as to support my debilitated Sun. Strength in a bottle. I can’t wait to try the water!

  13. I am a notoriously spacy person, but when I apply this oil I have the ability to remember and balance a lot of tasks that are difficult for me otherwise. I feel very clear with this on, and ready to take on and complete what I set out to do.

  14. I bought this oil as part of strengthening my Sun during a year where my already-debilitated day-lamp would be enduring some additional hardship. I find this oil to be incredibly supportive, but it has taken time for me to get comfortable with the Aries expression of Sol — Leo feels more sturdy, more stable, while Aries wants to GO DO THE THINGS. Increases courage substantially, alongside a certain firmness in knowing what’s worth doing. Truly excellent stuff, as usual.

  15. As a lifelong procrastinator, I was sure that I needed this oil. My impression of it at first was that it was similarly illuminating/uplifting like Sol in Leo, which is so lovely. I anointed myself behind my ears and found that after a few minutes I was suddenly motivated to start writing.
    I hadn’t written in more than six months.
    The result of working with this oil, along with S+S Jupiter materia (to temper the spiciness of Exalted Sol!) has been the completion of a writing project I began three years ago.
    I had basically given up on completing that piece of work, but Exalted Sol pulled it out of me. It’s been very emotional, but necessary.
    So I really cannot stress enough how important it is to LISTEN when a series calls out to you. I had thought this oil would just help motivate me to do chores and pick me up when I needed it. I could not have anticipated the results so far.
    So much gratitude to Kaitlin and Co. for this offering. It is literally life-changing.

  16. There’s so much I could say about this. Anointing candles with it feels like I’m putting a spotlight on my petitions. Work takes less effort, and I’m more likely to have my contributions noticed. But most importantly to me, it’s like pure executive functioning in a bottle. After doing a ritual with it, I’ll look around, see something that really needs to get done, and I’ll just… do it. No blocks, no wave of exhaustion, no mental pain. This oil has gotten me to just DO things I’ve known I’ve needed to but could never make myself do for years. Do other people live like this all the time? Just getting up and doing things?! In conclusion, as a Sun-in-Aries native I was extremely hype for this series and it delivered!

    (PS: I second the “affecting actual vision” side effect in another review, please test it first before wearing it while doing things like driving!)

  17. So this is an incredible product! I used it in a large variety of ways. It has an incredibly clarifying and confident effect. This has a much different emotionally comforting feel for me than Aldebaran. Amazingly at the EXACT moment of my mar return, my wife bumped into the desk it was on while vacuuming and broke the vile. Need a list to say there will be another order coming soon.

  18. I’ve found Exalted Sol one of the strongest S+S series I’ve worked with. Probably because I have a deficient Sun and excessive Moon and very little fire in my chart, I feel this one big time. Whereas Golden Sol felt like a hug, ES rips off the blinders aha! The illumination is real, affecting both perception and actual vision (everything seems hyper real), I’ve noticed an antiseptic quality to it; clearing out the dark, mouldy corners of both Self and my actual physical home. I think this is the work of building coherence of Self. I’m going to be working with this for a while but I use it judiciously and probably go and order some Golden Sol again to temper the journey. Hail Helios!

  19. With a 12th house sun (in detriment) I wanted to try Exhalted Sol for remediation purposes. I must say, I find it subtle yet strong – A very precise and cultured turning of the solar energy. As always, I look forward to a continued exploration of Exhalted Sol ☀️❤️

  20. I love this so much! When I first heard about this launch I thought I would skip it, because I had tried Sol in Leo oil before and it was just not a match, and being a 12 house sun I thought it would be too much for me. I was happy to be quite wrong.
    For my Yang needs I usually leaned on Mars in Scorpio, which provided a very straight and to the point aid, which I love! But Exalted Sol hits different. He’s light, fun, increases my sense of humor and helps me plan out and execute said plans.
    With Exalted Sun I have tackled things like finally getting to work on the novel I’ve been wanting to write forever, i also thank him for helping me (or dr) find the adequate prescription for my anxiety (antidepressants, funnily enough), and most importantly for me it has really changed my outlook on life. Things don’t seem as dreary when Exalted Sol is around .
    When I’m really dragging I’ve used Exalted Sol with Mars in Scorpio hydrosol and woooooooow. I don’t know who I wouldn’t recommend this to.

  21. The Oil of Exalted Sol has a very similar Solar-Mars component as the powder, but I definitely feel the Aldebaran presence. I was at my best, and most decisive self. Whereas Aldebaran feels like 150% get shit done, Exalted Sol is not just about that. You will be able to handle your business, but it manifests in a gentler expression than the Aldebaran. If you ever want to feel like a Paladin (fight for justice!), use Exalted Sol.

  22. This is fantastic! I felt beneficial effects the first time I used it. Got a lot done that day; literally cleared out a closet and made room for artwork I’ve done and plan to do. I recommend this to everyone, especially people who need a Solar boost for any reason.

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