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Special OOPSIE! Edition: Empress *Scented* Venus’ Aerial Delight Whipped Body Butter

Special OOPSIE! Edition: Empress *Scented* Venus’ Aerial Delight Whipped Body Butter


A batch of Venus’ Aerial Delight body butter base was whipped using the Empress’ body butter essential oil mix by drool-worthy mistake 🍫

This is a limited edition OOPSIE! release, featuring the VAD clamshell label in hand embossed Empress rose gold.

Offered in a 2 oz glass jar for $33, or 6 oz bulk pot for $78




Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Planetary Body

Fixed Star




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Morning of September 9th, 2021. Hour of Venus, Rising. Chart in the image gallery

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Venus' Aerial Delight Info Sheet



  1. I used this body butter after neck surgery. I thought Taurus energy would help heal my neck and the scar. Two months after surgery, the scar is barely visible. My “neck” recovery is also progressing nicely…
    As an added bonus, it smells delightful and feels really nice when you put it on. I highly recommend.

  2. I really loved the Empress body butter, the VAD body butter was too floral a smell for me, but this one is great. It brings all that lightness of VAD with that foodie gourmand smell from the Empress, and oddly enough its like VAD with a touch of the Empress. To me, its great to not just beautiful in your own skin, but also get ready to engage with the rest of the world. If the Empress has some strong, bad bitch energy, VAD is more languid but no less regal.

  3. Major love for this one– either through venus’s blessing or from the quality oils, the huge dark keloid scars i had are flat and fading. Couldn’t be happier.

  4. This was my first body butter purchase. I sent a note to wrap it extra tight since it was shipping to the south in the middle of the summer, and it arrived very well-packaged. This was fortunate because it had completely liquefied! But overnight in the fridge fixed it right up. It smells divine, a little like marzipan to me, and I love to put it on my mastectomy scars to help me feel more embraced by Venus.

  5. Wow this is beautiful. The fragrance is decadent and gorgeous, and it feels so great on the skin. It was truly relaxing, too. Probably my favorite item from S&S yet. The seal didn’t hold, so unfortunately a fair amount slipped out and onto the floor when I first opened it, but still well worth trying.
    I hope to purchase more.

  6. This is divine. Creamy and smooth without any greasy feel at all. The scent is warm, sultry and it really makes your skin soft. I will definitely buy more of the body butters as this is the best I’ve ever used. Empress is my card, Venus my chart ruler so this is a lovely treat.

  7. Smells amazing, feels amazing, and i’ve been using it as a component in a body acceptance practice with some great effect.

  8. Wowzaaaaa… This is the first time I purchased Body Butter, and it will be hard to top it. Smells like delicious dessert, and feels even better. Light and deep at the same time. Whunnnnderful!!!

  9. This stuff is magic!! I put it on the soles of my feet when I get home and want to unwind. So lovely the smell, the feel on the skin, and the effect is lux. I find a treatment of this physically changes my stance…

  10. The most whipped cream like of all my BBs, it’s the best of both worlds… I’ve been layering Empress and VAD, and now I get them in one delicious, light, soothing jar.

  11. This has been my favorite body butter yet! I have been buying several of them and have the Aerial Delight body butter and was so interested in the Empress one so I obviously needed to have this. Not only does it smell amazing, it feels amazing on me! I’m so glad to have this oops and use it to its fullest potential!

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