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Venus-Fomalhaut Subset

Venus-Fomalhaut Subset


The Fairer Benefic was conjunct the Royal Star Fomalhaut in Sphere + Sundry’s Exalted Venus II election, but no formal petition was made to capture its influence. However, an infusion of blue lotus in jojoba was created following the standard fumigations and prayers, to become a subset of its own.

An unreleased Oil was *also* created for Fomalhaut, which had been code named “the golden subset”.

I took them with me to the beach (see that write-up if you’re unfamiliar) and had intended to ritually finish them there, but clear instruction never came, so they were brought back and stored alongside the rest of their brethren.

Contemplating whether to add anything to the Lotus subset, the idea of co-mingling the two arose, confirmed by divination. Aphrodite was born of the sea, after all, and the mixing of salty ocean and fresh, sweet waters was a particular insight I’d gleaned on that very pilgrimage. Among many other things…

Dolphin Spirit was invoked as a moderating force.

The result is incredibly potent and deeply interesting, *especially* for the esoteric adepts, magical dreamers, mediums, writhers, tantrics, and sex magical practitioners among us.

This is also a GREAT jump off point for anyone who has been/ is *drawn* to Fomalhaut, but afraid to dive head first into the deep end…

We’ll leave it at that for now, and can compare notes in the Client Community

Offered in a 1/2 oz standard vial with blue lotus, seashell, and 24k gold for $91, 10 ml flawless glide steel roller for $73, or sweet 5 ml Minis ($30).

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Soaps offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48

Bath Bombs offered in a 2.5″ sphere for $33

Please note that the loaded herbal components in the spell soaps can make them slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Date

Morning of April 7th, 2022. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body






HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


1/2 oz Standard, 10 ml "flawless glide" Steel Roll-On, 5 ml Mini Vial, Spell Soap, Bath Bomb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Love. Love. LOVE.

Facilitates an embodied experience of the mystical. Helps shift my mind into a state of receptivity rather than analysis.

Lizzy Berezy
Dolphin Coven

The choke-hold this item has had on my imagination is unmatched. She was slow to get to know but I am learning to appreciate her depth and joy as she lets me hold her fin as she swims down. Perfect for hanging out with fellow witchy friends. Perfect for relaxing baths and *other things*. Feels hard to describe and like someone else said, different every time. Like you never know what you're gonna find in the waves, but whatever she finds she makes it magic. Can't wait to explore more.

Surprisingly Psychoactive

I’m among that small segment of the population who experiences a paradoxical effect with cannabis (that contains above 1% THC) in that it makes me feel twitchy, confused, and anxious instead of relaxed, euphoric, etc, which has been a bummer. What a delightful surprise it’s been, then, that application of V+F oil makes me experience the kind of psychoactive physical and mental effects that I think “normal” people get from cannabis. Extraordinary! I’ve started with a mini vial, but I’m definitely going to snag more of this rare and precious materia while it’s still available.

Stella Mowat

This materia is incredible. In meditative sessions, this matieria has caused experiences akin to that of DMT, while absolutely stone cold sober. It arrived right before I saw a TOOL concert, and there was dolphin imagery in their visuals! The spirit I've interacted with is in some ways elusive, but nonetheless engaging. Not to sound batshit but honestly I sniff this materia like it's poppers it smells and feels so good. I can't even begin to list the things it has done for me. Highly recommend to all, especially if it is well-rooted to your nativity.

It works, prepare for splashes

Single and not yet ready to mingle, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in pleasure. A very healing experience for anyone's who is experiencing a dry spell (in a multitude of ways) I think. Would recommend warding first if you are going to sleep with it on though. On another note, it's definitely slightly different from the other materia from this series given the more explicit Fomy-communing. I adore this mix and would say yes it's also a good foray for anyone who is shy about going direct to Fomy for the spiritual connection. But perhaps divine on it, it definitely leans sensual for me.


Like many others here, I've also found this oil to bring about ease in an (unexpected!) sensual encounter. Also of note, the part in the description about this being a nice jumping-off point for Fomalhaut has definitely been the case for me: I've tried interacting with Fomalhaut materia proper a couple of times, with not-great results, but this subset has been such a smooth interaction. The scent is soft-herbal and lightly briny -- someone on the forums described it as smelling like a yoni in a definitely-good way, and I think that's spot-on. Lovely oil. I picked mine up as a decant but will probably order more at some point here!

Dream work

I am really excited to explore all of the depths and possibilities of this oil. I feel its power. So far, for me, this oil has been an incredible, powerful dream enhancer. I am having all kinds of more involved and interesting dreams. I have been explicitly working to deepen my dream practice and it's nice to know that this oil will produce some serious results. Can't wait to work with this long term.

Magical and special

I bought a mini vial of this and now I'm going to get the full version. Exalted Venus is so lovely and this subset is really something. The first time I used it I re-read the write-up to connect with it and appreciate all the work Kaitlin put into it. It's dreamy and lightly trance-inducing, I combined it with EV body butter before sleep after an Asclepius ritual bath (I feel like it needs a spiritually clean vessel before application).

Loren Fleckenstein
Dreamy Depths

This oil is absolutely fantastic! Provides all the deep insights of Fomalhaut but with a slightly softer edge. If Fomalhaut is a deep dive in darkened ocean depths, this is diving in a beautiful coral reef. Definitely aids in powerful, sensual connection. *wink* Very relaxing and dreamy. I got the 5ml mini size to try it out but I may want to purchase the larger size in the future!

Ariana E
Eye Contact

Eye contact is for sure a thing with this material and in a very good way. I have used this with *adult*pleasure* purposes in mind and it was very obvious in supporting a strong emotional connection, particularly with eye contact. I have also used it in more regular situations and found I am easily able to make and maintain eye contact comfortably, and additionally that the effects are lingering. Even when it has been a week since I applied any of this oil I am still much more confident and comfortable meeting a gaze, even if it’s just someone I am chatting to in the queue at the store. I am grateful for this magical material!


  1. This oil is unreal for increasing serendipitous occurences and dream work. A lifetime supply of this would be grand

  2. For being a part-Fomalhaut offering, this materia is surprisingly grounding and centering. Upon application, I feel rooted and secure in my body, in touch with sensation without overwhelm. It is perfect for those of us with sexual trauma who need a boost to get out of that hypervigilant space and back in to the present moment of the body. I hesitated picking this up for a while, and I wish I had bought it sooner! In a few words: so dreamy, but rooted!

  3. I love this oil. I’ve used it for everything from dance class to painting the interiors of my home, to gorgeous effect. It’s grounding yet uplifting, joyful yet spiritual. It makes it so easy to sink into the moment with reverence, focus and pleasure.

  4. I absolutely love this oil, and was thrilled to get a taste of Fomalhaut with the addition of Venus. I feel so grounded, and deeply powerful and potent, though in a very soft, sweet, and sure way whenever I where this. It definitely adds a dreamy and mysterious aura, while also deepening my own sense of self, love, and beauty.

  5. This. Both Fomalhaut and Exalted Venus II opened up to me with this combo. This sweetest version of Venus becomes so much deeper and more meaningful with Fomalhaut. Fomalhaut on the other hand becomes a lot friendlier in Venus’s company. It’s deeply healing because Fomalhaut opens the door for Venus to do her thing, gentle and deep.

  6. I tried this out for getting my feet wet with Fomalhaut, with Venus as a tempering factor–I’m hoping that it’ll benefit my 12th house stellium in some way, shape or form. While that hasn’t happened yet (or not in ways that I can clearly articulate), I’ve had some vivid dreams when applying at night, and also, curiously, gotten some emotional insulation when receiving bad news. Definitely going to keep trying this out.

  7. When I apply this I am immediately calmed. I resonated heavily with the Fom series and the addition of Venus (which is my chart ruler) allowed me to really be in my body.

  8. This is my favorite item from this series, though most that I purchased have all been great. Fomalhaut conjuncts my Mars and accessing the fixed stars power with Venus has help reduce negative aspects Mars can sometimes bring to the table. Rarely do I apply Fomalhaut series without Venus to help smooth the edges. Also, love the inclusion of dolphin spirit via invocation. With Pisces being strong in my chart, I naturally lean towards sea dwellers and the oceans.
    I’ve already purchased this oil twice as I’m going through the bottle at a rate higher than any other S+S oils I’ve purchased so far.

  9. With a combust Venus in Virgo, it’s taken this long to find a series/oil that makes me feel welcome to explore her mysteries and pleasures more thoroughly. Entirely grateful for what’s opening for me…

  10. I wore this yesterday (Jupiter day) because i felt like pairing it with our Jupiter in Sagittarius oil.

    It was a MAGICAL day because I had my internship weekly meeting with my “boss” and out-of-the-blue he asked me if I wanted to stay on after for FULL TIME because he wants to ask / propose to our Executive Director to open a job spot for me! [no promises, but i BELIEVE]


    also, when I received the news, I was with a dear friend who celebrated the news with me. I asked her does she know her rising sign? she didn’t.


    She’s a Pisces Rising at 3 degrees. WOW, JUST MAGICK! I immediately gave her a mini-reading of her Rising-Sun-Moon as a form of offering for the Fomalhaut encounter and revelation ~

  11. I applied the oil on Sunday to go to a community clothing swap event, with the hopes of finding some fun and unique clothes for my closet. The event itself was quite overstimulating and chaotic lol, but I came away with so many new finds! And the Exact type of boots and pants that I was looking for. Afterward, my partner and I went on a cute date to a more relaxed and aesthetic outdoor shopping center in our city, where we got to chill on a giant swinging futon. The conversation was very intimate and brought us closer for sure. I currently have a decant that I purchased, and I will definitely be buying my own full size soon!

  12. This is actually a really beautiful oil, the scent in wonderful. I was extremely drawn to it when it first was announced. I have only used it for a short time. However I noticed that it tends to work rather deeply though in a more subtle manner. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what it does, but the oil brings a deep sense of peace for me, vivid but pleasant dreams and is quite calming and centering. I look forward to exploring this much more and am so glad that I purchased it!

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