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Venus-Fomalhaut Subset

Venus-Fomalhaut Subset


The Fairer Benefic was conjunct the Royal Star Fomalhaut in Sphere + Sundry’s Exalted Venus II election, but no formal petition was made to capture its influence. However, an infusion of blue lotus in jojoba was created following the standard fumigations and prayers, to become a subset of its own.

An unreleased Oil was *also* created for Fomalhaut, which had been code named “the golden subset”.

I took them with me to the beach (see that write-up if you’re unfamiliar) and had intended to ritually finish them there, but clear instruction never came, so they were brought back and stored alongside the rest of their brethren.

Contemplating whether to add anything to the Lotus subset, the idea of co-mingling the two arose, confirmed by divination. Aphrodite was born of the sea, after all, and the mixing of salty ocean and fresh, sweet waters was a particular insight I’d gleaned on that very pilgrimage. Among many other things…

Dolphin Spirit was invoked as a moderating force.

The result is incredibly potent and deeply interesting, *especially* for the esoteric adepts, magical dreamers, mediums, writhers, tantrics, and sex magical practitioners among us.

This is also a GREAT jump off point for anyone who has been/ is *drawn* to Fomalhaut, but afraid to dive head first into the deep end…

We’ll leave it at that for now, and can compare notes in the Client Community

Offered in a 1/2 oz standard vial with blue lotus, seashell, and 24k gold for $91, 10 ml flawless glide steel roller for $73, or sweet 5 ml Minis ($27).

We are beginning to roll out soaps and bath bombs for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available.

Soaps offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48

Bath Bombs offered in a 2.5″ sphere for $33

Please note that the loaded herbal components in the spell soaps can make them slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Date

Morning of April 7th, 2022. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body






HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


1/2 oz Standard, 10 ml "flawless glide" Steel Roll-On, 5 ml Mini Vial, Spell Soap, Bath Bomb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Like one deeeeep hit

Mercury in Gemini was described as feeling "like taking one light hit." I don't hit anything as a rule, but my inaugural use of Venus-Fomalhaut oil left me stoned to the (sic) gills. Profound stillness like the lightless deeps, but calm; shifting into shapelessness; form expanding; borders erasing; and, from the depths,
. . .
. .
. .
. . . . . ...


Venus-Fom oil has been great as a sort of light version of Fom materia, and perfect for scaffolding if you have never used Fom materia - or if you have, and want to engage with Fom in a more guided way. Fom always asks big questions to me, but Venus helps provide a more structured framework through which to ask what is the value of the question being asked.

Tina R.
Deep, trippy pleasures

For a person who no longer uses cannabis but misses it sometimes, this Venus-Fomalhaut oil has been a massively pleasurable surprise. Venus-Fom brings a very dreamy, sensitizing, weedlike enhancement to all the kinds of activities you might imagine it would, including both the creation and consumption of art. Extremely special!


A wonderful guide for finding one's way back to pleasure. The oil combines the lavender scent of EVII and the sea-smell of Fomalhaut. Gentle enough for everyday use. Though the write-up mentions its esoteric and sensual uses, I also found this was great for retrieving the hidden or lost aspects of oneself from one's childhood or past.

Love this series

I love this Exalted Venus series and I loved the Fomalhaut series, so this is a great combo of the two. I always wear this oil when I need to relax, get a good night sleep and just have a sweet time. I took it with me for a run by the water and I was a magnet for all the animals in the water, and a few birds got so close to me as well, which was so magical. Just put me in a great mood that day!

Venus Fom oil - ohhhhhh my!

This oil is beyond amazing - it's comforting, induces "sexy time", curbs inhibitions and also induces amazing dream time when applying before bed. I too need a lifetime supply of this oil. I am in lo\ve!

Kara Dastis
I want more!!!

I wish there were more offerings from this combo! I have sexual trauma and it is very difficult for me to allow myself sensuality. This oil took my breath away and allowed me to feel vulnerable enough for sensual escapades, and perhaps more importantly SAFE enough for them. The oil is potent and it feels like a warm liquor coursing through your body, just without the buzz. Somehow uplifting and grounding. Beautiful creation!


I find myself reaching for this gem more than the others. Tranquil and sultry is the best way I can describe this energy. Smells divine and I catch myself randomly doing beauty affirmations anytime I catch a glance in the mirror. The energy feels like diving into your favorite comfort food.

Artistic, Energizing, and Romantic

This oil is very good at calming stress and opening the mind to others pursuits (such as art—creating or experiencing—romance, and relaxation). As the writeup says, it’s more invigorating than the base Exalted Venus series, so it’s better for creative productivity, and it does feel sweeter than pure Fomalhaut materia, which I find can feel heavy and enveloping (in a good way, but Venus-Fomalhaut is better for enjoying a movie, cuddling (and more), or experimenting with art on a Friday night, while Fomalhaut is better if you need deep flow for divination or want to get serious with your art projects).

holy balm for an anxious mind

when I use this it makes me relax in a way where I can see things that make me anxious and be aware of them while choosing to release & not get bunched up about it if that makes sense, like I can see myself from outside a little bit, its fairly psychedelic as they go. It makes me less judgmental than my normal self which is so refreshing and leaves so much more room for fun and going with the flow. definitely competitive for my favorite venus, great for loosening up socially and also very lovely for amping the richness of solitude, by itself but also excellent with moon-moon. got a tiny vial and need a gallon, wish there was a full set of this variety!


  1. This oil is unreal for increasing serendipitous occurences and dream work. A lifetime supply of this would be grand

  2. For being a part-Fomalhaut offering, this materia is surprisingly grounding and centering. Upon application, I feel rooted and secure in my body, in touch with sensation without overwhelm. It is perfect for those of us with sexual trauma who need a boost to get out of that hypervigilant space and back in to the present moment of the body. I hesitated picking this up for a while, and I wish I had bought it sooner! In a few words: so dreamy, but rooted!

  3. I love this oil. I’ve used it for everything from dance class to painting the interiors of my home, to gorgeous effect. It’s grounding yet uplifting, joyful yet spiritual. It makes it so easy to sink into the moment with reverence, focus and pleasure.

  4. I absolutely love this oil, and was thrilled to get a taste of Fomalhaut with the addition of Venus. I feel so grounded, and deeply powerful and potent, though in a very soft, sweet, and sure way whenever I where this. It definitely adds a dreamy and mysterious aura, while also deepening my own sense of self, love, and beauty.

  5. This. Both Fomalhaut and Exalted Venus II opened up to me with this combo. This sweetest version of Venus becomes so much deeper and more meaningful with Fomalhaut. Fomalhaut on the other hand becomes a lot friendlier in Venus’s company. It’s deeply healing because Fomalhaut opens the door for Venus to do her thing, gentle and deep.

  6. I tried this out for getting my feet wet with Fomalhaut, with Venus as a tempering factor–I’m hoping that it’ll benefit my 12th house stellium in some way, shape or form. While that hasn’t happened yet (or not in ways that I can clearly articulate), I’ve had some vivid dreams when applying at night, and also, curiously, gotten some emotional insulation when receiving bad news. Definitely going to keep trying this out.

  7. When I apply this I am immediately calmed. I resonated heavily with the Fom series and the addition of Venus (which is my chart ruler) allowed me to really be in my body.

  8. This is my favorite item from this series, though most that I purchased have all been great. Fomalhaut conjuncts my Mars and accessing the fixed stars power with Venus has help reduce negative aspects Mars can sometimes bring to the table. Rarely do I apply Fomalhaut series without Venus to help smooth the edges. Also, love the inclusion of dolphin spirit via invocation. With Pisces being strong in my chart, I naturally lean towards sea dwellers and the oceans.
    I’ve already purchased this oil twice as I’m going through the bottle at a rate higher than any other S+S oils I’ve purchased so far.

  9. With a combust Venus in Virgo, it’s taken this long to find a series/oil that makes me feel welcome to explore her mysteries and pleasures more thoroughly. Entirely grateful for what’s opening for me…

  10. I wore this yesterday (Jupiter day) because i felt like pairing it with our Jupiter in Sagittarius oil.

    It was a MAGICAL day because I had my internship weekly meeting with my “boss” and out-of-the-blue he asked me if I wanted to stay on after for FULL TIME because he wants to ask / propose to our Executive Director to open a job spot for me! [no promises, but i BELIEVE]


    also, when I received the news, I was with a dear friend who celebrated the news with me. I asked her does she know her rising sign? she didn’t.


    She’s a Pisces Rising at 3 degrees. WOW, JUST MAGICK! I immediately gave her a mini-reading of her Rising-Sun-Moon as a form of offering for the Fomalhaut encounter and revelation ~

  11. I applied the oil on Sunday to go to a community clothing swap event, with the hopes of finding some fun and unique clothes for my closet. The event itself was quite overstimulating and chaotic lol, but I came away with so many new finds! And the Exact type of boots and pants that I was looking for. Afterward, my partner and I went on a cute date to a more relaxed and aesthetic outdoor shopping center in our city, where we got to chill on a giant swinging futon. The conversation was very intimate and brought us closer for sure. I currently have a decant that I purchased, and I will definitely be buying my own full size soon!

  12. This is actually a really beautiful oil, the scent in wonderful. I was extremely drawn to it when it first was announced. I have only used it for a short time. However I noticed that it tends to work rather deeply though in a more subtle manner. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what it does, but the oil brings a deep sense of peace for me, vivid but pleasant dreams and is quite calming and centering. I look forward to exploring this much more and am so glad that I purchased it!

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