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Water of Thema Mundi

Water of Thema Mundi


Round 2 of Thema Mundi will ship as soon as mid-January, or as late as March. Updates will be given in the Client Community as they become clear!

Pre-orders are now closed. Round 3 is likely to open in the Summer or Fall of 2024. You are welcome to sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when next they open!

Consecrated Thema Mundi materia, distilled by way of copper alembic with all of the liquid offerings given throughout the 7-day ritual process, in water collected from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta. Organic pear alcohol and essential oils, colloidal silver, and colloidal gold.

Each small bottle contains 3 drops of ocean water from the central Mother Globe, while the large contains 7.

Use as an aura, body, or room spray to aid in creation, manifestation, and connecting with the Powers that be.

Thema Mundi will be bottled to order exclusively by its Creatrix, in Miron violet glass akin to its altar cloth, preserving its contents for years to come.

This materia has been through 14 highly elected consecration procedures since 2019, in a process that is likely impossible to faithfully recreate for another 28-years. It is *extraordinarily powerful*, and limited edition in the truest sense.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Spray Bottle Size

.5 oz Violet Glass Spray Bottle, 1.69 oz Violet Glass Spray Bottle

Creation Data

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Planetary Body

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
strengthening and centering

the days that I have tested the Thema Mundi I felt very centered and in my pure strength.

Favorite TM Materia

So far, this is my favorite TM materia. I was surprised at how much of an impact the spray has. And the effect seems to relate to where you spray it. I felt it the deepest when I sprayed it on my heart and I felt more loopy when I sprayed it on my head.

Pure magic

By far my favorite-scented of any S+ item I've encountered. I purchased several items from the Thema Mundi series and have found the waters to be the most "accessible" form for me personally. I generally don't touch the others unless it's part of a deliberate ritual, but the waters will call to me fairly regularly to give myself a little spritz and take a bit of magic with me into the world or before sleep. I will probably repurchase if for no other reason than because it's the best-smelling thing I've ever known. Like a Christmas market in a forest after a thunderstorm. In terms of results, the series has been gradually shifting things in my life in a slow but powerful way. Be ready for certain plans, identities, and wishes to fall through in order to make way for bigger and better. Trust the process.

Carly K
Even my non witch friends felt its effect

I used the water of Thema Mundi as a way of annoiting and blessing a metaphorical trip my friends and I were taking. I explained the concept of Thema Mundi to them, used the handy text that came with it, sprayed each of us, and we began our journey. Not only was it the best night of my life, but I unblocked a stuck point around someone I loved who I lost a few years ago, and I revitalized my relationship with creativity which was my primary goal for the trip. My non magic using friends remarked to me the next day that they could feel it's influence and I knew I had, too. Like a protector but also a cheerleader, a lighting rod for creativity, but grounding when necessary. I'm really excited to use it in the future for other things, it's palpable how flexible and potent it is.

Oh, and I accidentally dropped the bottle very shortly after receiving it on bathroom tile and it held up just fine. So that's also nice! All in all, I'm really glad I decided to bring this water into my life, I can't wait to see what other endeavors it can assist me with.

Chakra Activation

The first time I tried this water, I spritzed the top of my head once. That was it. For a few hours after that, I could feel a sphere emanating from my crown, and I felt hypersensitive to energy around me. I do not smoke or drink, nor was I taking any kind of medicine (prescription or otherwise). It was just magical, and I can’t wait to work with this materia further.


I haven't begun using it yet. I plan to this summer. But after I unboxed it, there were so many synchronous winks and nods to my upcoming plan that it felt like it was already "in the works". I don't consider myself very sensitive to magical materia, and find a lot of personal effort is required to really feel the effects of these products. So this feels very new and exciting and well attuned to my intentions!

If I remember, I'll post a follow up this summer.

Elvira Rosales

It is a fast acting agent for an immediate relief. I used it on my hand burn, didn't have blister nor swelling. Brushed it on my head during covid infection, I didn't have temperature.

Vivid dreams, an ally, a tutor.

Thema Mundi is so potent, that I’ve only used it 3x since I’ve gotten it. I had not been dreaming in quite some time and I needed something to purge that blockage and bring to the surface what was lay hidden beneath. It was not the smoothest, but my personal circumstance called for my dreams to be unblocked in this way. For the two nights I sprayed my head, I was able to clearly see what the issue was so I can appropriately act. Sometimes the hard work must be done, no matter how much we are forced to suppress the truth/or we ourselves cannot see the truth; the Thema Mundi was my ally in all this. I also used it once during studying, and I was able to focus for about 8 hours without a break. The Thema Mundi has a way of molding itself to the scenario/intention it is used for. I absolutely love it and from these 3 experiences I know it is something special to be used with intention.

Timothy Woody
Potent Stuff!

The first time I spritzed the air and put my face into it, it felt like I'd just gone through a portal face first. I'm still figuring out when to use Theme Mundi, but I applied some shortly before going onstage and felt like I was completely on and killing it, even when I forgot the lyrics. I feel that it boosts stage presence in a big way and made me fill up the room.
The accompanying call to all the planets is beautifully and evocatively done, I can't wait to work it in with a larger ritual.

Astromagically-Assisted Suicide

Morbid as the title may sound, the rush of joy and excitement I felt opening Thema Mundi as the hour of the eclipse drew near was almost overwhelming. Though I wasn’t sure of my plans for working with it when I pre-ordered, glancing over the invocation I knew it had had plans for me all along. As the appointed hour drew near, I dressed in all black and recited the words so perfect for the occasion it felt uncanny and almost eerie (as is appropriate for an eclipse, I suppose). The October 14th solar eclipse passed in partiality over my home and in exactitude opposite my Aries sun. Born within 36 hours of an eclipse under a crescent moon, I made my decision to die under an eclipsed crescent sun. It felt a cosmically orchestrated moment as I anointed myself with the waters of Thema Mundi and stood to absorb the energetic force of the celestial event and to be resorbed into the waters of primordial Self. Passing once more through a Ring of Fire, but in perfectly opposed direction, the death I intended was, of course, nonphysical. And as I write this testimonial I have only begun to unfold all that was present in that pregnant moment - this time spiritual rather than biological. As the eclipses transition to my 12th-6th axis, I expect subterranean shifts before tangible results. That said, I can attest that working with Thema Mundi in this potent way has assisted me in moving that which has existed in concept only into somatic and psychological experience. Liminal spaces have seen me grieving and mourning the death of my egoic persona with such genuine immediacy that waking feels like learning of someone’s abrupt passing. A feeling of dissolution of the hard fixed angle framework that brought me into birth has accompanied this Thema supported ritual of death. I could not be more pleased with the results thus far, though they feel more like impregnation with a potential rather than manifestation of a certain outcome as yet. I can feel Thema moving within the depths to reunify the archetypally fragmented aspects of my embodied nature so that I might pass back into the formless while still in form, that I might realize the ultimate goalless end of all spiritual seeking and die before I die.


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