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Attuning Tincture of Exalted Venus II

Attuning Tincture of Exalted Venus II


Top shelf vodka poured over organic herbs following prayers and fumigations during Sphere + Sundry’s Exalted Venus II election.

100% ingredients: alcohol, lavender flower, linden flower, yarrow flower, meadowsweet, passionflower, catnip, damiana, red clover blossom, peppermint, heal all, lemon balm, chickweed, wood betony, fenugreek, oregon grape root, ashwagandha, food-grade myrrh powder. Plantain Leaf, arrowroot, and aloe vera powder. Purple jade, pink amethyst, and colloidal copper. Aged many months.

Add to floor washes, cleansing sprays, and spiritual baths, or anoint that which you do not want getting oily.

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass jar with dropper cap for $35, or 1 oz for $60 with keepsake purple jade.

Please Note: To promote the longest shelf-life possible and reduce the likelihood of leaking during transit, this Tincture now arrives sealed with a flat closed cap, with a glass dropper bulb + 5 ml Mini vial for collecting the displaced excess on the side (for travel or gifting!).

We suggest only inserting the bulb during periods of routine application, and keeping the flat cap for times of dormant or less active use, especially since droppers can allow for evaporation and discoloration over time.

Disclaimer: While this does not contain anything inedible or poisonous, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption (legally speaking). Use externally to anoint yourself or objects. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Any internal consumption undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2.4 in
Creation Date

Morning of April 7th, 2022. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.


1 oz, 1/2 oz

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
So relaxing!

The tincture is next level relaxing even when compared to the steep and smoke - and together as a smoke, or, in a herbal tea it's just beyond words. I love this entire series so much and use it as part of my venusian/Freya devotions, spell work towards these ends and also to attune to the sphere. Such lovely venus remediation for this Venus in scorpio native too.

Lizzy Berezy

Sweet, uplifting, easeful, gentle yet strong and supportive. Beautiful fishy satty return support too. Still getting to know her but she feels like a comfy friend, accepting and relaxing.

Relaxing and Flowing

I really liked this tincture, I feel like its helped me a lot tap into the smooth and flowlike nature of an exalted Venus. It has help be develop my devotional capabilities quite a bit, while simultaneously helped me do in a relaxed and open hearted manner. Great Materia!

Reviewer avatar

My favorite tincture that I've tried so far! Such lovely materia magica. It makes me feel — as the name implies — precisely attuned to Aphrodite & the Venusian Essence, which is v obviously thee most important thing lol. I can immediately shift into a Venusian mode of embodiment just from holding this elixir, and there's a powerful sense of ease in receiving/ manifesting specific desired qualities & blessings of Aphrodite. Sweet, gorgeous, potent!

Beautiful tincture

Venus is afflicted in my chart so I use this for chart remediation - this is lovely, comforting and has helped me through some negative times.


Delightfully embodied is how I feel with this tincture. It's sweet and soft, pretty and friendly. It's not volatile or moody. It's a silk pillow or a luscious bubble bath. A creamy dessert. It makes me feel pretty, friendly, indulgent, and compassionate.

Heart opening

This tincture makes me feel so relaxed with my heart so open. I feel watery and comfortable in my skin in a way that I typically don’t experience. I’m loving this tincture. With a few drops, all is well.

Luisa P.

Cozy, gentle, easeful, graceful, gracious, generous, self-respecting without taking oneself too seriously. She is luscious but not languid, She is indulgent but will forgo excess in favor of balance, She is inviting without being a doormat. She is loveliness incarnate, and She becomes you with the application of this tincture. Soft and delicious! Delightful and familiar! All the expected boons of Venus from a lavender-flavored vehicle.

Tay Nicholas
Sink into sweetness

Such a delight, this tincture is gentle and opening and warm. It brings ease in the body, in being authentic and open. Perfect for preparing for Venus rituals and related endeavors. Pairs deliciously with Butter Ocean.


If Venus in Libra tincture works great for external use for me, this one just the opposite - best used internally. Very pleasant warming as energy raises so smoothly. Feels like a wave washes over you in a beautiful Venus love energy.


  1. I really love this tincture for embodiment and gently peeling back layers of yourself. It feels sweet, fluffy and relaxing but it extremely conducive to connection and “transcendence”. An excellent adjunct to sex and intimacy, but other soft and gentle activities of the heart, soul and body too.

  2. This has been the easiest Venus materia to work with by far. This materia feels gentle, joyful and is filled with goodness like an overflowing cup. I notice that people respond much better to me when I’m wearing with this tincture – they’re kinder, more helpful and receptive. It also helps me feel at ease when socializing and is excellent for self-love and feeling oneself. I love how versatile this materia is (easily paired with so many other series) and what a wonderful support she is for ease of connection and social grace. Highly recommend!

  3. One of the key words I’ve experienced with this series is INTIMACY… not (necessarily) the sexual kind, but the heart-open, soft-safe-heard-open-seen kind best shared with friends, lovers, oneself… this opens the gates to that kind of experience almost immediately after use! I have shared with consenting others leading to many a late night of close friendship and deep sharing over wine and candles and an abundance of laughter. A favorite for sure!

  4. A lovely, sweet energy that helps melt away anxiety and put you in an agreeable, social mood – and maybe a bit aphrodisiac as well, but gently so. A powerful spirit to it as well, very clear in her communications. One of my favorite tinctures so far, though I’m biased towards Venusian energies in general.

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