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Exalted Mercury Cazimi Oil

Exalted Mercury Cazimi Oil


Plants ritually harvested the day before the cazimi on Mercury’s day and hour were dried overnight. These were ritually combined with other herbs, grains, and essential oils of a Mercurial and Virgoan nature, in a base of organic sunflower oil, on the day of Mercury’s cazimi as it conjoined the Midheaven. The oil was then sealed and left to bask in sunlight for the remainder of the day. The scent is an invigorating, stimulating blend of earthy citrus and peppermint.

Apply to the base of the skull, the third eye, and optionally, the palms or wrists, before setting out on activities that require mental rigor and dexterity. The perfect anointing oil to initiate a day of writing, researching, editing, or responding to written communications. Can be layered with other charges to point results in a specific direction, for example, pair with items from the Exalted Mars series to induce type-A qualities of drive, precision, and motivation, while supporting premier mental function, or Venus to heighten aesthetic sensibilities, and write and speak more beautifully.

1/2 oz vial for $66



Weight2 oz
Dimensions.80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Jar or Vial Size

1/2 oz

Planetary Body

Chart Remediation

Mercury — Good for people who are Mercury deficient and need support for the natal Mercury




Yes — contains no animal ingredients

Creation Date

Daytime September 20th, 2018. Chart in image gallery.


  1. Avatar

    I love this oil, when I used it I wanted to sit down to do some work that required memory, focus, and concentration, but my mind was feeling a bit foggy. I anointed this oil on the pulses on my wrists went about my business. Well, I didnt’ think I would see much of a change but after a little while I noticed that the mental fog was gone, and that I was actually able to concentrate on the readings, and understand what I was reading. This oil is ideal because it is not overstimulating like drinking caffeine or taking other supplements to help with focus and concentration can be. I highly recommend it.

  2. Avatar

    This oil is incredible! My natal Mercury being combust the Sun and ruling difficult houses/houses containing malefics, I keenly felt the marked difference a strong Mercury makes as soon as I applied it. Very good for getting small things done, keeping a keen eye on logistics and time, and blindingly clear thinking. Only thing I’d note is that it does bring a buzz of nervous/flighty energy alongside such focus – this might be to do with my natal placements, but also seems to make sense as a general mental stimulant. That in no way detracts from the focus given when I direct my attention to something deliberately; I can just imagine it being detrimental if not applied purposefully for Mercurial tasks!

  3. Avatar

    A dab of this oil plus a dab the Mars oil are extraordinary for breaking the self-doubt that comes with writers block, and getting work finalised for deadlines. Just a little of one or the other is subtly supportive for me on a tricky work day, but the two together really rev me up for complex writing tasks & problem-solving.

  4. Avatar

    This oil makes my already airy mind more zippy and electric than usual. Perfect for studying and doing fussy paper work and such, as well as giving you an extra mental edge for video games, haha! Glad I have this as I’m not a coffee drinker. It feels remiscent of a little charm I used to drop on a friend for fun, that I’d call “Haste”. If you want the real version of the fantasy spell that’s named after, this is the stuff! Rubbing it on my forehead and temples really gets the job done! I have yet to try it, but I can easily see how it could give an athlete a competitive mental edge as well. Fly!

  5. Avatar

    As someone with a debilitated Mercury, I can find it hard to properly focus while writing. This oil, always used in conjunction with the Venus in Libra oil as a softener, really supports my focus when I’m working on writing projects.

    It’s also been enormously helpful when I’m preparing to teach in a situation that I’m nervous about — careful use of this oil to anoint my person and an amulet pouch directly supports a feeling of confidence prior to teaching, and assists a concise clarity during class.

    I’ve recommended this oil to some of my clients with struggle-bus Mercury placements, and they’ve been well-helped by this magic, too.

  6. Avatar

    As others have acknowledged, this oil is great to use as an aid in mental focus, but I also wanted to add my new favorite way to use it.

    The other day my friend was complaining that his outdated laptop was on it’s last leg and was acting up. So after asking his permission I anointed it with this oil. Four dots down the right side of the keyboard, four dots down the left, and then a little criss-cross pattern to “connect the dots”. Voila! The screen flickered, his programs booted up flawlessly, and the internet became unbelievably fast! Love it!

  7. Avatar

    The mercury cazimi oil has been a powerful aid for me in graduate school. Better than coffee, it has helped to sharpen my mind, make my words more precise, and ease the flow of my academic work. 100/10 recommend.

  8. Avatar

    This Mercury Cazimi oil is wonderful! I tend to struggle with maintaining practical study habits, I figured it would be a perfect fit for me. When I applied the oil, my stress eased up and within 30 minutes I was able to notice my focus strengthening. For the first time in a long time, I was able to sit down and finish my work without feeling the need to check my emails, listen to music, or take unnecessary breaks. I am completely satisfied with this purchase, thank you Sphere + Sundry!

  9. Avatar

    Using this oil I was able to complete two screenplays in about a three month period. Granted I was working from outlines, but I deviated from these blueprints significantly and was able to take the material further than I thought possible. Usually it takes me three or four months to write one and that’s if I’m really applying myself. If you do any kind of creative work then this is the product for you. I cannot recommend it enough.

  10. Avatar

    I am finding that the Mercury Cazimi oil has a noticeable effect of brightening and sharpening attention upon application. It reminds me of the effects of nootropics like modafinil and the racetam class of smart drugs.

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