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Exalted Mercury Powder

Exalted Mercury Powder

30+ organic herbs of Mercurial nature, including ritually harvested palm frond and fern leaf during the day and hour of Mercury during its Virgoan tenure, fumigated with Frankincense during Sphere + Sundry’s Exalted Mercury election.

Lucky hand root and abre camino. Barley, wheat, and nutritional yeast. Ground with frankincense, agate, peridot, and high-grade opal.

Sprinkle in your shoes to help getting from point A to point B faster (+ solve whatever problems you encounter along the way!), your purse and wallet to increase sales and draw wealth. Promotes eloquence, energizes, and acts as a natural magical nootropic/ study aid. Employ when a Way needs Found or Figured

Use to dress and load candles, in spell jars, blow over letters and communications, or in any way magical powders can possibly be employed.

100% pure, organic and uncut herbs and resins. Genuine 24k gold leaf. Nothing artificial, and no fillers.

A very versatile choice for those on a budget!

Offered in a 1/2 oz cork top vial for $30, or 2 oz bulk pot for $90




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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2.85 in
Creation Date

August 12th, 2022. Hour of Mercury. Chart in image gallery.


1/2 oz, 2 oz

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lizzy Berezy
Works too well

I tried this for report writing at work and with a natal gem mercury and ADHD meds in me this was insane. In a good way. But insane. Truthfully, I do not reach for it very often for this reason but it's good to know it's there when I need it.

encouraging results!

I think this materia -as described- would be a good addition for money magick, specifically fast cash. I did a small, low effort, money spell with this powder and had some interesting results: found a rare old nickel, found a $25 gift card from 2019 (that mysteriously popped up on my floor out of nowhere?) that still worked, and had a good sales day for my side business after a month of zero sales. The effects seemed to have dissolved after a few days, but it was a nice boost. It would be interesting to experiment with a more indepth money spell or perhaps a money bowl.


The perfect boost when I have a tedious writing or creative project that requires attention to details. I use it mostly to dress candles that I burn - a companion to inspire and produce superior results, especially for research or writing work.


This gave such a specific and obvious result. One of the first experiences with magic that was absolutely undeniable to me.

Versatile and efficient

I was a little nervous to purchase some Exalted Mercury items because the tunnel vision side-effect would be difficult for me. But this Powder has been such a nice introduction to this series! I love dressing candles with it, and it's been tremendously helpful for tech issues as well. The scent is lovely and I don't get overactive when using it, just efficient.

This stuff WORKS, y’all

I have been depressed as hell for so so long, which means procrastination! Endless scrolling! Laying in bed! But I started using this via 3rd party application-does sniffing count?-and I’m more motivated. I’m doing dishes. I’m writing again. I’m more active. It may be because Mercury has a lot of presence in my chart, but this materia seriously WORKS. I’d give it a whirl regardless of how Mercury pops up in your chart.

A balm for troubled natal Mercuries

I don’t know if most people have this experience— but when I burn the powder and smoke myself, I feel that Mercury themself steps in, puts their arm around me and says, “it’s ok kid. I got you.” I honestly end up in tears! I feel a lot of love and tenderness from Mercury through this powder.
I think it has this effect on me because I’m a Virgo rising and my natal Mercury is a Cazimi (tightly conjunct the sun) and both are also tightly conjunct Saturn. This is in my 3rd house Scorpio. Pluto is also only 6° away. Fear, anxiety, depression, and heavy ancestral energies have all haunted me for my whole life. But this powder is a tender loving balm for my heart. I hope to never be without it.

Finder of words, clearer of fog…

I was struggling with a task and thought I’d try make a petition for some help and out came the Exalted Mercury which I love the scent of. Barley and Frankincense are quite the sentimental mix for me too, so nice to see included.

I found that it was a great aid for writing/typing, infact… what started off with not any words (and also post losing a word document… pages of words and brain fog that followed) became sooooo many words, better words and the new task became narrowing them down!

I also found that I had a boost to other written and creative tasks, meetings and things that previously were stuck communication or project wise started moving again.

Yay exalted Mercury! Motivator to help get things done. Memory booster. Miracle worker.

Talk about way-making

I regularly vend at local markets and am generally a very introverted person (natal mercury in sag RX may have smthg to do with it) but anytime I employ this powder before an event the charm turns ON and I'm able to make way more sales. I find it is also super handy for when I need to get a whole lot of computer work done. My little ADHD brain fog dissipates and I will be on focus mode for HOURS. 10/10 would recommend.

Christina Ar
spoke to me

I have a sag mercury and a leo moon, and I didn’t always fear presentations. I tried a combo of the deneb algedi kolonia and reached for this exalted mercury powder thinking it was quicksilver tongue to abate my naked fear of turning on my camera and present to my entire company. My throat instantly loosened and I felt even more grounded and am very grateful for this protective spell. My presentation went smoothly and I did my best to tune in and say what needed to be said while also being true to myself and humble. maybe a little virgoan energy?


  1. First of all, any S & S powder is one of the most versatile and long-lasting products you can buy. Mercury is one of the strongest planets in my chart, but I still found this Exalted Mercury powder to be a major boost of GET THINGS DONE energy. Keep it on hand for the next Mercury RX period or anytime your motivation wanes. It’s productive without malefic side effects. Dust it on a candle, sprinkle it in your shoe, or just set the vial on your desk. Go powder.

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