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Oil of Exalted Mercury

Oil of Exalted Mercury


An incredibly supreme Mercurial Anointing Oil, created during Sphere + Sundry’s Exalted Mercury election.

A blend of organic wormwood, slippery elm, psyllium seed, alfalfa seed, fennel, corn silk, barley, wheat, clover, and nutritional yeast. Gingko, hyssop, cinquefoil, shepherds purse, brahmi, and more.

Abre camino, lucky hand root, 8 sour patch kids per vessel, and a large copper Mercury dime. Ritually harvested palm frond and fern leaf in the day and hour of Mercury during its Virgoan tenure. Genuine 24k gold and sterling silver leaf. Peridot, agate, and high-grade opal in 100% organic golden jojoba. Essential oils of bergamot, peppermint, vetiver, frankincense, copaiba, and lemongrass.

Anoint the Self, keys, wallet, and Mercurial instruments, such as devices, to energize body and mind, expedite communications, promote eloquence, help problem solve, and increase sales. Use to dress candles and petition papers for compatible aims. Best categorized as a Way Finder, rather than strict Opener.

Stimulates brain, body, and quicksilver tongue. Energizing, Adderall-like effects from mere topical application. Focus application on the brainstem, ears, wrists, and base of the feet. If it is too strong, jewelry or clothing may be anointed instead! Lights up the nervous system. Promotes conversation and communications. Read the write-up for more.

Perfect before trade shows, conferences, vending, or any other activity where you’ll need lots of energy to communicate, transact, and sustain a high vibe.

Application too near day’s end may keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed into the wee morning… layer with other grounding, softening influences or apply them later to help “power down”…

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial with herbal matter for $72, 10 ml “flawless glide” steel roller for $55, or 10 ml gold plated roller for $108. Each arrives with exactly 8 keepsake peridots. Or, a 5 ml Mini for $26.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Date

August 12th, 2022. Hour of Mercury. Chart in image gallery.

Oil Selection

1/2 oz Standard, 10 ml Gold Plated Roll-On, 10 ml “flawless glide” steel Roll-On, 5 ml Mini Vial

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Laser focus

I love Exalted Mercury oil for projects that require deep focus. It has an immediate impact, so I just have to be careful with the timing and application. It helps me feel centered and grounded while getting work done. If I apply it to myself, it does often give me a side effect of a slight headache. A very helpful Mercurial boost overall!

Lisa fraser
This IS it

I'm a Mercury in Virgo native that sometimes gets weighed down with analysis paralysis. This is like a cool, crystaline wind in the brainpan. Use with judgement. First time I used it it was awesome but for too many hours. Now, I've acclimated and use it to annoint devices and writing tools and for very specific work focus and it's sensational but doesn't overamp. There's a learning curve. Can't wait to sample some more Sphere and Sundry!

Leah Case
beautiful and practical

I recently came to the end of this oil and will likely purchase again and wanted to share my experiences - this Mercury oil has done so much for me. Have anointed my car for safe journeys, my computer and phone during tech issues - seriously helped during a very annoying tech issue I was having. I've used it with Venus oil for creative pursuits and collaborations to great effect. All in all this oil brought me closer with Hermes too and I've ever grateful for that.

angela kramer
Love it!

Being Virgo rising and having ADD, this is a godsend!

Andreea Rogozan
Do stuff!

As soon as I anoint myself with this oil, I feel the need to A) clean or B) organize or C) do stuff that feels productive. My natal Sun and Mars are in Virgo so I'm no stranger to this kind of impulse, but the oil gives me the staying power to see these tasks through.
I noticed that the oil also cuts through mental fog, bringing clarity, focus, and a sense of purpose.
I apply this on Wednesday, during Mercury's hour (in the morning), or on days when I need a boost of mental energy, and it always delivers!

Feels Like Home

As a natal Sun/Mercury Virgo I could not wait for this series to drop. I have used so many of Kait’s amazing wares to help boost aspects of my chart and personality that need some assistance, but I was super curious about how it would “feel” to accentuate something so personal, especially since I am also a Gemini rising making Mercury my chart ruler.
Exalted Mercury did not disappoint…
I ordered both the cologna and the oil and their arrival was accompanied by an unexpected package of old family photos from my mostly estranged brother. I should mention my Sun/Mercury conjunction is in my 4th house (family/roots/ancestors) so this synch was absolutely on the money.
Upon opening the package (which arrived on a Wednesday…naturally) I felt genuinely GIDDY and when I saw the featured candy for this election (NERDS) I couldn’t suppress my giggles of delight at this little inside joke.
The oil and cologna both smell like my favorite things, a lemony herbal balm that immediately lifted my spirits and made me feel grounded and focused. It’s hard to find the words to express how much this helped me feel like…me.
Since working with these offerings regularly I’ve found myself remembering and reconnecting with the things I used to love and fell by the wayside as adult responsibilities took center stage. I felt inspired to play music again, to read and write more, and when I have editing or writing to do at work a little dab of this oil helps me connect with my love of these tasks.
I love everything I have ever purchased from S + S but this oil is special. It makes me feel magical and connected, and often when I wear it I receive some kind of recognition for an aspect of myself I take for granted. I could write a novel on how effective and wonderful this oil is, and boy wouldn’t Mercury love that? Needless to say I’d recommend this one hands down to anyone looking to boost the Mercury vibes in their life, especially the ones that help with focus, refinement, and more introverted mercurial activities.

Nicole R.
Wired for hours!

Fair warning: make sure to turn off ALL distractions when you put this oil on. I've found that whenever I put on this oil, I can accomplish almost anything I set my mind to - which if I don't know better, can often mean completely overhauling my social media account instead of writing all of the reports I need to do for work. But all those social media captions will be the sharpest and smartest things I've ever come up with.

Tunnel vision

As many others have said, this is a great series for getting into tunnel vision and Doing the Thing. I have combined this oil with Antares to great effect when facing those Dreaded Projects. Definitely need a relaxing series to come down from this!

Not Messing Around

This oil WORKS. If you don't believe magic is real, try wearing this for a day and check in with yourself at the end of the day to see how you did... This oil offers (and in fact, insists upon) instant focus, energy, and drive. If you ned to put your head down and get some serious work done, this oil will walk you through the process without much patience for pauses. It's a hard driver but sometimes that is what's needed! I like to "come down" with Exalted Venus or Buttered Ocean at the end of the day when it's time to come out of hyperfocus mode!

Liquid Clarity

I really love this oil. I anoint my head right before I have to go in and work with lots of people. It helps ease my social anxiety and nervousness when it comes to dealing with large groups of people. I've also found it really helps as well for me to focus, and have quicker thinking in how to get through tasks, and the most efficient way possible too. It really is liquid mental clarity for me.


  1. Makes me feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Gives a boost of energized focus that works very well with analytical tasks and acts of focused “doing”, like doing a full-house floor wash to expel negative energies. A steadier feeling than the tincture (which, for me, feels fast-acting and more “up”) and has greater staying power. Is especially helpful to combat the kind of procrastination that come from perfectionism and fear of failure. Warning: my sugar cravings go through the roof when I use this.

  2. One of my favorite offerings. It smells fantastic and gives me a great boost when I need to get things done. I put a bit on before doing any kind of Mercurial things, like studying, crunching numbers, etc and it definitely gets me in a get-things-done kind of mindset.

  3. Every time I use this oil I get mentally alert, focused and very productive. It is truly magical!

  4. I love to use this oil before I call my clients. I work in Advertising Sales and this oil is my jam, helps me tackle meetings, consultations as well as the 50+ communications I make daily. Thank you for this fantastic blessing!

  5. This is a fantastic offering for focused work especially analytic in nature. It’s very potent and so I’ve used it to dress candles for times of demanding intellectual or analytical work. Provides a substantial thinking or focusing effect with a lot of energy.

  6. This oil gets stuff DONE. The oil itself is light and fresh ( I love the scent) but once applied, it zings with electricity, speeding up my mental processes and making interacting with other people much smoother and easier. It cuts through procrastination and helps me move effortlessly through long to do lists.
    It’s also great for getting around in my car. Whenever I’m driving and I have some of this on, it’s green lights all the way and intuitive knowing of how the other cars around me are going to react before they do.

  7. Exalted Mercury is my “Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose” oil…or more specifically, it’s been my “Clear Eyes, Calm Mind, Can Absolutely Focus” oil.

    EM has reliably turned down the volume on the anxious mental static that can keep me (uncomfortably) spinning my wheels. It creates mental space that feels protected and supportive for focus, productivity, analytic thinking, and problem-solving.

    So far, I haven’t had any issues with feeling overstimulated when using it.

    It’s been an exceptionally helpful and unmatched experience. Profound gratitude to Mercury and Kaitlin & Co!

  8. It’s been a week since I have been applying this oil. As a Virgo sun ( tropical) I had a bit of a crisis – I mean this one does not fool around with the ego checks lol. But it gave me the clarity I needed about myself and my work- allowing me to detach my self worth from the work at hand. I am a full time researcher and was struggling with perfectionism and procrastination around getting my research papers done. I am happy to report that I have found my focus back. I feel grounded and ready to go at the beginning of every day. I am a fan of S+ materia now !

  9. I apply this Mercury exalted oil whenever I need to do stuff on my to do list that I don’t feel like doing. It helps me to get into the ‘go’ vibe and check things off the to do list. Especially tasks that are Mercurial, like communications or finances. It’s of great help!!! Thank you Mercury and Kaitlin!

  10. I love this series, it absolutely adds to my adeptness while providing astrology readings for my clients. Instant insights and communication streams happen every time. I don’t find it as stimulating and amazing as the prior Virgo series (Mercury Cazimi) but it’s noticeably effective, even for me as some one with Mercury in Virgo in my nativity. I enjoy combining it with Mars materia, Saturn materia, and Hermanubis series, too.

  11. I waited so long for another Mercury in Virgo series and the exalted Hermes does not disappoint! Its my go to when my writing needs a little boost of clarity.

  12. This is one of my absolutely favorite oils for getting things done. I do think that it tends to send me into overdrive, and I love using a JiP materia to cool down 🙂

  13. Exalted Mercury, how do I love thee ways…
    You’ve cleared out my closet clutter, made me remember to check things off my ever long to do list. You’ve made my communications more fun and buoyant. I still can’t believe how bountiful and powerful you are in your organization of my life, and all with little effort, and dare I say joy! Thank you Mercury, and thank you Kaitlin and Co. you literally saved my life from the chore-ness of chores, from the gloom of clutter, and filled it with light and focused energy with this exalted Mercury. Worn two Wednesdays in a row, and immediately felt, what a blessing! Thank you!

  14. Exalted Mercury is like coffee without the caffeine jitters or crash and burn. It simply allows you to focus on what needs to get done without the weight of the to-do list on your shoulders. Before you know it, things are done and you don’t know how. They just are. Most definitely one of my favorites.

  15. An incredible work aid, supporter of focus and surprisingly, so far, with very little side effects. Occasionally challenged by mercury uncovering other pressing things lower on the list and that becoming a priority, but what needs to get done will in fact get done!

  16. I was invited last minute to be a vendor at a holiday art market a few weeks ago and I thought I’d give Exalted Mercury a whirl. For me, this oil is light and fun! I was chatty and had some great conversations, my energy remained steady throughout the weekend and it was the most successful show I’ve had to date. Thank you!!

  17. For whatever reason, I was hesitant to try EM – I’m a Gemini rising, and the thought of adding *more* Mercury to that felt exorbitant and unnecessary – but I divined on it and received guidance to try it. I am *so* glad I did! I’m in my Saturn return right now, and have felt completely crushed by the weight of Saturn – I’m so stuck analyzing all of the options, putting so much pressure on myself to make the right decisions, etc. This analysis paralysis was also part of the reason that I was hesitant to add more Mercury – it felt like adding fuel to the fire, but it did just the opposite. Immediately after I applied it, I felt so flexible and free in a way that I haven’t felt…probably since Saturn entered Capricorn (with basically every planet, save Jupiter and Pluto, in either Capricorn or Aquarius in my chart). It definitely does have a “get shit done” vibe, but for me personally, it’s not as much about the *energy* to get shit done as removing the mental blocks that prevent me from doing small tasks that feel insurmountable for whatever reason. For example, taking things to the post office, taking things for dry cleaning – those little things that don’t take long, but for some reason feel impossible, so you let them sit for weeks because you can’t find the motivation to do them. Basically, I love EM, it might be my favorite series so far, and it has been a huge help in removing mental blocks and honestly given me an entirely new understanding of what “way opening” really means.


    Let Hermes untangle the most twisted, mind-bending dilemmas of the human domain–and watch how their genius will delight and surprise you.


    Upon using Exalted Mercury, I kept hearing, “I’m bored. I’m sooooo bored.” With my Gemini Mars and fire stellium (and mercury-conjunct-northnode!), I thought EM will make me SPEEDIER. Nope.

    Used with Daddy Deneb Algedi II, I found good deals and bargains, but couponing isn’t my ambition. I got nothing done with EM and was a bit disappointed.

    Then I got the message: “Why use me, Hermes “the brain,” to “power through” tasks, when you can get grit, focus, discipline from Mars & Saturn?”

    Ding ding ding! Hermes likes games, tricks, a “new” way of doing things. This reminds me of Magicians– cards, sleight of hands, illusions. Rubix cubes. Got a mind-bending problem? Secrets to hide? Weird, unsolvable mysteries? Offer it to Hermes and xe’ll make ‘em vanish before your very eyes.

    PS: I’m developing our new relationship, which is: please solve my problems in a way that makes me laugh. As boring as it sounds, I want Hermes to help me find the most deductibles and money on my taxes. Then fix this painful, immovable bureaucratic problem I have for decades. I’m just gonna throw the most impossible tasks at xim, lol. I know Hermes will find a way, and it shall be cunning.

    Work smarter, not harder!

  19. This may just be my favorite S+ product this season, I call it ‘Virtual Assistant.’ And with a closely applying Sun Merc conj in a fixed air sign I need all the assistance I can get to dial down the internal chatter. A few swipes of the wrists and a prayer to make headway on my list and I’m good to go (for hours.) So much so sometimes I need a little Cloud Kingdom to help me take my foot off the gas.

  20. Um, wow. So, I was not at all sure how this materia was going to go for me. Virgo is my 12th house, so I’ve been forever watching astro ppl post about how Virgo transits help them get all their stuff in order, meanwhile the second the moon moves into Virgo I’m fighting the urge to crawl into bed and simply daydream for hours.

    I took a chance and met Exalted Mercury. I lit a candle, I read the hymn aloud (interrupted once by my kitchen timer, which I can’t explain why but it felt like a trickster sort of wink). I brewed some steep + smoke, I anointed my wrists and ankles with oil.

    And then — for the first time in recent memory — I checked everything off of my to-do list for the day. *Everything.* It was all little maintenance type tasks I’d been putting off, and I did them all and then some. Easily, with neither panicked rush nor procrastination. I’m also feeling, really for the first time… hmm, pulled, or drawn to connect with Mercury Themself.

    Also, the oil smells *amazing*.

  21. Upon receiving it from the mailman, I felt an incredible surge of hyper focus hit me. Didn’t take much! I applied the oil onto my wrist and the back of neck. The scent is absolutely pleasant! I’m really quite in love with this whole collection! After application, I felt like I was bouncing off the walls and honed into hyper-productivity mode. To really hone in my line of vision, so as to to not fall into other rabbit holes and keep focus on the tasks at hand, I supplemented this with Mars in Scorpio or Exalted Sun materia. I work full-time and attend school full-time so I’ll take what I can get to keep my focus! My job consists of working with spreadsheets all day and I can attest that the materia from this collection provides the necessary focus to tend to both mundane and fairly cerebral tasks at hand!

  22. Hello, just here to report that I purchased this based off of my desire for the effects, and did not note the scents involved, which are all of my absolute favorites. My last purchase (Saturnian King) I can’t even wear because the smell turns my stomach! This smells so, so good.

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