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GHEE of the SEA! Body Butter

GHEE of the SEA! Body Butter


An infusion of 2♃ medicinal herbs of Jupiterian provenance designed to promote relaxation, release, calm, and general beneficence, ritually combined following fumigation of frankincense on Sphere + Sundry’s Butter Ocean election — a Jupiter in Pisces series from June of 2021, which incubated over a year and a half before its debut.

This is the first of the BodButs to include additional oils of organic grass-fed ghee, avocado, olive oil, and grapeseed, in addition to the classic shea butter and coconut. The texture has small crystals that dissolve when rubbed into the skin, and the results are remarkably refreshing to body, mind, and spirit. Both grounding and elevating, soothing and fortifying. And melts away stress like (drumroll…) its series’ namesake.

Comfrey, slippery elm, poppy seed, olive leaf, borage, valerian, catnip, yarrow, mullein, meadowsweet, hyssop, hops, and honeysuckle, Echinacea, blessed thistle, burdock, and more, with essential oils of labdanum, amber, frankincense, and tangerine.

Excellent before bed or anytime to promote luck, ease, and abundance. A true thick and luxurious butter that can be mixed into lotion for a lighter application, but excellent to smooth winter dryness. In addition to insulating the skin, it creates a layer of protective, buttery insulation to the auric and astral.

Offered in your selection of 2 oz for $32, or 6 oz bulk pot for $96.





Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Creation Date

Sunrise of Jupiterday the 17th of June 2021, Jupiter in Pisces on the MC. Hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.


6 oz, 2 oz

Planetary Body




No — Ghee


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
ive been noticing it makes me kinder

It had fallen slightly behind in my arsenal in favor of the cloud king butter which I was using for anxiety, and I think that one maybe does work better for anxiety for me but you know, ive been noticing, this one unlike that one peels open my heart a little bit & helps me be a better listener, and to find peace specifically in accepting and loving others in their natural states. the subtle differences are really nice & as with so many of these the more I use it & understand it the more I appreciate it.

Elizabeth Jameson
Made my butt bigg(er)?

Granted I have had some cortisol-raising months here, but I’m going to experiment not using it (and the salve) because my Pisces 6th house is flooding! If the waters recede, I’ll update ; ) No, I was not applying it there either, just wrists/neck…. but major water retention in all the places!

Definitely ghee, but works great for coziness

It does have a bit of a funk, but I still like it. It seems to be subtly energizing, but still a pretty gentle buffer. I can use the Butter Ocean kolonia at night but not the oil, butter or salve as they are too zippy. Excited for the soap from this series! Will be great for layering with this.

Tina R.
For feeling like a rich person on vacation

When I have the space to enjoy total indolent luxury, I go hard with this body butter. I can be in my own house doing not a damn thing and feel like I’m on a luxury flipping cruise. Ghee of the Sea does not invite moderation. I’m going to eat well, rest well and kick it most pleasingly. I save this baby for special occasions.

Just like butter!

I wish there was more of this, I will try to use sparingly what I have. This is exactly like butter (like the main picture of this series). So smooth and soothing on the body and soul. Love me some Jupiter in Pisces magic, load up on this series before it is gone!

it sounds nuts but I could feel what this would be like before it got here and it was

this whole series is genius and with this you get the added soothing relaxation bonus of having to apply it to yourself, even if its just your hands. you should do your feet though. you'd feel immediately better if you massaged your feet (or arms or back, whatever, but especially the feet bc its pisces) with any body butter as nice in weight scent and texture as this one, but this is magic so the relaxation travels up your body, melting away tension and anxiety and soreness as it comes up. pretty good for both stress & actual (normal every day level) physical pain. I stocked up pretty good & do not regret it.


I will be missing this worry-free butter after I have used up my stockpile. For me, this butter has the best soft consistency that Sphere and Sundry produced so far.

Romana Clifton
Maybe not for me

This is such a beloved product for so many people, but maybe it's not for me (or my family). I actually got it for my teen son, who's been going through a rough patch. He doesn't believe in magic, but he loves fancy bath and body products. The first time he put it on, he came to me and said, "Here, smell my hands, does this moisturizer smell like horse poop??" And bizarrely, it did! Total barnyard! On my skin, it was mostly a lemony herbal smell, with just a hint of the earthy barnyard funk that was so strong on him. So I figured it was mine now... but I've applied it at bedtime twice and woken up with a headache both times. So I'm going to wait a while before trying again.

A crowning jewel

This body butter is luxurious in the extreme. Softly warming with an almost undetectable scent of milk, honey, and butter this body butter has become central in my recovery rituals. Whenever I feel drained, worn out, or in need of a little self love, applying this body butter after a cleansing ritual has me feeling like a pampered queen and sweetly sleepy

Relaxation in a Jar

Of all the body butters I've tried, this one is by far the most relax-inducing as if it is difficult for muscles to remember what they were stressing about after you rub it into the skin. The texture is different thanks to the ghee, so a little bit goes a long way. I found that this body butter really benefits from warming in the hands before spreading. I wouldn't call the smell sweet, but it is pleasant and cozy. Sad that I am towards the end of my jar!


  1. This body butter is so incredible. It helps my excema when I use it. I was expecting not to really love the scent but I do. I feel so warm wrapped in it.

  2. Praise Jove! This body butter soothes anxious states while still feeling grounded and present in my body. This series is amazing for both keeping things calm and resourced, yet not checking out. I can still go about my day in a productive way, just more resourced and calm. Thank you for this wonderful balm!

  3. I use this only during they, because it weirdly seems to keep me up at night, though I will try it again at night some time, to see if that effect has worn off–sometimes that happens. But I use it now during the day when I’m stressed or know I am likely to be. And it keeps the jitters at bay, makes me calmer, more able to handle whatever’s coming my way!

  4. This is the silkiest, smoothest, loveliest formula yet. It’s very much like melted butter on the skin and of all the body butters I use, this leaved my skin instantly soft and smooth. The top note scent is a little ghee heavy (obvs because it is formulated with ghee), but that smell dissipates rather fast to reveal a heavenly aroma of catnip (minty), tangerine, and echinacea. I probably smell other herbs but those stand out to me. I’m instantly relaxed and oddly enamored by how soft my hands become after I slather it on. I’ve had two unexpected monetary surprises since using Butter Ocean Ghee of the Sea… A $1500 work bonus and early arrival of large payment I didnt expect until late January. Jupiter, our Sky Daddy, always comes through for me and he seems to really agree with all the Butter Ocean items I’m using 🙂

  5. My favorite body butter so far! Soft, luxurious, and supremely comforting. The formula sinks in relatively quickly and is surprisingly non-greasy for such a thick and insulating butter that literally contains ghee. My skin feels incredible and my mind is calm and at peace.

  6. This is such a gorgeous product, and a lifesaver for my perpetually dry skin during what has been a very cold and drying winter. ‘Insulating’ is most definitely an apt descriptor: it rehydrates literally and figuratively, protects both skin and spirit, and feels like being wrapped in a very lovely, very Jupiterian hug.

  7. As everyone has stated, this butter is SO lush and luxurious, smells heavenly and feels even better. Not only is it fantastic on the skin, what it does to my spirit is even better. This month has been incredibly difficult and JuBO has been saving my ass! Every time I apply it I feel completely supported and lighter of heart. This is my new favorite Jupiter series and I am massively grateful to have it in my arsenal. And Ghee of the Sea is quite possibly the cutest name for an offering yet. Another S&S win!!!

  8. This series is shaping up to be everything I thought it would be, and perhaps more. Always more, as that’s the way of our Divine Kings & Queens!

    So far, my favorite Forms of materia from Butter Ocean are the Oil & THIS. Sea Ghee lol. They smell rather similar, and I already left a review about how magical & evocative the Oil’s scent is. I think they have this amber-labdanum thing in common. Very smooth & sexy. I haven’t been a fan of the aromatic profiles of really any of the previous Jupiter series’ (except Jupiter’s Bounty Water!), so Butter Ocean’s wholeeee vibe has been super welcome & satisfying. It’s pretty much impossible to talk about this series without using words like “sensual” or “sexy” lol and I find that really interesting. But it’s not surprising as Jupiter is karaka of the 5th House. A LOT of connections there, and I could go on & on about this, but I’ll probably reserve the in-depth stuff for the Client Forum! Needless to say, this series — especially Ghee of the Sea & Butter Ocean Anointing Oil — have given me a sense of deep bodily relaxation/ peace that I can scarcely remember feeling before. The sheer unboundedness of it all, the genuine release of all tension… it’s an indescribable gift. It’s nothing less than the most divine of miracles & blessings. I thought that I was just permanently neurotic/ uptight/ stressed (even if that is the result of lifelong trauma), but now I have experienced myself as far beyond that through the expansiveness of this Supreme God. I’m able to savor His majestic freedom of pure being. Literally, I don’t even know what to do, this is the best feeling in the world. And that’s the key, one realizes one needs *do nothing.* That’s the answer to everything: relax into limitless being. From there, all one desires is available for the taking. Kaitlin, I can’t thank you enough…

  9. This butter is LUSH.
    Delicious on the skin, and causes my neck and shoulders to relax instantly. I’ve also found it to have an extremely mellow and yummy aphrodisiac effect, like my whole body just suddenly remembers how GOOD it is to feel good. Worth noting that Pisces rules my ascendant so it makes sense that I would feel it especially in the body. I’m hoping that regular application will help me with body-related insecurities and health anxieties.

  10. This is delightful! A light, frothy, and melty body butter reminiscent of the best tallow balm. The languid butteriness that compels you to enjoy, savor, and absorb the experience of it. This is an incredibly sensual series, and the body butter is palpably thicker, heavier, insulating on the skin and yet the lightest thus far. Nourishing in the best way.

  11. I must confess I was primarily drawn to this because the name made me giggle, but if that’s not an embodiment of what this body butter is all about I don’t know what is.

    On a practical level this extra hydrating blend is going to be a gift coming into the dry winter months that make me feel not unlike a snake with stuck shed. My skin just DRANK this up, and while it will probably be a bit heavy during the hotter times of the year, it’s going to be a luxurious friend during the winter. Even my grouchy face skin didn’t find this to be too much and often it can’t tolerate products aimed at the body. I’m even bringing it with me to my massage today to get a full body rub down with it.

    As for the magical, this Jove is goofy, social, and supremely unbothered. He made hanging out with my friends a treat, melted away background stress I cannot control, and gave me two days of my job feeling less like work and more like play (I’m a special education teacher and some days are HARD, no matter how much I love it). This is Grandpa energy par excellence, warm, friendly, generous and delightful.

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