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Mars-Jupiter Incense + Powder

Mars-Jupiter Incense + Powder

An organic and wildcrafted blend of yohimbe and cinnamon bark, nopal cactus, tribulus fruit, horny goat weed, and chili, with roots of kava kava, ginger, maca, fo-ti, and nettle, red root, cayenne pepper, and ginseng, which was fumigated with Mars’ Degree of Exaltation Incense x boswellia resin at the height of Sphere + Sundry’s Mars-Jupiter election. Powdered with frankincense, dragon’s blood, and 24k gold.

Create small peaked mounds, long mountain ranges, or sigils over ash and burn as an incense to activate sigils and petitions, smoke bathe the body, spaces, and objects, or as an offering to compatible Spirits.

Use as an ingredient in spell work, or in any manner magical powders can be applied, such as to dust the interior of workout shoes or training gear.

Arrives in your selection of glass 1/2 oz cork top vial for $33, or 2 oz bulk pot for $99.

Note that Sphere + Sundry’s Incense Powders are designed to be burned *without* charcoal, on beds of premium ash in a firesafe dish or plate. Pour ash, then pat or use a tool to create a relatively smooth surface. Pour the desired amount of Incense Powder into the palm of your non-dominant hand, and use the other to assemble a thin peaked mound, line, or sigil, pinch by pinch. These can be quite thin if desired. The neater and more ridged your shape is, the better it will burn! Light the top of the ridge to ignite.

Taking time to prepare Incense in this way can be a meditative and centering experience, and allows the practitioner to create custom burn times with zero waste. If your line ends up too long, simply use a knife to ‘cut’ the fresh powder away from the ignited portion to use later. 




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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Planetary Body



Benefic, Malefic, Neutral


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning

Creation Data

June 21st 2022, hour of Mars. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

This is a spicy incense... and I love spice. For those that need to burn away lethargy or fear, bring the bravery of Ares directly into your being. Inhale the power! I highly recommend reintegrating fire to its god here, inhaling the essence, and proclaiming with all the power of your being, "I AM ARES." Then choose to not use your power for evil.

The best of Mars in Aries

I’m always careful working with Mars, and it was really exciting to find out how smooth and positive the martial charge of this series is. It’s really energizing and brings great focus and drive. Perfect for attuning to Mars in his most Yang form, with the protective buffer of Jupiter’s good influence.

Clear Energy & Focus

Incense is one of my favorite forms. I can most readily attune to a sphere through the burning scent of the incense. Right now I use this incense sparingly, and only on Mars's day, but I could see this shifting because I get such clear results from working with this incense. I am focused and energized by its energy. I am so much more able to keep the most important task at hand, and usually this effect lasts for a few hours after burning. A lot of other Sphere materia that I work with is a slower build over time: not so with this series / this incense. It feels pretty instantly energizing and focusing. I love the complex smell too! And I enjoy reading the prayer while burning this.


I mixed the incense/powder with arrowroot powder and sprinkle it in my shoes before a workout. Seems like it gives me sustained energy. Plus, it warms up my feet too — would be good on a cold day.

Having it is Enough

I have a strong Mars in aspect to Jupiter natally so I wasn't sure how I would interact with this series. I'm still not exactly sure how it will work since just having a vial of the incense/powder seems to be enough for now. It feels fortifying and since landing, it feels like my channel to Mars has widened. I'm curious when I will be called to use it, but admit to feeling a bit chicken since my Mars is already so "COME AT ME BRO" and I worry about being completely insufferable and fighty. We shall see!

Strategize, and then Get It Done

This incense has been great for helping me navigate a busy project period at work where I would routinely need to prioritize a long list of small tasks and then maintain motivation to tackle as many of them as possible. The warm and spicy scent is invigorating and appropriate for an offering that lights a fire under you.


BLAZING FIRE AND RED EYESIGHT! This materia blew my mind in ways of allowing for action to be taken. The pushing of stagnant situations to MOVE and the flame of creation with aid and sight!!!

D. Gray Crawford

Mars-Jupiter Incense + Powder

Great Burn

This is a great, potent, directed, but Jupiter-softened incense. I have 4+ S+S incenses and it’s marked how well this one lights (they all light well but it does seem appropriate that this one lights *so* well.

Wise motivation

I'm really liking this powder, smells divine and has cinnamon I think, the scent is delicious. Inspires me to take action in thoughtful and productive ways. Mars tempered with Jupiter, a beautiful, smooth, considered and rewarding burst of energy and enthusiasm. Looking back, in the time since I received this, I feel I've tackled a lot of projects seemingly much more easily and painlessly with fewer road blocks


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