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Bath Salts of Exalted Venus II

Bath Salts of Exalted Venus II

Dead Sea Salt, powdered honey, blue lotus, and sundry herbs consecrated during Exalted Venus II’s election, mixed with organic lavender essential oils and a touch of infused Anointing Oil and Salve infusion, making this a bath salt and light bathing oil in one, which can be used as a soak or a salt scrub.

This series is gentler than most, taking its sweet time to ease in. Best enjoyed as a long session with dimmed lights and lit candles, for ultimate relaxation, divine restoration, and utter release. Has a softening, beautifying effect on the skin, and moisturizes hair.

Luxurious, penetrating, and yet soft…

Use before Venusian rituals, date nights, or in pursuit of love — for the Self, and the Other.

Available in your choice of 8 oz glass bale top jar ($36), 16 oz glass bulk pot ($70), or 18 oz bath bundle ($63).

The bundles are a great choice for international clients given they’re lighter to ship and far less likely to break, those with enough bath jars in their life, or anyone looking to refill a bulk pot, given they’re a 1:1 refill in terms of volume…

Note that reusable muslin bags are available as accessories, if you’d like to bathe without leaving herbal residue behind in the tub or going down the drain. They also work wonderfully as body scrub bundles for using magical Bath Salts in the shower, or for small travel portions without fear of glass breaking!




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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2.4 in
Creation Date

Morning of April 7th, 2022. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.


16 oz, 18 oz bundle (weight), 8 oz

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Surprise honeymoon

I have used this a number of times, always with positive results. The most striking one was a two week long romantic adventure in the context of a 17-year marriage that I can only describe as a surprise honeymoon.

Bliss every Friday!

I’ve only just finished these bath salts and they were a dream! Used them on Fridays with an anointed candle and the planetary prayer to Venus. An absolute delight, thank you!

Reviewer avatar

I used these shortly after I received them in 2022, when the series was launched. It was the first time I ever did the full energetic cleansing protocol outlined/ created by Kaitlin & the whole experience~ made perfect by this Bath Salt!~ was gorgeous. The energy & effects were truly exalted, and this ritual usage seems to have led to long-term, continuously unfolding results precisely in alignment with what I desire. I was also blessed with the most divine, blissful, deepest rejuvenating & restorative sleep after I completed the process. It only happened that single night, but it reminded me on a visceral level of what is possible {and deserved!} & worth aspiring to.


This bath salt is one of my favourite items from this serie. It works great in the evenings and mornings, releasing any nervous tensions. Found it really helpful to use before important events when self talk and nervous tension starts to build up.

Aileen Marble
Even a little packs a big punch

I have literally taken a single ritual bath with this, and only added half a tablespoon to that bath. I have been showered with days worth of good fortune, including an overnight getaway with my partner where she arrived with a bottle of champagne in hand, early beauty-themed Christmas presents from family, and my dad offering to pay for my mom and I to go see a ballet together next month - which is VERY out of character for him?!

I am going definitely going to be creating a warding bowl of water for my household and including pinches of this salt - it's wild!

A Mother's Hug

If this is feminine energy, it's very specifically the feminine energy of the mother versus some others I've experienced. Coupled with my beloved Saturn mud, this makes a bath that is the spiritual equivalent of being pulled into your mom's lap for some comfort and good advice.

Beyond it's magical effects, I love the way it draws out so much of the gunk in my skin. It leaves me feeling purified inside and out.

Soft and Sweet

I like these bath salts because they make me feel so fresh, pretty, and floaty. They are cleansing (still a salt), but while salts like Asclepius definitely make me feel scrubbed down and a little bit tired afterwards, these are light and relaxing, yet can be mildly energizing in a playful way if you are preparing for a date or a cozy night in. I also love the lavender scent.

good for protecting those you love

I have been using these bath salts primarily to add to my nightly warding (I use the simple bowl of water method mentioned by Kaitlin in one of the ritual bathing articles) and the long term, sustained impact has been truly overwhelming. My husband and I got married almost a year ago and the year since then has been incredibly challenging (end of pluto transits to both luminaries for me, beginning of Pluto transits to both luminaries for him, my Saturn return... you can imagine!) . I started adding these salts to my nightly water ward in December or January last year and started noticing changes almost immediately. Since adding these salts, the tensions between us have melted away, even though the tensions exterior to our walls rage on.

Through it all, we have remained connected, communicative, and generous with each other, and these salts have been a huge support to create a sense of openheartedness and ease between us. I also love the salts to add to the water because I feel like the salt adds a stronger protective element, while the series-specific herbs offer other boosts. It's a very simple way to make a big impact, and doesn't require any personal application! I've been using a pinch of salt every night for about nine months and I am only halfway through my 16 oz pot, so they last forever -- a little goes a long way with these!

Great for pre-date jitters!

These bath salts were among my first purchases from S&S and have turned me into a customer for life! So relaxing, sensual, and they leave the skin feeling so soft. I would use them even if they were mundane, but worth noting that I had probably the best date of my life after soaking in them for a few hours beforehand. Anxieties melted away and we had the best time [wink!] Can’t decide if I should repurchase ASAP or test out the salts from other series. Thanks Kaitlin and team!

Ezra Solomon
Good for Relaxation

These bath salts are a favorite materia right now for relaxation and getting in a softer mood. The scent is a lovely lavender and the salts make for a pleasantly aromatic and skin softening bath. They are a great choice when I am mentally stressed or exhausted and feel like soaking in the tub for a while. I also use them before going to events where I want to be more relaxed and open to enjoyment.


  1. These EVII bath salts are my favorite bath salts ever! Saturn just entered Pisces and is now conjunct my ascendant’s ruler Venus. I’m working a lot and have very little downtime. There are little moments to relax and replenish my Venusian energy (I work in a very Saturnian place). I had a consultation with S. Reynolds recently, who advised me to schedule ‘spa days’ during this time of Saturn conjunct my Venus. I’m rather choosing to spend my money on Sphere and Sundry (Saturn conjunct my Venus also comes with the need to spend less money, I need to budget, so I need to choose between Sphere and Sundry and other luxuries in life). These bath salts always do the magic trick: relaxation, self love, softening. These EVII baths moments were lovely before Saturn’s ingress, now they have become sacred. I definitely prefer an EVII bath in my own home over an expensive spa; might be because I’m a Taurus rising 😉 but also definitely says something about the quality of Kaitlin’s offering. I’m now going to order more bath salts, so I can keep scheduling my spa at home days. 🙂

  2. Sometimes you just want someone else to do the heavy lifting and this is the series I can count on for just that when my mom battery is tapped out and I feel like I’ve supported anyone else but myself EVII comes in and says “I got this.” Bath Salts are a must for me in most series but Venus series’ adds that ✨ special glow ✨ – add a handful of this to your own bath gel and make a quick scrub. It’s amazing. You’ll feel pampered and deeply cared for.

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