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Daughter of Heaven and Earth

Daughter of Heaven and Earth


A talismanic perfume oil formulated on Sphere + Sundry’s exquisite Venus in Taurus election (2020) by Empress Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab. Of which, She shares —

The intersection of inspiration, passion, intuition and fruition. This is the space within which the creative impulse blossoms into reality. It is an oil of artists, poets, musicians, and dreamers, not only as a source of revelation, but as a means by which you can make your art manifest.

This oil is also an oil of kindness and compassion, both for yourself and to assist in cultivating compassion in others and compassion in the world that surrounds you.

This oil contains steam-distilled organic frankincense essential oil and tears (Boswellia sacra and Boswellia carteri), marshmallow leaf and root (Althaea officinalis), orris butter (Iris pallida) and orris root (Iris germanica), organic passionflower petals and leaves from the TAL garden (Passiflora incarnata), raspberry leaf and root from the TAL garden (Rubus idaeus), solvent-extracted beeswax absolute (Cera alba), honey absolute (Apis melliferra), lilac petals (Syringa vulgaris), and sweet violet petals and leaves from the TAL garden (Viola odorata).


Arrives in an amber apothecary bottle for $45

Out of stock

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions .80 × 3 × 2 in

No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. This almost smells like chocolate, it’s floral and erotic without being overpowering. I love this stuff. It smells like a grown woman perfume and has lovely wear down. I find it so helpful for my artistic practice I am hesitant to wear it in my day to day life although I am tempted to. Next venus in taurus drop I’m buying out the store.

  2. I purchased the trio of Empress perfumes because I knew they would be amazing for remediation if my afflicted Venus. And I wanted to see how each one affected me because while all carry that lovely Taurean influence, they really do have uniqueness to how it is expressed.
    That being said, I love them all so very much. But Daughter of Heaven and Earth has the most wonderful “giggle” effect on me. It’s almost Jupiterian, the way it rallies optimism and good-heartedness (but differently fron Honeyed-Heart who is more of an empathizer and a fixer).
    I really like to put on Daughter before going out to dinner with friends because she has such a strong benefic influence that it’s literally contagious! Like I and anyone I’m with are gently misted with her optimistic sweetness throughout our time together. It’s truly lovely, and I am grateful to have her influence at the ready when she is needed!
    Thank you Kaitlin and Elizabeth for offering her!!!

  3. This is my favourite of the Empress BPALs. Firstly, it smells beautiful but subtle on my skin. Like a gorgeous, sophisticated Turkish delight gourmand. For me, it’s very wearable. I find it the softest interpretation of the Empress out of all the products I own – composed, yet calm and receptive. I feel like there’s a certain angle of youthfulness to its charge, and I appreciate that congruency with my life. It also often feels like I’m being looked after when I wear it. The sort of succour that serves as a bed for creativity to grow, and for whichever beauty you choose to bloom. Queen of the Honeyed Heart empowers me to care and tend to my own heart, but Daughter of Heaven and Earth places me in a realm where the world can heal it.

    It’s also an amazing and sparkly glamour, boys have complimented it and some of my favourite memories of the past year have it’s scent as a backdrop. Including both excellent art and excellent sex.

  4. Wow. The Empress creates very physical manifestations of luscious comforts and pampering, I adore her. Her scent is intoxicating like the fresh lilacs and violets listed in the ingredients. A pure magical delight!

  5. So awesome I had to have a bottle on standby—compliments from strangers abound when wearing this scent (especially beautiful layered with sandalwood) and I generally feel more uplifted and inspired when I have it on.

  6. I’m not joking when I say that the smell of this oil is possibly my favorite scent I’ve ever smelled. It’s decadent AF and I’ve gotten some spectacular comments from lovers of mine while wearing it.

    To tell a small story related to the “patron of the arts” vibe of this perfume, the first day I wore this oil I went in to work as usual, nothing particularly out of the ordinary, but word had apparently gotten around my department about a gift I had given a coworker in an entirely separate department. I had bound a book for them with a personalized cover painted on in gold paint, and they liked it so much that word had somehow made its way to my own department in another building across town. I got several commission requests for similar books that very morning 🙂 talk about that Moon-Venus conjunction on the MC!

    Love this oil, can’t recommend it enough. Beautiful stuff!

  7. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who thought “chocolate flowers!” When they put this on.

    It smells so lovely, delectable, and heady. I can really feel the inspiration to create blossoming within me when I wear it.

    It helps pull me out of “analyze” in to “make” mode and I love it.

  8. Daughter of heaven and earth smells truly amazing it seems to bring out my inner charm without trying hard . And in turn people respond positively as well. Even people I’ve had negative vibes/ experience with in the past are friendlier, more courteous, even flirty. It’s happened twice so it may not be coincidence with wearing this magical perfume.

  9. Wet & on me, this perfume smells like a garden of honeyed roses–despite the lack of any rose scent in the actual components! I’m obsessed with the alchemical nature of this, and love to wear it during my Friday night Venus-remediatory “retreats” where I feel more inspired, relaxed, beautiful, and playful. These retreats feature a lot of poetry composition, lyre strumming, and general creative play where during my normal daily creative schedule I am often consumed with worry about how my creations will appear or be perceived: my poor Venus is under the beams, so you can see how this series is like a lovely aloe bath for her. I am so enthusiastic about getting a chance to test this in terms of the midheaven-recognition aspect…

    This smells so good to me I am seriously hunting a non-magical duplicate scent. Aaaaaah…Elizabeth, if you’re reading this, you are magical!

  10. I adore this perfume, it wears so nicely on my skin (lasts well into the next day), that I actually had to come back to buy a 2nd bottle to keep on stock (something I wish I’d done with Queen’s Exaltation). Wet, it smells like a face full of lilacs and verdance, but it fades into gentle floral scent. Feels really fresh and it’s work friendly ie. I tend to get a lot done and inspiration comes easily.

  11. This stuff smells like what I can only describe as chocolate-laced florals (the orris butter, perhaps)? Using it with Mercury Cazimi leads to some astounding results, like getting much needed feedback on a piece and then getting the drive/creativity/confidence needed to improve it and make it so much better. It’s absolutely magical stuff. Warning–if you use it alone you may just want to read and/or enjoy art instead of making it! At least that’s what my experience has been.

  12. Very early review, but I need to gush about this. The very first day I applied some to my person was very wild. A poet I consider a hero of mine who kinda sorta knows me from casual run ins who also runs in similar circles ended up emailing me out of the blue to compliment me on 3 new poems of mine that came out in a magazine. I also all day received testimonials and a bunch of new followers cuz of it on twitter for my work as an astrologer. It felt like in lots of ways people were recognizing my work. The magic is STRONG here. I definitely feel this election being about being recognized and the midheaven. This following week has been more of the same in that my astro client intake forms have all included words of praise and eagerness to work with me. This perfume is potent! I definitely think it’s less lovey dovey and more like about spotlight on ur craft/work.

    I had a famous poet as a client months ago and they out of the blue promised me a blurb as well. As I type this more things come to mind. It just feels like such a hyperspeed perfume. I am loving it.

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