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Luminous Crown Altar Box Sets

Luminous Crown Altar Box Sets


Wooden boxes in 2 sizes, hand-painted in gold and silver. May be further decorated or inscribed by the client.

Along with the box, this set includes all items from the Luminous Crown series. Most items fit upright within with the lid closed, with the exception of Bath Salts in the small set, and the tall vigil candle in the large. Talismans are included with large box sets only.

Availability, dimensions, pricing —

  • Small (3 each): 6.5” wide, 4.5” tall, 3.8” deep = $466
  • Large (3 each): 9.5” wide, 5.5” tall, 6” deep = $3,275 (includes talisman)



Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 9.5 × 6 in
Planetary Body

, , , ,

Set Size

Large, Small


1/2 oz, 2 oz, 8 oz

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Sol rising. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. I went all in with this series for multiple reasons. The chart is impeccable and doing house based astrological magic is frankly beyond my skill set. A chart of this caliber is extremely rare and Kaitlin’s skill in harnessing it is nothing short of awe inspiring.
    It is high octane petal to the metal world building at its finest. I must admit that when I first tried it out I didn’t react to it well. I was riddled with overwhelm and shut down after application. Fast forward to months later and my reaction has completely changed. I’ve come to believe the materia and talisman have been working in the background of my life to restructure fundamental parts of my life that needed to be updated. Long running mental and physical health issues have been addressed. I’ve had gone through a complete spiritual evolution and my magic practice is at an eleven. And I’m currently self employed, running two businesses and working on a third.
    I’ve started applying this stuff again and it feels like basking in a warm bath of stellar light. I rarely go into ritual without my talisman on. It seems to grant me access to old ancient magic. The power of Gods and Kings. I know the box sets are sold out, but anything from this series you can get your hands on is worth while. It comes on strong, but be soft and patient with the discomfort (by perhaps layering in some purely benefic energy). It’s preparing you for the good stuff.

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