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The Red Eye of the Bull

The Red Eye of the Bull


Sphere + Sundry’s favored wife of a collaborator, Elizabeth Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab, ritually crafted one of three limited edition perfume oils during the Aldebaran series election, adjusted per her locatioin. Of it, she shares —

This is an oil of tenacity, strength, determination, and the power and success that comes from hard work well-rewarded. It is an oil of ambitions achieved through perseverance, and it is a catalyst for prosperity, increased status, and material gain. The Red Eye of the Bull doesn’t take anyone’s shit, doesn’t shrink from hard work, and has the drive, courage, and authority to make its earthly dreams manifest.

Frankincense oil, tears, and CO2 extract (Boswellia serrata), dragon’s blood resin (Daemonorops draco), organic milk thistle (Silybum marianum), clove essential oil, CO2 extract and bud (Syzygium aromaticum), organic Atlas cedarwood essential oil (Cedrus atlantica), organic Western red cedar essential oil (Thuja plicata), bay laurel essential oil and leaves from the TAL garden (Laurus nobilis), Calabrian bergamot essential oil (Citrus bergamia), angelica root and essential oil (Angelica archangelica) and angelica CO2 extract (Angelica sinensis), and garnet chips washed in red wine and bourbon.

This collaboration is about half the size of what we’ve been doing lately, so it will sell out quickly.


Out of stock

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2 in
Fixed Star


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Creation Date

August 23-24, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. Avatar

    I find this oil powerful but friendly. The scent is strong, gorgeous and long-lasting. To my nose, the dragon’s blood and frankincense really come through, and it’s a favorite combo of mine. The overall scent is incense/vanilla/slightly powdery in the best possible way.

    As for its effects, it’s a great partner and inspiration for me. I’m working away on goals that I might otherwise give up on. As an admin of some online groups, I confront and deal with harassment/bullying of others and myself more effectively. I have fewer concerns about how my actions are perceived by my peers, resulting in more freedom and confidence. My partner also has had solid results, and is better able to stand up to his difficult boss during a challenging time.

  2. Avatar

    I got this oil and it was love at first sight and scent. I’ve come tu use it when I need focus and intent on my tasks and its effects are incredible. The days I’ve used it I’ve been incredibly productive and effective, it’s my “get shit done” magical oil.
    The scent is so friendly and sweet, it can last for hours! It’s very special and one of my favorite S+S items.

  3. Avatar

    I tried this out to start a music project I’d been dreaming up that will take a lot of effort. I normally get frustrated easily when it comes to creative projects and can work in like 10 minute increments, but I found myself more interested and willing to sort out problems that were coming up for me as I was working. And then as a bonus– when I was done, I did some dishes that had been piling up and cooked lunch for myself for the week!

  4. Avatar

    When opening this perfume, I was blown away and a little intimidated – it is *powerful*. I daubed it on before work the next day, while focusing on the tasks I needed to accomplish at work, and did it ever pull through for me. I felt driven, filled with an intense need to finish the tasks I had been dreading doing and more beyond that. Couldn’t sit down, couldn’t do anything until I’d done those tasks. And it worked: I got those tasks done (after dragging my feet on them for ages), and did a whole bunch more. If you need determination and drive, I definitely recommend this.

    (Going to buy another, and some for friends who need an occasional boost to their drives. Also worth noting: I bought this in the trio package.)

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