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Bath Salts of Asclepius I.I

Bath Salts of Asclepius I.I


Dead Sea Salts, rose of jericho, home grown and ritually harvested sages, incense cypress, and more. Fumigated during a Ras Alhague election featuring the co-presence of the South Node for additional cleansing power.

Draw a bath and add the mixture to the water to clear your energetic field, increase magnesium levels, and soothe and detoxify the system. Includes a prayer to Asclepius and suggested times for ritual potency. Fully immerse yourself, occasionally wetting the full head and hair for best results. Soak for 13 minutes or more. Occasionally pour water over the head and body, letting it swoosh away negativity impeding good health, mental, physical, and otherwise.

Use in the Energetic Clearing + Ritual Bathing protocol.

Add a small sprinkling to many baths or larger amounts for deeper soaks in tougher circumstances. May induce sleep, best used before bed. Drink plenty of water.

Peruse testimonials for Bath Salts from Asclepius I, II, or III for a sense of what to expect. The formula is essentially the same.

Arrives in your choice of 8 oz glass bale jar for $33, 16 oz bulk pot for $66, or 18 oz unbreakable bundle for $60.

For additional and varied Asclepius offerings, such as Oils and Incense, see Asclepius III.


SKU: N/A Categories: , , ,


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

16 oz, 18 oz bundle (weight), 8 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

October 10th, 2021, hour of the Moon. Chart in image gallery

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Asclepius I.I Info Sheet



  1. These were my first bath salts from S+S, and I love them so, so much! After my first bath I went ahead and bought another bulk purchase. I just wish I’d have bought more! While I love all my S+S items, this series in particular is very supportive when my chronic illness flares. When I could no longer get any more bath salts I stocked up on more oil from Asclepius III and now will drop a little oil in my bath when I need extra support.

  2. Absolutely loved this bath treatment, a perfect compliment to the rest of the offerings in this series and another useful way to encounter how asc. can encourage healing in you.

  3. I love these bath salts so much! They bring a very powerful energetic cleansing and re-set. I use them at least once each lunar cycle. (Even a small amount has much power.) Highly recommend.

  4. I treasure the two packages of Ascleipius I.I bath salts that I have. They are absolutely a more metaphorically astringent (they do NOT smell astringent–this is how they feel), herbal mixture than the Asclepius III salts, which I also love, and, as others have noted, they are a powerful tool in ritual baths to create a sense of newness, and I will reserve these for particularly strong electional moments because of their power. Scent-wise, to me, these feature more sage than the AscIII salts (I can’t compare original Asc or AscII).

    Asclepius and Deneb materia are the foundation of everything for me–I love these series.

  5. These bath salts are no joke. I did a big ritual bath with these in mid-December 2021, energetically calling what did not need to be in me out of me, among other things. tl;dr — two days later, ended up in the hospital with what would be an entire month-long journey through a life-threatening situation. One of those difficult spiritual clearings (obviously) but one that I felt incredibly protected during. Definitely experienced some divine timing moments, and was very supported by S&S materia during it.

  6. I have used this product as well as this whole series for injury, illness, and psychic pain to great effect. it is truly very powerful & im grateful to have it as a tool in my arsenal. iv been shocked by how effective it is!

  7. Aaahhhhh…. These bath salts melt away the harsh edges of physical pains, and nearly always offer me the emotional melting I need to fully move through whatever is ailing me at the root in any given situation. After bathing with these salts, I feel fresh and invigorated body, mind, and soul. <3

  8. I love this bath salt. I have been using it sparingly but regularly since I received it. I definitely am feeling lighter these days and have noticed quicker recovery from injuries than usual.

  9. These salts were a huge support for the big eclipse season of 2021. It felt to a certain degree like I was shedding the baggage of the day, month and year. I am generally new to bath salts too, but found these to be a lovely introduction.

  10. I’ve used these salts regularly since I got them. They were very helpful during a cold and some recent exhausting work days after the cold. I use them to help with sore muscles, various levels of not feeling well or exhausted, and for routine purification and releasing of stress.

    I prefer to wet the whole head and hair when using the salts for the most effective cleaning, but will find ways to utilize them in the shower if in a hurry or not up to getting my hair involved.

    The robust scent is highly comforting, and to me, enjoyable in the shower or bath.

  11. I have never been one for bath salts, but having started working out in the last months I thought it would be of use. And as all the offerings from S+S, it’s effects were immediate and comprehensive. Just dropping my body into the water I could feel the current run over me, the muscles loosened, the soreness dissipated within minutes. I look forward to doing the energetic cleanse with these. An added bonus is that my next shower is filled with the smell from the previous soak reminding me of the healing going on under the surface.

  12. This was my first purchase of the bath salts from S+ S, and I love them. I haven’t had a chance to do the entire bathing ritual yet, but have been using them in my baths and showers when I need some purification. They smell wonderful and are great in my hair when I need some extra cleansing. Beautiful presentation as everything from S+S is. ♥️

  13. It’s not the same election as the previous Ascelipus bath salt which I got and LOVED, but I’m really happy I got this one! I believe it’s the same ingredients as it looks and smells the same. I love using this bath salt for cleansing and releasing, and afterwards I feel relaxed and at ease. It feels like an energetic reset. Which is great if you’re wanting to get rid of the energetic muck of whatever you’re goiing through (work troubles, relationships, etc.) There’s also an element of “sweating things out” too, as the hot bath makes me take breaks in between rather than being submerged throughout. I kind of just go with what my body is telling me. I used this during the eclipse last week. Looking forward to using more of this bath salt!!!

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