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Asclepius Kolonía I.I

Asclepius Kolonía I.I

Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius IV

Grain alcohol and freshly harvested Mt. Shasta water, ritually combined with colloidal gold and medicinal essential oils during the Asclepius I.I Ras Alhague election of October 10th, 2021.

Turkish colognes are often sprinkled upon the hands before entering one’s household or business establishment, providing some natural sanitation and also a delightful scent. This can be used in such a way, or as a type of Asclepius Florida Water for energetic cleansing, drawing goodness and illumination — anytime or before ritual. Makes it difficult for nasties to glom on or penetrate the auric body.

Shake well to integrate the Sol-looking drops of golden essential oil before use.

Energy Clearing Protocol

For energetic cleansing, sprinkle about a half teaspoon onto the palms of the hands and gently but thoroughly rub together for 10 or so seconds, coating both sides. The hands can float 2 inches from the body or be lightly touching it.

Stand and run your palms from the crown of your head down the back of the head, then start from the top again, going down the front of your face and body, all the way down to the tops of your feet. If you feel any areas “sticking”, continue stroking them until energies disperse, and then proceed with downward sweeping.

Continue skimming from the head downward, running your cologned hands across every surface area, including under the arms, groin, and rear, concluding with the bottoms of the feet by lifting them. You can “flick” the energy off if it feels right, or it will dissipate naturally, however you prefer.

Take 10-30 seconds to close your eyes and integrate the cleansing, feeling the shift, and thank Asclepius for his protection, sealing the auric body from negativity.

Asclepius’ Kolonía can also be used before performing reiki, energy work, or any other healing activity, on clients or loved ones. It can be done on the self, objects, or 3rd parties.

Other Applications

This can also be added to baths, floor washes, essential oil diffusers, or dishes of water kept at the bedside for protection.

Extraordinarily versatile, effective, and p o t e n t .

For more Asclepius offerings, such as Oils and Incense, see Asclepius III.

Offered in a 1.7 oz glass woozy bottle for $33, or bulk 5 oz for $97




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Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

October 10th, 2021, hour of the Moon. Chart in image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Clears the way for healing

I got this after having a great experience with the water. While the water is gentle, this feels much stronger, like I'm getting scrubbed down. I've used it before doctor appointments and important medical procedures and feel like this has opened pathways to make sure the healing actually happens.

Loren Fleckenstein
Asclepius Kolonia

If there is only one product from S+S that you can choose, make it this one. This is THE most versatile product, both in form and series. Asclepius is so healing and cleansing and in the kolonia form feels so very potent. I've no other way to describe it other than wiping my spiritual slate clean. It has a lovely medicinal smell. More frequent use of this has been very beneficial for me and I would recommend this to everyone!

Wow In A Bottle

I used to occasionally drop a bunch of money on services at a salon. The way I wanted to feel then, and honestly never did - this kolonia gives.

I didn’t understand what a kolonia was. I’m an oil, incense tincture, and bath person, I understand those things, but I took a chance on this and it’s very much worth the buy.

Using as directed by Kait is pure luxury + healing. I can’t even explain. It’s like both a wonderful spa day and an incredible energy work session. The feeling is incredible. This might be my deserved on an island pick one.

A must have.

I was deciding between this and the water. I loved the Asclepius 1.1 water but was looking for something that would last longer and be more versatile. This ended up being perfect. In general, i feel like the bulk sizes of all the S+ offerings always have a lot more materia than you would think for the price point. So i’m all for getting a bulk product if I know for sure it’ll be something I use all the time. Huge bang for my buck imo. I think i’ve used my bulk kolonia at least a dozen times now, and it’s about a centimeter past the very tippy top of the bottle.
I also feel like i can get more of a “full body” cleanse with the kolonia, compared with the water I ended up using more spritzes depending on how much of my aura i wanted to cover.
For a shortcut cleanse/reset, I take a shower and then follow up with the kolonia cleanse and Asclepius anointing oil. It’s a great option for someone who needs regular energetic resets, engaging in lots of magic or magical products on a regular basis.

Strong and Clear

I think the strongest of the kolonias if you're looking to cleanse in general. Highly recommend having it in your apothecary for general good health. I like to diffuse it with a few drops of the oil from this series, together they transmute and then add in.

Ani Mir
Very astringent and ultra masculine

I like the cool cleansing effect, reminds me of men’s aftershave. It’s a little too sedative to use before AM qi work, but a bit strong before bed.
I’m still trying to find the best time and use to fit the nature and scent into my rituals. It stands alone wonderfully, but it competes with feminine magica and scent profiles.

However, I love the cool healing effect…splash on my hands, clear energy, and then place hands on areas of concern, inhale deeply in my hands…perfect it use before sitting meditation and play singing bowls. I’m going to invest in the physicians salve to go with it so the effects will last longer, and will experiment with Mercury door key series and Regulus to temper anxiety, uplift, and encourage resourceful practical problem solving to heal. That’s the goal anyway!


Literally use this every night to clear out the gunk of the day - this and the water are two of my staples I can't live without.

Daily essential

This kolonia is cleansing and re-setting, I like to use it on myself after arriving home, to take off any energies from work / being around people. It's good for using before meditation and pairs well with all the other materia I have. A great all-rounder!


Fresh and medicinal. This kolonia is the first step before working with any talismanic materia of any sphere or touching items of sacred significance. Breathing it into the lungs and body after I apply it to my hands generates both expansive and soft n’ settled somatic sensations, and a feeling of gratitude for the refreshment from all my insides. This is the one I can’t live without.

Purifying and refreshing

Love this Kolonia! The scent is really pleasant and it's a great primer for other forms of the same series, or other series. It's really handy when you need cleansing that is lighter and quicker than a full-on ritual bath.


  1. The deep healing that comes with working with this materia is life changing. It definitely showed me that I had a deep rooted fear of inadequacy, and though the realization of it was somewhat uncomfortable, it helped me easily heal that “wound” and overcome something that had been blocking me on my life journey, even without me knowing about it. The experience was cathartic but I am so grateful for having overcome it. The divine healer indeed!

  2. I’m shaken and impressed with the speed with which this has helped my partner’s ailment!! I applied at 22 degrees of a Sag moon, days ago, and am amazed how it dissipated the issue that wouldn’t resolve with medicine or any kind of mental healing work. It was a body issue that was brought on by stress. I will be continuing to use it at 22 sag rising times as much as possible until the next sag moon! Thank you Kaitlin and Co. for yet another superb magical product!

  3. I love Asclepius materia (especially Asc. 1.0) and this Kolonia is powerfully cleansing, and feels similar to that first series- bracing & stripping in the best way. Just immediately clears away the gunk/funk/fog of the day when I need it- wish I had gotten the bigger bottle!

  4. I recently noticed a raised colored spot on my face and thought, “I probably need to have a dermatologist look at this.” I remembered the smell of the Kolonia and thought, “well…I will just dab a bit of this on the spot.” Two days later, the spot is almost completely gone and is no longer raised. Thank you, Asclepius!

  5. Lately I’ve been using this before sleep. Any of the Asclepius series I’ve tried have worked so well, but recently I love the versatility of the Kolonia. Noticeable shifts of clarity and clearing, and so easy to use.

  6. This Kolonia has been incredibly helpful in clearing away energy that does not serve well. In adding it to the nightly regimen, I find sleep comes more easily, and I often wake with more clarity, and a sense of new beginning. The scent is immediately refreshing, and the full body sweep feels like entering a cleansing beam of light. Absolute gratitude for this powerful tool. Praise Asclepius!

  7. Straightforward energy that deep cleans your aura AND your house! Cleaning has become fun. First I clean as usual and then finally wipe every surface lightly with Asclepius kolonia. It gives the satisfying feeling of cleaning below the surface level, both metaphorically and physically. It’s like taking a spiritual sonic shower.

  8. How to even begin singing the praises of this kolonia? I ordered a few Asclepius products out of curiosity and they arrived just in time for my entire household to come down with omicron. I had a wisdom tooth erupt while everyone was sick and this kolonia worked better than any painkiller, helping me manage the headaches and pinched nerves that a mouthful of shifting teeth caused.

    It’s so very potent, you really feel the energy coming from it even if its just a single drop in your hand. I also use this to shed a bad day before bed. Super grateful for this line.

  9. This has become my favorite product & daily use has helped navigate very challenging times. The clarity feels almost instant, and the sloughing off of gunk is razor sharp. Bracing in all the best ways, a drop of this in a bowl of water next to the bed has helped mugwort find ways through my dreams.

  10. This is the first Kolonia I purchased and I’m in love. A few drops splashed on the back of my neck after a shower, a few drops rubbed between my hands before prayer, it’s a versatile and refreshing materia perfect for maintaining spiritual cleanliness. I even bought a second bottle in anticipation of its frequent, daily use.

    Thanks to Kaitlin and her team for offering these wonderful items. Hail Asclepius!

  11. I can feel the Kolonia working as I pass it through the lengths of my field, sloughs off rougher energies and whooshes away foggier grime, kinda works at the wavelength necessary for the job – very no frills. A few drops in the diffuser paired with essential oils greets family members as they return home from the day, it seems to be a good reset/refresh ritual.

  12. This is necessary medicine. All of the Asclepius series have been a balm through these tumultuous times. But since their debut, A 1.1 Kolonia and Bath Salts have been the daily foundation of keeping spiritually clean. Handful of Bath Salts in the morning shower, and then a splash of Kolonia to polish off afterwards before I face my day. It keeps the phenomenal amounts of OPD (Other People’s Detritus) off of me. Thank you, Kaitlin and crew, for this important offering.

  13. I was trying to do a divination after a long stressful day and could NOT get mischievous outside (and internal) energetics to stop interfering. Remembered this beauty and after a splash of rosemary-scented goodness (and a spritz of the Asclepius water), I was firmly grounded and clear and able to get my answers. Good stuff!

  14. Ascleipus 1.1 is the most purely intensely clarifying of any of the S+S asclepius materia i have used. The Kolonia is an incredible gift for de-gunking my aura and embracing the purgative clearing effects of the south node. One of my favorite S+S products of the past year! My new favorite energy clearing materia.

  15. Thank you! The Asclepius I.I offerings feel like necessary safe harbor whilst navigating strange times. The Kolonía imbues remarkably powerful clearing, with a fragrance that is quite unusual, both penetrating and aetheric. The energetics are incredible.

  16. I am astonished at how deep and thorough is the sense of purification this provides. I can feel that the Asclepius 1.1 kolonia has dissolved psychic grime I didn’t know I had on/in me– yeesh! This freshly fragrant elixir is deeply cleansing and I’m grateful for it. Praise Asclepius, Master Healer, restorer of life and averter of ills!

  17. I missed out on the Son of Apollo kolonia (and a friend sent me a few drops, which I hoarded!), and was escastic to be able to purchase my own. To me the Asclepius kolonia functions between a water and the oil. It’s like a souped up version of Florida Water, but smelling of rosemary instead of FW. I splash with abandon, and have been thankful that this has come out prior to what promises to be a bumpy end of the year.

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