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Triple Lotus Salve

Triple Lotus Salve


PLEASE NOTE: This offering continues being ghost-stocked by the website, meaning despite how many times we’ve set it to 0 it continues resurrecting itself. The Triple Lotus Salve is *long gone* (we miss it too!). If you do check out with it, we will need to refund you because no more exist. Apologies 💓

Pink, white, and blue lotus with passionflower, valerian, and chamomile in a base of organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil, aged for almost a full year, strained and co-mingled with organic beeswax, essential oils, and absolutes on the day and hour of Venus. Poured into tins and topped with genuine rose gold.

This is, at first blush, a more gentle and subtle salve than the others Sphere + Sundry have to offer, with less heavy handed physical effects. It can be used at the start of the day or before stressful engagements to help anchor a sense of inner serenity and self-sustained centeredness. Promotes patience, grace, and embodiment.

If applied in more liminal circumstances — such as before bed or engaging trance states — this salve possesses noticeable psychoactive and astral journeying effects, lending itself to vivid or lucid dreaming and psychic exploration, especially of a sensual and emotionally connective nature.

Rub well into the base of the skull, along the neck, shoulders, and ears for this purpose, in addition to the feet, base of the spine, and heart center for more intensity. Due to its more subtle physical impact but psycho-sensorial potency, the Triple Lotus salve almost qualifies as more of a Venusian witches’ flying ointment than something engaged for something as simple as better sleep or muscle relaxation.

Rubbed on oneself or aided by a partner, use before sexual engagement to bring ease, desire, and promote connection. Draws the waters of the body, as the Moon does tides (lymph flowing, saliva pooling… and likely others).

The scent profile remains in alignment with the rest of the Empress’ offerings — Imperial Gourmand, but in this case, with a hint of valerian musk. Each tin contains a hidden keepsake.

Offered in the 2 oz size for $63, or 4 oz bulk pot for $95

Note: 100% of the Empress salves were poured at one time, so there will be no restocking of large 4 oz bulk pots. Once these are gone, they are gone forever more. Do not apply to genitalia or sensitive areas. The feet, shoulders, &c. work beautifully!


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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Planetary Body



Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

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Empress Info Sheet



  1. I can not sing higher praises about this product. To start I love the smell of this. It reminds me of a musky chocolate in the best way possible. When wearing it I’ve experienced kindness from strangers, like people letting you cut in line for the bathroom, someone ahead paying for our toll etc. It’s also allowed me to tap in to a more luxurious side. It’s my “TREAT YOURSELF” balm. The days I wear this are usually filled with flowers and laughter.

  2. This salve is incredible. Whenever my ‘moon’ arrives, this salve eases my aches as soon as it goes on. It’s some of the most luxurious self-care I’ve ever bought for myself.

  3. I would say Empress is probably the “sexiest” of S+S offerings. I noticed when I first applied her, my walk turned into more of a strut and my typically fast walk slowed to a stroll. Sol and Mars have helped with confidence as it pertains to standing up for myself but Empress helps with confidence for the sake of being comfortable – because you can’t truly feel comfortable if you don’t have a degree of certainty as to what you’re about.

    Empress salve doesn’t immediately relax my body so much as she calls me to relax my body on my own, something that has been nearly impossible for this Virgo Venus to do without magical intervention. She also works well as a muse, as the creative decisions you make come intuitively with Empress’s help. This works as much for artwork I’ve done as it has for something as simple as choosing colors of makeup. There’s a distinct vibing with your surroundings that she draws out, a feeling of being totally in your body but also not, a mental relaxation akin to a trance where you just feel the flow of life.

    Thank you to Kaitlin, Luna, & Venus

  4. This salve may be my favorite scent on earth… I immediately became entranced by it. I quite literally could not stop sniffing it and bought a second tin right away because I couldn’t bear the thought of being without it (a first for me)! I often just open the tin and inhale deeply. Something about the deeply verdant fecund almost compost smell of it makes my Scorpio Moon and Venus feel validated and understood yet supported and comforted in a way that the more floral and fruity profiles never have. I often find myself applying it all over my face in the evenings, though I never really intend to slather it on that hard. But it miraculously never seems to get used up! It is truly intoxicating to me in all the best ways.

  5. I am so happy I got some of this now that it is sold out. A little goes a very long way. I love to put some on when I am unwinding before bed. LOVE the Empress series so much!

  6. Excellent for stress & sleep, or simply attuning oneself to the Empress “stream” effortlessly. The smooth glide of the salve is an apt comparison to its energy; I feel it just makes everything a bit easier, more relaxed. One can then channel this energy in any direction desired. Liberates stuckness & reinvigorates flow.

  7. I adore the gentle delight of this salve, mostly cleavage, but other areas ie: behind ears. The strength to speak my truth that’s taken notice of rather than washed over by a sea of voices awaiting me to shut up.
    This entire series assists in the I have a voice, being definite and decisive in my beliefs and feeling fine to say it out loud.

  8. This beautiful salve does indeed return that which was lost. Vivid dreams of other lives, other selves. Amazing. What a gift. ❤️

  9. The first night I used this, I slipped out of my body and went somewhere dark, to sit beside someone. I thought they were someone else, but after I put my ‘head’ on their shoulder, they looked at me and their eyes were mine own.

    A salve for love and comfort in one’s own self, something my charred crab Venus (8th house Cancer, under the beams, frankly the worst aspect in my natal chart) desperately needs. I look forward to further exploration of this salve in my ongoing Venus remediation…!

  10. So lovely! Calms that which is not. Surprisingly worked super fast on a bug bite that was very itchy in a way that the Asclepius and Immortal Heart Salves did not! Thankyou Kaitlin..

  11. The first night wearing this salve, a relentless procession of dreams: A gift from a semi-famous acquaintance; a party of people in stylish Victorian dress; myself as beloved girlfriend in a chic cream skirt; a witch-ingenue with a talent for manifesting egg yolks by saying “Yes” to everything. These dreams were saturated with a specific energy of Cool Worthiness- no fireworks, only unbothered Femme-ininity. The Empress spoke clearly, a Venusian dream infusion to integrate into psyche and life. When I think about “getting what one wants” it can have an assertive quality- this is so very, very different! A pure deserving-ness that is strange and new, with outer-world effects already forming.

  12. I would like to talk about this salve. They say that the lotus connects us with the Divine, nourishes that which is most yin so we can welcome the treasures of heaven.
    Upon first application, I thought I was perhaps missing it entirely. And then I felt it: the sweetness, the softness. The return of that which the busy-ness of life ground out of me long ago. Welcome to the return of that which was lost — which we barely had the courage to remember was there. Thank you for this gift, K.

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