Talismanic Offerings of the Celestial Variety
for Practical Magic and Magical Practice

by Kaitlin + Co.

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by Kaitlin Coppock

The Original Astro-Magical Atelier

Sphere + Sundry opened its skylights to the public in June of 2018, coining the term “Talismanic Materia” to describe the nature of what was on offer — series of Materia Magica produced on distinct ritual operations, using talismanic-grade astrological elections, Picatrix-style procedures, and a mix of classical, modern, and syncretic correspondences.

The project has since shipped over 13 *tons* of roughly 100,000 units, representing millions of effective, life-changing doses, to over 46 countries worldwide (as of October 2022). It has popularized methods innovated by its founder, and become a lighthouse for tens if not hundreds of practitioners, proprietors, and small businesses inspired by not only its commercial success, but its undeniable efficacy.

The freshly, yet widely field-tested astro-magical technologies Sphere + Sundry has pioneered have *incredible potential* to help Humankind, especially as a supplement to the healing arts, somatic and experiential astrological education, and natal chart remediation. As is, it magically links thousands of like-Minded, like-Hearted, and like-Spirited Others, empowering each series’ Egregore, fortifying, and unifying our collective field(s).

This work is a pleasure and a passion, as well as a duty and a responsibility — to share with the wider world, and to support those who perpetuate similar values and good-works in its wake.

As such, books, classes, and the like are forthcoming…

Mother of Materia

What began as 1 Kaitlin Coppock making magic in her kitchen and shipping from the garage, has grown to encompass an entire multi-building campus in Southern Oregon, which will open for events, workshops, launches, and showcases circa 2023 (knock on wood!).

Sphere + Sundry’s patrons help provide for a crew of 7+, who have access to the Cadillac of full-ride health, vision, and dental benefits paid for 100% by the company, 401k matching, the power of schedule self-determination, paid sick time, paid vacation, and unlimited (often subsidized) leave for personal and family necessities.

Our mission is to create a working environment amenable to modern life, where the living wage *begins* at $20-22/ hour, kids (and pets!) can come to work, and people can leave whenever they need. Opportunities for performance-based bonuses take place each launch-cycle, and whatever magic a Team member wants or needs is *always* on the house   We are dedicated to mutual cultivation and flourishing, and walk the walk when it comes to taking care of the people who take care of us.

Good In, Good Out… and at the Speed of Light!

Sphere + Sundry uses only the finest organic and/ or wildcrafted herbal ingredients in high-end, rancidity-resistant carriers, natural waxes and butters, pure essential oils, c02s, and absolutes, genuine metal leaf, and untreated semi-precious and precious gemstones — nary a filler, artificial scent, or unnatural preservative in sight. Bottled in recyclable, reusable glass (never plastic), and shipped with minimal packaging waste.

The vast majority of support inquiries are answered within 1 business day, and most orders ship within 0-2 (aside from launchalanches…), often making Sphere + Sundry’s fulfillment faster than Shmamazon Grime’s

We thank every Client, Fan, Friend, and Familiar for making all this a Reality!

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No. 42 — Launched February 8th, 2023

No. 41 — Launched December 21st, 2022

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No. 38 — Launched August 25th, 2022

No. 37 — Launched July 11th, 2022

No. 36 — Launched May 13th, 2022

No. 35 — Launched March 27th, 2022

No. 34 — Launched February 23rd, 2022

No. 33 — Launched December 14th, 2021

No. 32 — Launched November 10th, 2021

No. 31 — Launched October 18th, 2021

No. 30 — Launched July 26th, 2021

No. 29 — Launched June 2nd, 2021

No. 28 — Launched March 28th, 2021

No. 26 — Launched November 11th, 2020

No. 25 — Launched October 8th, 2020

No. 24 — Launched August 13th, 2020

No. 21 — Launched January 6th, 2020

No. 20 — Launched December 11th, 2019

No. 18 — Launched October 12th, 2020

Archived (DSC Order)

No. 27 — Launched February 1, 2021

No. 23 — Launched May 31st, 2020

No. 22 — Launched February 9, 2020

No. 19 — Launched November 14th, 2020

No. 17 — Launched October 3, 2019

No. 16 — Launched September 5, 2019

No. 15 — Launched June 21, 2019

No. 14 — Launched May 2, 2019

No. 13 — Launched April 18, 2019

No. 12 — Launched March 21, 2019

No. 11 — Launched February 7, 2019

No. 10 — Launched January 17, 2019

No. 9 — Launched November 11, 2018

No. 8 — Launched October 11, 2018

No. 7 — Launched October 11, 2018

No. 6 — Launched September 23, 2018

No. 5 — Launched September 23, 2018

No. 4 — Launched July 18, 2018

No. 3 — Launched June 11, 2018

No. 2 — Launched June 11, 2018

No. 1 — Launched June 11, 2018

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