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Exalted Luna Anointing Oil

Exalted Luna Anointing Oil

Organic and wildcrafted herbs of Lunar, Taurean, and Jupiterian alliance, fumigated at the height of Sphere + Sundry’s first ever Moon in Taurus election with myrrh resin and Lunar incense, married to 100% rancidity resistant jojoba. White lotus, moonstone, Jyotish remedial-grade pearl, and white gold.

Use to anoint the vessel, objects, and magical works.

Invokes a sense of security, safety, peace, and healing abundance.

Brings wholeness and clarity.

Calming and restorative.

Soothes what ails.

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial for $80 with Jyotish remedial-grade keepsake pearl, 10 ml “flawless glide” steel roller for $65, or 5ml mini vial for $33




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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Date

Night of November 24th 2023. Luna’s hour. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body



Benefic, Neutral


No – Contains Butter CO2 Total Extract


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Good helper in a hard time

I like in a Midwest town that recently expirenced a random public shooting. Days after receiving the package. I have been useing this as a helper for me and my kids in the getting back to normal. After something like this it's hard to go about your day to day. The oil helps lift some of the weight anger and fear. It has been a blessing in a tough time.


I've been working with Exalted Luna consistently for a couple of months now and wow, the quality of my sleep has completely transformed. I've struggled on and off with insomnia for years, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that working with EL has helped me get the best sleep I've had in ages. So much gratitude!

Arturo Fernandez
Exalted my own Luna

I’ve been trying to decipher the smells since day one, it’s such a soothing, calming and comforting smell that I found my self wearing it to sleep and having an incredible night sleep. That said during the day if I wear I resonate with my own moon in Aries, but all the great feat, I feel courageous, creative and motivated to bring own the challenges. I’m still learning how it does it.
Great materia

Solid Feel-Good Oil

I like to use this at night especially but will use it during the day if I’m feeling stressed or in need of a hug. It sort of grounds me in an “everything is going to be okay” kind of way.


A truly exceptional offering. The description is right -- the effects aren't as in-your-face as Luna in Cancer, this Oil feels smooth and grounding.

Softness and soothing

This oil feels like a soft blanket has been lightly draped over me. Its impact isn’t very distinctive as its effect is more subtle and definitely very wearable. And I love the smell.

Loren Fleckenstein
Exalted Luna Oil

This is hands down my absolute favorite of any S+S product right now. The smell of this is absolutely divine! Most of my anointing oils will last me forever because a little goes a long way but I am almost completely through a 10ml vial! I just can't get enough. This is the first series that I have ever felt called to use so liberally, lol. The one word that immediately comes to mind to describe this series(and particularly the anointing oil) is MORE. I find it kind of funny that in Kaitlin's write-up she uses the word less. This series calls me to indulge -more rest and relaxation, more food, more pleasure. It has helped me to focus on my relationships with my children and husband, feeding into my desire to create a strong, healthy family. I had gone through a period where housekeeping was not my top priority and using this series has helped me want to devote more time and energy into making my house feel more like my home and sanctuary. I feel like using this series, especially the anointing oil, has brought some really wonderful changes to my life and I could not be more grateful!

Deep nourishment

I’ve been using the oil for the past month or so, and finally able to leave a review. I purchased this mainly to help remediate my Capricorn moon in the 6th, which has always been my weak spot in my chart. The first few days of using it I noticed just immediate tiredness, and using it intentionally before bed made sense. I was working abroad for a week and didn’t take it with me, and noticed a huge difference in the poor quality my sleep. Since returning and using it again, not only is my rest more nourishing and restful (DEEP sleep) but I also wake up earlier and feel properly rested. I’ve started sprinkling the piercer through my hair before bed as well and combined I get the most vivid dreams and uninterrupted 8 hours! Buying more immediately

Denise Hancock
More grounded and stabilizing than Luna in Cancer

My natal Moon is in Capricorn, so I approached both lunar materia series with caution. Overall, I've been pleased with both by Exalted Luna (in Taurus) is a very different energy than Luna in Cancer. Where Luna in Cancer heightens the senses, Luna in Taurus turns it down, letting you sink into sensual relaxation. It has unearthed some early childhood memories that needed to be processed, but in a way that induced self compassion. I am a fan.

Anna P
So sweet!

This anointing oil is one of the strongest smelling imo - it has such a lovely floral scent that I wasn’t quite expecting. I’ve been using it to anoint my talisman and it seems to have a similar effect to the rest of this series. I feel such joy engaging with this series - it makes me laugh, rest and create without feeling pressure to do so on a time limit


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