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Exalted Luna Anointing Oil

Exalted Luna Anointing Oil


Organic and wildcrafted herbs of Lunar, Taurean, and Jupiterian alliance, fumigated at the height of Sphere + Sundry’s first ever Moon in Taurus election with myrrh resin and Lunar incense, married to 100% rancidity resistant jojoba. White lotus, moonstone, Jyotish remedial-grade pearl, and white gold.

Use to anoint the vessel, objects, and magical works.

Invokes a sense of security, safety, peace, and healing abundance.

Brings wholeness and clarity.

Calming and restorative.

Soothes what ails.

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial for $75 with Jyotish remedial-grade keepsake pearl, 10 ml “flawless glide” steel roller for $60, or 5ml mini vial for $33





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Date

Night of November 24th 2023. Luna’s hour. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body



Benefic, Neutral


No – Contains Butter CO2 Total Extract


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A motivator

Due to my personal placements I experience this oil in such a particular way. It has aided me in remaining consistent with my health journey and fitness routine. My diet has gotten much healthier. I anoint myself at bed time, and it does help with relaxation, but I notice it works wonders with my will to improve/take care of my body.

Relax--no, more than that.

I had just wrapped up and stepped away from a very high stress situation and would shortly be moving on to dealing with the next, when it was decided that what I needed was a break and a moment's rest in-between--and what a better time to put this oil to the test. I tried the water alone the first night, after greeting the materia. It worked very gently and powerfully; I actually felt that familiar resistance I get when I'm being sedated in response--when I did sleep, I slept better than I had in ages and woke up feeling very rested.

The following night I decided to try the oil along with the water, and apparently my spirits are well and truly tired of my nonsense; I went blank for a few seconds and accidentally dumped quite a bit on myself, my pajamas, and the floor. I'm exasperated at the waste, but the whole room still smells *very* pleasant, very protective and soothing, and like a warm blanket just out of the dryer on a cool night. Message received loud and clear, no more late bedtimes for a while.

Leah Hagan
Delicious Support and Calm

Oh my goodness, what a lovely offering. I’ve added Exalted Luna to JinSagII and JButter Ocean as a daily boost/cushion, particularly this Aries and eclipse season, and oh my, do they work well together. Smells absolutely gorgeous on its own, but all together are just *mwah*.

Big Jupiter energy with all those together, but like with a shawl and pillow under you as you get ready to take a rest.

I also bought Exalted Luna for a dear friend to support them as they move through a ton of emotional/tumultuous relationship changes, and they have reported back how calm, grounded, and “able to go with the flow” they have been, accepting changes and handling issues with stability and thoughtfulness.

Absolutely love love love!

Gentle gentle does it

This is like the series writeup says, Immortal Heart, but without the tears. So gentle, like a rocking chair or a pile of soft pillows where you can just relax. I definitely feel more embodied with this series, the mental winds are noticed when they happen and are calmed. Home life is cozy and routines are sort of going smoother? Appreciate <3

The Deepest Nourishment

I have found this to be my second favorite series after Sag in Jup II. I have a Taurus moon, as does my daughter and mother. it’s definitely been aiding us in confronting some of the thornier parts of the motherline. I use the oil before sleep and it provides me with the best sleep I’ve had in quite some time. I enjoy some of the deepest sleep and dreams I’ve ever had. I hope to keep using at night, to see the effect it has long-term. So far, it’s felt like a warm nest. A wave of support seems to hold me that helps me to truly rest my bones in peace.

Grounding and healing

While very chill, I still find this oil surprisingly grounding! It is the best of both worlds: this is where the spirit and body meet. That Jupiter high flying optimism, but feet (body = the Moon) firmly on the ground. Very healing in a wholistic way.

Reviewer avatar

Wowwww very much like my beloved Venus in Taurus I Anointing Oil! I mean, of course they're each clearly their own experience, but the scent is SO reminiscent~ I would go as far as to say that the effects, benefits & energies do overlap to a good extent as well. They are both Taurean, with a Venusian ruler, after all . . . and any series with that essence at its core is always number one for me.

My initial impressions of this Anointing Oil: as with the rest of the series, the beginning stages have been overwhelmingly about the NEED for achieving the best possible sleep on a stable basis. This, without any background noise or nagging sense that one "shouldn't" be relaxing as intensely & frequently as possible. In other words, the pure rejuvenation & absolute blissful pleasure of true, deep, beautiful restoration without guilt! So it's not just sleep, although that's a defining focus; it's about becoming — full-time — relaxed & vital enough to tend to/ satisfy/ experience/ embody our physical, sensual selves and desires. You may see, then, why I say this parallels Venus {especially Her Taurean side}. The major difference I've noticed is that our Exalted Moon Goddess is the high arcane . . . She doesn't necessarily tell you what She's doing, and She doesn't have to. Her magnetic, sensuous, feminine, nurturing, creative, life-giving essence, omnipresent & omnipotent, radiates and enfolds Her creations until they're ready to stand on their own, reborn in Her image.

What a gorgeous Oil, and series. Beyond perfect for my own natal Exalted Moon . . . truly healing! I deeply cherish this series, it's so very close to my heart~

I think my favorite series ever

The memories that floated to the top when I smelled this was of me hugging my grandma, the softness, the love, it was all there. I adore this oil. As someone who truly struggles to have a good sleep routine, constantly waking up tired, this oil has changed that completely. I wake up feeling rested and at ease. I used the teensiest tiniest bit on my furry friend and we've both found ourselves napping together. I also feel much much less anxious.

Rose Almond Softness

This oil!! WOW. The scent is absolutely LOVELY, truly like a rose scented breeze through almond trees. However the real appeal of this remarkable oil is the deep restful quality it brings. I've never felt so chilled out and supported; wearing this oil truly feels like being held close by Mama Luna. I highly recommend!

Deeeeep Slumber

The past two months I've been turning in between 7-8:30pm and sleeping through until dawn, thus catching up on much needed sleep after an extraordinarily stressful year, so I wasn't expecting sleep, per se, to be too affected. While I didn't sleep longer, I unequivocally slept deeper, and not remembering my dreams, although I know I had them. I have a distinct sense the healing I need, physically, is penetrating more fully during these hours as well. Not only will I be ordering more right away, I see this as a daily application for the foreseeable future.


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