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Water of Luna in Cancer

Water of Luna in Cancer


Chamomile, Lunar herbs, and 9 pearls each, distilled in copper alembics with freshly harvested Mt. Shasta water from the Moon’s hour on the Moon’s day earlier in the working week. Consecrated with colloidal silver upon Luna in Cancer’s altar and left to incubate, tucked into a bed of Her consecrated herbs, for many moons since.

Mist the body for Lunar attunements; to activate extra-sensory perreception before scrying, channeling, mediumship, spirit communication, and lucid dreaming; before engagement with therapeutic processes and/ or quality time and snuggle sessions with pets, kids, and loved ones.

A wonderful addition to “comfort” activities, such as watching your favorite movies or the Great British Baking Show, playing Stardew Valley or board games with fambly — whatever your personal wholesome equivalents may be! Eating the best nostalgia foods, and maximizing down time.

Creates an area of influence which invites personal (but not explicitly sexual..) intimacy, stoking the instinct to seek creature comforts and meet the simplest, most basic of needs. Adds auric gravitas.

This spray (and all other items from this series) can be used to prime the vessel before layering with other materia magica, or wearing talismans and amulets, to maximize and potentiate their influence.

The energies serve as a foundation which aid whatever else you apply it with to penetrate the lived experience and more quickly manifest. The same is true of ritual space, altars, and bed linens, which can be sprayed for like-purpose.

Over time, the Moon’s Holy Water helps create healthier, more purified attachments, balanced energy levels, and clarifies the emotional sphere, but it can activate pre-existing issues surrounding these and other Lunar topics before getting there.

If application of Luna in Cancer results in too much sensitivity, mental unrest, or emotional upset, please combine it with materia or talismans that best suit your needs — to address symptoms, provide protection, and help guide the process.

Read the series write-up to ensure you’re well equipped to handle the unique power + potency Moon Moon provides…

Comes in a glass spray bottle with keepsake pearl, offered in your choice of 1/2 oz travel/ sample size for $30, or full 2 oz for $75.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2 in
Creation Date

Night of April 7th, 2022. Hour and Night of the Moon. Chart in image gallery.

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

I used to skip over the waters of any given series on principal, even though the first Exalted Venus water was one of my initial S+S acquisitions--I just didn't see what they'd do that I couldn't basically accomplish between the kolonia and incense. The LiC series as a whole has been the most profoundly life-altering initiation for this night-born, air-dominant person and much of this has been learning to cherish and lean into less verbal, more energetic and intuitive ways of knowing--and in return, I've found myself living in a world that's so much stranger, so much more enchanted, and profoundly capacious in comparison to the one I (thought I) lived in previously. It's a long adjustment period and Kaitlin's warnings are well-founded, but I've found that the water is a great entry point: faster-acting than the body butter and less mediated than the BPALs, it gives you a clear picture of what the series offers without entirely throwing you into the deep end--waters evaporate, after all. I use this in a manner similar to casting a circle to set the stage and prime a space for all manners of magics and activities to great effect.

Lovely water

I use this moon water when I need to cool down energetically, and/or I am doing moon devotions at the new or full moon. I don't detect a scent yet, though I am trying! But I love the energy of this water: cool and deep. It primes me nicely for moon work.


Highly hydrating for beauty rituals to get that plumb look. And just to enhance other bodily applications from other series, like butters and salves, facilitates sinking in energies so much more quicker.


This is a beautiful water, I use it very frequently and it is great for atmosphere during ritual and frequently engaging with spirits, it offers a lot of clarity in spirit communication as well. This is one of my favourite items from Sphere and Sundry!

Perfect way to wade into the moon

I really love this moon spray! This is one of the first items I have ordered from Sphere + Sundry and I am absolutely elated! I decided to play with the Moon in Cancer series because I am currently in a moon profection year and wanted something to facilitate my engagement with the moon and its symbolism within my own life/chart. As others have stated I definitely felt an increase of my emotional sensitivity but as I've continued to use it has enabled me to dive into long smothered feelings and figure out how to sit with them as they ebb and flow. I also feel like this spray is a great aide for dreamwork as well! I feel like there are so many more things I can say but like the moon it can only really be expressed through our innate knowing and feelings. I love this and definitely want to reorder when I am finished! I can't wait to order other products and create deeper relationships to myself and the planets.

Still on the fence about the effects

My first bottle of water arrived empty, having spilled into the wrapping paper in transit. While still sealed. The replacement bottle that the helpful staff immediately sent me also arrived...empty, and sealed. Its replacement (we're on our third bottle now) arrived missing a scant thumb width of fill. Do you get the feeling that lunar water really, really didn't want to travel to my house? Because I do. I applied it very gingerly to my bed linens for my first try. I didn't notice any effects beyond peaceful sleep, but my mother called me the next day and told me, in a happy voice, that she'd had a wonderful dream where we were "all together again" (including my siblings and my late father). Not doing anything special in the dream except hanging out in the family home and enjoying each other's company. I'm so grateful for the Moon's gift to my mother that I (mostly) don't mind how the series seems to slide off (and away from) me. I will try layering it when I am feeling braver.

Lovely for Layering

Water of Luna in Cancer has provided gentle support as a base layer for other materia. It's also lovely on its own! The entire Luna in Cancer series has been so wonderful to work with. In my experience it has been comforting, healing, nurturing and powerful. I followed the advice to take it slow and have been working with it over time. The smell is fresh and floral without being overpowering.

A nice, easy boost

The waters are usually the “lightest” materia in a series, so if you’re feeling drawn to the Luna in Cancer series but are worried about side effects, this would be a great item to start with. I generally use it with Exalted Venus or Butter Ocean waters for maximum coziness on weekend nights. Great for watching a movie with snacks and cuddling. I also plan to start pairing it with Fomalhaut for tarot readings as well.


I have Leo Moon in my 8th House and always feel so dreamy and magical during dark, new, and full moons. I use LIC water for dreamwork, to calm myself, and during moon rituals. It's potent and hypnotic.

Dreamy yet Grounded

I have every item in the Luna in Cancer (LiC) series and yet the water is one of my favorites. I pay very close attention when there are slight "oops" when receiving orders because every time it's had meaningful vibrations....this product is one such example, as I had ordered the sample size prior to splurging on a small altar box when the 30 day grace period was up. When I got my small altar box I noticed right away that instead of the Kolonia they actually sent me a *full size* water (along with another small water) and even though the S+ team is beyond amazing at correcting literally *any* issue EVER I didn't even tell them because it felt fated. And honestly I think it was. I use the water more than the Kolonia for this series anyway and I find a spray above the head, a spray on the chest and then a spray on the back of my neck/spine allows me to sink into my body in a way that not much else can. I highly recommend! And I also find this series helps me greatly with deep and restful sleep.


  1. Oh sweet surrender to luscious comfort, this spray soothes my Scorpio moon like a warm blanket on a rainy day. Calms the nerves that usually make me feel like I’m on an electrical high wire balancing act, helping me think clearer.

  2. I was apprehensive about trying anything other than the water from this election. As a Cancer Sun sign, I was concerned I didn’t need anymore Moon energy. I use the water on sigils mixed with other materia. The combination has been very magical! It’s tempting me to try the oil! I definitely recommend this product!

  3. Helps me get comfy cozy on days i have to romance myself into resting. feel like a cat in loaf mode

  4. A wonderful way to get introduced to this series. Water wears off the fastest. And it amplifies the effect of any other materia I am wearing. The feeling is freshing, playful, gentle. Highly recommended!

  5. I wanted to try something lighter from the series to begin with and this was a perfect choice. It is quite a gentle introduction to the energies. The first time I used this came with a lot of emotional release and shifting but it was something needed. It also felt quite light and gentle to initiate and carry through the emotions. It was quite profound and I am excited to delve deeper into this series.

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