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Son of Apollo Oil

Son of Apollo Oil


A Solar take on a healing anointing oil, in honor of the exalted Sun featured in the Asclepius III election.

Consecrated Son of Apollo herbal base, carnelian Asclepius talisman, and 24k gold, fumigated with frankincense resin during the election, immersed in 100% incorruptible jojoba oil — actually a liquid wax, known for its qualities of preservation and nourishment, meaning it is unlikely to ever expire.

Left on the front porch to meet Sol’s rising rays on Apollo’s day following the operation, and shaken in the days and hours of Sol since for its many months of incubation.

Free of essential oils and scent other than what the herbs themselves provide. Wholesome, warming, holistic, and healing.

Assists in the process of Solar remediation. Plays well with Regulus, Golden Sol, and likely many others. Improves outlook, uplifts the spirit, aids in integration and self-discovery.

Anoint yourself, icons, ritual implements, or images. Spike lotion or skincare.

Offered in your choice of 1/2 oz glass vial w/ 24k gold for $65 (with an optional dropper cap kit), or 10 ml roll-on with carnelian rollerball for $52




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3.85 in
Oil Selection

1/2 oz Standard, 1/2 oz Standard + Dropper Cap Kit, 10 ml Carnelian Roll-On, 10 ml Gold Plated Roll-On


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

April 12th, 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery

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Asclepius III: Son of Apollo Info Sheet


Rose of Jericho Info Sheet



  1. I love this Asclepius III oil. It is pure medicine. I use it for aches and pains in my muscles and joints. I also use the oil for heart ache and sadness. I use it during the day and it is nice for layering with other S+S oils. I am grateful to be able to use this oil. Highly recommend.

  2. Every so often i use this is oil, and it every single time i can really feel it jumpstart my healing, or guide my mind, and body as to what to do in order to more facilitate the healing process. It is quite soothing, and can prove to be a bit analgesic. Extremely satisfied

  3. I chose to use to use the Son of Apollo yesterday instead of the other Asclepius materia because we’re about to eclipse, and it seemed to be a fit for the candle ritual I had in mind. Without going into too much detail about the purpose, I found the oil both soothing, uplifting and gently solar. Great for healing, and definitely anxiety-soothing.

  4. Although it has taken some time for me to fully ‘come’ to this oil, it has emerged as one of my most indispensable items of S+S materia. I anoint myself with it daily and alternate the hymns to Asclepius and Apollo, and it has increased my awareness of my need to allow myself heal and to begin embracing the idea of the Sun’s warmth. For those of us who may need a lot of not just Solar remediation, but other types of healing as well, this is a great series and less overwhelming than something like Exalted Sol (a great series in its own right, of course).

  5. I remember when this oil first arrived. I intuitively placed it on my heart center, closed my eyes, and breathed. I then got up to make lunch, and I was stopped by this vision of Asclepius aggressively attempting to close my chest shut, tightening the sutures over my heart center. I was puzzled and caught off-guard, and all of a sudden, this thought passed through my “It’s time to heal, Zacc.” And I just BURST into tears. It was such a gentle, comforting, kind experience, and it initiated what has become a really wonderful devotional practice that I now have with Asclepius. The Solar aspect of this election is really beautiful and perfect for me, and I’m so grateful to Kaitlin and the Team for such a thoughtful and elegantly warming series that helps one through the healing process in such a gentle yet powerful way. I will never get over how much I love this one <3

  6. This oil feels really special. I enjoy how there are no added essential oils or scent – I’ve been using it for physical healing, as I have a lot of skin problems, and it seems to work both magically and on a mundane level. Just feels all around gentle, and the dropper bottle option is a game-changer.

  7. This stuff is magical. I applied some to my stepmother’s toe when she said she thought it may be broken. About 20 minutes later she asked of there was a numbing agent in the oil because her pain had subsided for the first time in days.

    I had a similar experience with it while having stiffness in my pectorals. It had a soothing and almost “effulgent” effect that helped the muscles relax and heal.

    This oil has helped to to enhance mood and confidence, especially if the blues are weather-related. And it feels potent in Solar rituals and attunements. Great stuff.

  8. This oil has helped me through difficult times. When I was mourning the loss of a love one, and while I was dealing with attending to childhood trauma, this oil supported me. I applied it to my heart at least once or twice a day. It took of the raw edges of the process I was going through. Made it all a little less dark. This oil brings warmth to heart. Kaitlin’s work is beautiful and amazing.

  9. This oil is a godsend! It provides mood lift and energy and solar remediation while it gently heals my physical and energetic body. Unlike Asclepius 2 which knocks me on my ass for an all day power nap while it resets my body, energy, and emotions, SOA provides healing and alignment while also helping me with my sad-boy Crustacean sun. This oil is on daily rotation for me. Thank you so much Coppocks!

  10. A deeply healing oil, that’s helped me to ground and remediate my Sun/Moon square. Upon application, I feel warmth, a burst of energy and a sense of expansion. The roller is such an amazing add on too, highly recommend!

  11. I went through this very fast when I first bought the carnelian roll-on version of this oil. I found the oil soothing and emotionally grounding with regular use, and would describe the oil as warming upon application.

    I usually use this one in combination with other S and S products.

    To provide a comparison to Asclepius: the Solar component to this oil provides something I don’t get from Asclepius II oil, although I’ve found the Asclepius II oil and spray helpful, purgative, and clarifying. I’ve also tried the Asclepius III spray and will continue to buy it, just for different reasons.

    My first carnelian roll-on on this one could sometimes apply a lot of oil at once, which contributed to me using up my first roll-on of this oil quickly. However, I liked the roll-on feature enough to continue buying it with other S and S oils. My first roll-on could have just been prone to applying more oil than usual as well.

    Overall, I will buy the Son of Apollo oil again and am missing having a full carnelian roll-on of it now, as I’m recovering from surgery. I just used the last bit I had left and am using Asclepius II daily for now.

  12. The Son of Apollo oil has been incredibly healing. I’ve been using Asclepius materia to help in my father’s traumatic brain injury recovery for about a year, and since starting with the SoA series he has made incredible progress. It seems to be the fastest healing of all the Asclepius series. I absolutely love it

  13. This oil is deeply healing, in a way I did not anticipate but very much needed. I actually surprised myself by ordering this oil, as if the decision wasn’t entirely deliberate. Honestly, I cannot remember why I decided to go with Son of Apollo as my first engagement with any of the Asclepius offerings. However, upon receiving and engaging with the oil, I knew I’d done exactly right. Its effects are unmistakable and instantaneous – Son of Apollo fills me with a deep sense of safety and wellbeing, clearing the way for me to show up as my fullest self. It has pulled me out of despair in some of the darker moments of late, and generally evokes a warm and enchanted feeling that I did not know I needed but have come to appreciate oh so much!

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