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Fixed Star Algol


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Algol is the most notorious fixed star our sky has to offer, yet it can also bestow unparalleled protection and avenge those who have been victimized by unjust deeds. It was known as the ‘blinking eye’ of the demon due to being a binary star that eclipsed itself every three days, vanishing for what seemed like no reason. The ancients, deeply suspicious of this behavior, took to calling the star ‘Lilith’, after the Garden’s original She Demon. Algol’s full-waxing-visible vs. dark-waning-invisible cycle, in addition to its natural pattern of triplicity, are further manifestations of the star’s allegiance to the mysteries of primordial womanhood, no doubt providing the basis for the Lilith association.

Situated in the constellation of Perseus, Algol is also associated with the gorgon Medusa, and is seen as the head or gaze that curses and turns to stone. There is much to be said about this mythos and Algol’s relationship to Perseus and Athena, but the last time we attempted to posit at greater length it disappeared. Such is a lived example of how Algol works and a direct manifestation of its eclipse-like nature. As is this.

The New Moon in Taurus 2018 happened on Algol, making for an incredibly potent election to harness this powerful fixed star. As fate would have it, the election placed Algol on the degree of the rising angle during the finale of the working, when the most important aspects of the various offerings of the series came together — candles poured, eye talismans sigilized, and ingredients for oil combined.

This series, of anything Sphere + Sundry is ever likely to produce, has by far the most malefic potential. The utmost care and respect should be shown for these creations, which pack a powerful charge that will draw the direct gaze of Algol upon whoever contacts them. Algol is associated with beheadings, accidents, and blindness and frequently causes nausea. This force, however, can also be channeled for good, providing protection for the self, loved ones, and possessions from the evil eye and evil deeds, or as an agent of justice to avenge wrongdoing. It is the creator’s humble opinion that Algol in its waning phase, or when captured by the New Moon (as this series is), is better for acts of offense and pursuit, while waxing or Full Moon elections are more protective and insulating.

It is highly recommended that if you are to work with Algol, you also have some form of Dark Goddess practice, preferably in place before you begin engagement with these (or your own) creations. This fixed star is in Taurus, a Venus ruled sign, and has long been associated with destructive wrath and great loss. For one to successfully process Algol without excessive side effects, one must meet her gaze with deep humility, heart in hand, and genuine respect for the destructive power inherent to this primordial force. There is nothing a nigredo based life-form hates more than bloviating ego and hubris, and Algol will begin dismantling and demolishing those traits utterly and completely should they happen to catch her eye. These can involve extremely negative manifestations in the life and in the body. Men should be especially careful in how they approach Algol.

Appropriate intermediary beings to work with include Lilith herself, Hekate, Black Tara, Chinnamasta, and Kali, among many others. Making offerings or saying mantras to these beings and praying to them as an adjunct to Algol workings is always a good idea. Beings of this class can help channel Algol’s power and provide a guiding, even protective lens through which to filter its influence. Simply put, rapport can be established with Gods, and they can be directly petitioned and appealed to. Star-fire, on the other hand, has a certifiable Aspergers diagnosis. It cares not for you, nor your life, nor your feelings — it simply beams in fixed and predictable accord with its own nature and effects whatever crosses its laser-like path, as the name ‘fixed star’ suggests.

Let it also be said that mediating Algol through a dark Goddess will not necessarily protect you. These beings have similar priorities and ways of viewing the world, as you would expect from Lilith’s association with the star, and will be the first to initiate abortion protocols should they find the need. Much good can come from such processes, but you must be prepared for them and come in ‘eyes’ open.

Due to Algol’s malefic potential and sheer power, a divination will take place for every order placed in this series. If the results of divination are ill-omened, the order cannot be ethically shipped and will instead be refunded. If the results are neutral or positive, the order will ship as usual. Great care and consideration should be taken before you decide to place an order for this series, as just that act will invite Algol to take a peak into your sphere.

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    Oil of Algol

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    Black hellebore freshly harvested during the New Moon in Taurus on Algol 2018, the fixed star rising. Powdered (ethically and legally begotten) rattle snake rattler, snake's skin, and diamonds. Combined with charcoal in organic almond oil, bestowing upon it a natural blackness befitting Algol's nature and reputation. Algol was petitioned and the ingredients suffumigated and combined, sealing the jar and etching the seal at the height of the election. Only poured from the Mother bottle during sympathetic days, hours, and transits. Includes a natural preservative to stave off oxidation. Available in a 1/2 oz glass vial hand labeled with the glyph of Algol and basic instructions for use. Please note that due to the particularly malefic nature of Algol, divination is being done on all orders placed for this series. If the results are ill-omened, we cannot ethically fill your order, and you will be refunded in full for any Algol items in your purchase.  $87
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    Algol Candles

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    Black candles were lit during the petition and prayers to Algol and oversaw the creation of most of the other items in this series. They were then melted down in time to be poured as the fixed star was rising on the Ascendant. Black hellebore harvested the night of, powdered (ethically, legally begotten) rattle snake rattler, and snake's skin in black wax. Each jar features an engraving of Algol's seal. It goes without saying that most Sphere + Sundry candles are made from virgin wax, but these candles had a storied and compatible history and were therefore upcycled for the operation. They were combined with additional wax, and still possess a scent from the original pillars, which includes tobacco, bergamot, and amber. Ten 2 oz candles were poured during this election, which provide around 15 hours of burn time. Three are being kept for personal use, three are included in Algol box sets, and four are being offered standalone. Please note that due to the particularly malefic nature of Algol, divination is being done on all orders placed for this series. If the results are ill-omened, we cannot ethically fill your order, and you will be refunded in full for any Algol items in your purchase.  $87
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    Eye of Algol Talismans

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    Black clay filled with freshly harvested black hellebore and molded into a three dimensional vesica piscis during the New Moon in Taurus conjunct Algol, 2018. Red clay was then inlaid to create an iris, and finally, a genuine diamond (the stone attributed to this fixed star) was installed as pupil. Cured with Helleborus leaf in boiling water while Algol rose in the East, and quickly engraved with Algol's seal. They were then locked away in a box hand pyrographed with the head of Medusa to incubate for a full lunar cycle, along with the rest of the series. These Algol Eyes feature a hole through the center, meaning they can serve as standalone talismans or as beads. Each Eye includes one of the toothpicks used to create and maintain these holes, which carry quite a charge on their own and can be applied in any manner usually reserved for nails, thorns, or pins. Algol talismans can be used to provide powerful protection against the evil eye or to defend oneself against various malefactors, both human and discarnate. They can also be used offensively to dominate, bind, and weaken a given target, for Athena's shield served dual purposes. It is, however, the creator's opinion that the New Moon phase of Algol (this series) is better for works of aggression and offense, whereas the Full Moon phase is better for protection. Algol is the most notoriously malefic fixed star and should be treated with the utmost respect. These talismans, and all other artifacts from this series, should be covered when not in use. Basic instructions for a variety of applications are included with your order, to maximize results. Eleven Algol eye talismans were crafted during this election. Three are reserved for box sets and four are being offered standalone. Please note that due to the particularly malefic nature of Algol, divination is being done on all orders placed for this series. If the results are ill-omened, we cannot ethically fill your order, and you will be refunded in full for any Algol items in your purchase. $279
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    Algol Box – Complete Set

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    Wooden boxes with sliding latches were painted during the night of the New Moon in Taurus conjunct Algol. Painted black on the outside with no distinctive seals, both for discretion and to stow away the bulk of Algol's charge when not in use, the inside is bright red. The 'ceiling' of the box features an Algol seal, so as to represent the fixed star looking down from the heavens, and also to serve as a meditative aid while open and in use. The interior base of each box has a pattern denoting the constellation of Perseus, with a vesica piscis representing Algol's position. Each box contains one Algol candle, one bottle of Algol oil, and one talismanic Algol Eye with accompanying toothpick, which can be used in the manner of any nail, thorn, or pin for the purposes of binding or maleficia. All of these items fit neatly inside the box, making for a complete set from the Algol New Moon 2018 series. Three Algol box sets are being offered to the public. Please note that due to the particularly malefic nature of Algol, divination is being done on all orders placed for this series. If the results are ill-omened, we cannot ethically fill your order, and you will be refunded in full for any Algol items in your purchase.  $499

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