Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to where I live?

We ship all over the world! Shipping can be calculated on the Checkout page after you’ve made your selections.

Rates are pulled live from UPS + USPS.

If you are overcharged, a refund will be issued when the order is packed!

Please read the info on the Cart page regarding which of our shipping options might be best for you, and be sure to add any comments regarding customs disclosures in the notes field at Checkout.

Click here to view current fulfillment times and admin updates.

Do you offer consultations? Can you look at my chart?

Given time constraints (among other things!), Kaitlin (👋 hi, that’s me!) cannot offer consultations or custom recommendations based on natal charts or most other factors.

For guidance, please see this article 🔮

For remedial suggestions based on natal factors, we recommend Austin Coppock, Austin’s year II graduates, Freedom Cole, or any of the referrals Freedom may make.

Can I add to an order that has already been placed?

Yes! As long as the order has not shipped, you are welcome to place additional orders.

After they get packed, postage will be purchased, and you will be promptly refunded any excess.

Multiples are typically flagged for consolidation by the shipping platform automatically, so there is no need create a support ticket notifying us of dual+ orders (we’re almost never manning the support portal in real time in the workroom, so thank you for the consideration but it just ends up cluttering the inbox!)

If we miss combining them, Sphere + Sundry’s policy is to refund your excess shipping regardless 🤓

You are definitely invited to write in if you feel a refund has been missed, however! We enjoy offering custom services of this nature, but it does increase the odds of a fuck up…


Will you come on my Podcast/ YouTube/ &c?

You can ask (and thank you!), but probably not 😅

Keeping operations moving is a more than full time job, so at this point my focus is best kept on the actual work over media + promotion.

If you would like to send an invitation, a list is being kept for if/ when this changes. The offers and opportunities are genuinely appreciated!

There is so much more I would be doing if the time were available…
PLUS, I am weirdly shy 🙈


Fake/ Trained Extrovert with a 12th House fallen Sun
(Who has Done Too Much Regulus Magic)

If I write asking a question that has already been answered in this FAQ will the answer be different?

Nope 😹

Still need help? Contact us…

Please note that we are currently short staffed due to Covid-19 and the Holiday season. Sometimes we are able to respond same-day, but others are taking much longer. Thank you for your patience in the interim. We have changes in the works that should drastically improve response times in early 2021 🙏

Due to a high volume of emails, it’s not possible to respond to every request.
Correspondences regarding placed orders and by paying clients have the highest priority.

Long and personally involved messages regarding chart placements asking for recommendations will likely go unanswered,
because we do not offer personal consultations. Please see this article 
for guidance on making your selections! Thank you.



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    Venus in Libra Self-Igniting Incense

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    Herbs sacred to Venus, ritually combined and suffumigated during one of her finest Libra elections, ground and mixed with intoxicating essential oils and self-combusting materials, so no coal is required to use it. This is a loose incense that can be pinched into lines, glyphs, or sigils on a heat-proof surface before lighting. Burn during Venus rituals to invoke her influence, or during other sympathetic works for love and beauty. Can also be burned to prime a setting for pleasant social or romantic interactions. Available in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top. No synthetic fragrances or fillers. $28
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    Degree of Exaltation Mars Incense

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    Incense cones handcrafted while Mars was in the 28th degree of Capricorn, his degree of optimal performance. The dried, powdered wood of the Machilus thunbergii tree was used as a natural binding and burning agent, mixed with five hand-ground herbs and resins sacred to Mars. These include hot red pepper, genuine dragon's blood resin, and yohimbe bark, among other proprietary sympathetic ingredients, and bits of iron and rust — not enough to make the smoke toxic, but enough for magical resonance. The scent is warming and invigorating, earthy and rich, befitting Mars at his best, in the Earth sign of Capricorn. All woods are said to be under the purview of Mars, making even the base agent a worthy addition. The decision to create this incense in the cone form was also intentional — the upward triangle is resonant with the natural shape of flame and, partially because of this, is also the form associated with the element of Fire in the Western magical tradition. Note that this incense is intended to be used in specialized ceremonial or Martial contexts, and is not for every day use. To light cone incense, hold it sideways so that the tip is in contact with flame until it catches and is well lit. Place the base of the cone on a heat proof surface, such as ceramic, metal, or a layer of sand. Let the flame extinguish itself naturally, leaving an ember that will create smoke as it burns its way down the base. If it goes out, re-light well. Any that is left over can be saved and burned on a piece of charcoal. Only 108 incense cones were created for this election. Packed with a silica pouch to retain maximum burn potential. Available in packs of 5, the number sacred to Mars. Each one is individually wrapped in tissue paper marked with a special seal, sigil, or kamea of Mars. For the purposes of magical work and spellcasting, these can be upcycled with the addition of your own compatible sigils, etc. Click here for information about the use of these items for remediation of natal configurations or during Mars' retrograde.  $25

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