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  • Guide to Picking THEE *PERFECT* GIFT Using Astrology and the Natal Chart (updated)

    in Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Talismans + Talismanic Materia, The Sun, Venus / / 1 comments

    Astrology is the perfect gift hack. I’m not talking Sun sign “Get your Aquarius something high tech because Aquarius loves technology!” or “Get your Leo a hand-held mirror selfie-stick combo because they love (drumroll)… themselves!”.

    I’m talking the practice of natal astrology, how a professional astrologer does. The act of looking into the natal chart to delineate what someone will appreciate being given — to take into their life for keeps because they value and enjoy it.

  • Using Everyday Habits, Venus, and the Moon to Cool Mars + Excess Yang

    in Mars, Moon, Remediation, Venus / / 0 comments

    Remediation takes many forms, as presented in this longer article detailing some magical methods for remediating Mars.

    Mars issues result in running hot physically, emotionally, and psychologically. One way of balancing these symptoms is to introduce gently cooling elements to the system. Such measures are well and routinely applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

  • Remediating + Propitiating Mars During Transits and Retrogrades, or in the Natal Chart

    in Mars, Remediation / / 2 comments

    When someone has hired a technician to identify a problem, what’s the first question they ask? Most likely something along the lines of “okay – but how do we fix it?” If that technician were practicing astrology, especially Hellenistic, Medieval, or Vedic, the answer would be remediation, and they would offer a prescription, most likely in the form of a talisman, mantra practice, prayer, offerings, or shifts to diet and behavior.

    In short, astrological remediation is the use of corrective measures to reduce negative manifestations. These can stem from configurations within the natal chart or from transits and time lords – often a combination of both. There are always remedial measures that can be taken to mitigate ill effects! We don’t simply have to accept them at face value and resign ourselves to suffering.

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