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Talismans + Talismanic Materia

  • Guide to Picking THEE *PERFECT* GIFT Using Astrology and the Natal Chart (updated)

    in Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Talismans + Talismanic Materia, The Sun, Venus / / 1 comments

    Astrology is the perfect gift hack. I’m not talking Sun sign “Get your Aquarius something high tech because Aquarius loves technology!” or “Get your Leo a hand-held mirror selfie-stick combo because they love (drumroll)… themselves!”.

    I’m talking the practice of natal astrology, how a professional astrologer does. The act of looking into the natal chart to delineate what someone will appreciate being given — to take into their life for keeps because they value and enjoy it.

  • On the Sun’s Fall in Libra + Taking Our Astro-Magical Vitamins

    in Remediation, Talismans + Talismanic Materia, The Sun / / 0 comments

    The Sun has difficulty functioning in air signs because of their multitudinous, temperate, and back and forth nature. It finds its Detriment in Aquarius, whose classical Saturnian rulership limits its ability to beam and brighten, and its Fall in Libra, whose Venus ruled, harmonizing and conciliatory nature makes it difficult for the Self to rise above the relational Other.

  • Defining Talismans + (Authentic) Talismanic Materia

    in Talismans + Talismanic Materia / / 1 comments

    A talisman is an item of power, classically created of metal and/ or stone at particularly fecund times for whatever forces one intends to capture. They feature inscriptions of key images, names, glyphs or sigils, and are created for the purpose of generating specific magical effects for their owner. They’re often intended to be worn and thus appear in the form of rings or pendants, but aren’t strictly limited to that per se.

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