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Exalted Mercury Cazimi


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“Cazimi” is an astrological term that means a planet is in the heart of the Sun — in the tightest possible conjunction condition of less than a degree or even just 16 (astrological) minutes. Planets residing there are empowered by Sol, rather than “combust” and damaged by his overpowering rays. Their topics become significantly pronounced and purified, giving potent and undeniably specific results.

Mercury is the only planet who exalts in his own sign — one which he also rules, in Virgo. Here, the messenger becomes articulate, precise, and mentally dexterous, able to execute many calculations with quicksilver speed. Since Virgo is an earth sign, these concerns are typically of practical import and material significance. They aid in the forms of productivity which rely on mental rigor and analytical processing.

The election for this series, chosen in consultation with astrologer Austin Coppock, was September 20th, 2018, starting during the hour of Mercury and culminating with final suffumigations, consecrations, and prayers as the cazimi conjoined the Midheaven. Mercury was just 13 astrological minutes from Sol’s core, meaning this election meets even the strictest standards for the cazimi condition, which is excellent indeed — since Mercury in Virgo would have it no other way!

The resulting magically infused materials provide incredible mental support and activation, bestowing a cerebro-energetic boost which can be applied to making efficient work of to-do lists, communications, studying, editing, doing research, writing, and activities that benefit from quick mental parsing. Beta testers have likened the effects to those of commonly used study drugs and nootropic enhancers, both for better and for worse.

Side effects can include a form of “tunnel vision” that people with experience using mental stimulants will understand. Given the attention to detail Mercury in Virgo pays, one can lose the forest for the trees or find themselves pursuing interesting rabbit holes, and may benefit from periodically re-orienting themselves to their desired task.

This can be curtailed by layering other influences under or over the Mercury cazimi series, to draw its charge in a chosen direction. Such is in perfect accord with Mercury’s role as a hyper flexible go-between, for Hermes has the power to productively exchange with any other planetary, stellar, or deific force. An example of this would be applying the Exalted Mars spray alongside Mercury Cazimi oil, to instigate a drive toward productivity and add a dash of physical activation to balance the mental. Another would be pairing it with Regulus for something like a podcast appearance, where one wants to be precise and accurate in their assertions, but not at the expense of charisma or warmth.

The primary benefits of the Mercury Cazimi series are derived from personal application for mental performance enhancement, but they can also be used in a ritual capacity and to anoint Mercurial objects and talismans. As with all Sphere + Sundry orders, every item includes basic instructions for use and a prayer.

For remediating Mercury during retrograde periods, see this article.

  • $66

    Exalted Mercury Cazimi Oil

    , ,
    Plants ritually harvested the day before the cazimi on Mercury’s day and hour were dried overnight. These were ritually combined with other herbs, grains, and essential oils of a Mercurial and Virgoan nature, in a base of organic sunflower oil, on the day of Mercury’s cazimi as it conjoined the Midheaven. The oil was then sealed and left to bask in sunlight for the remainder of the day. The scent is an invigorating, stimulating blend of earthy citrus and peppermint. Apply to the base of the skull, the third eye, and optionally, the palms or wrists, before setting out on activities that require mental rigor and dexterity. The perfect anointing oil to initiate a day of writing, researching, editing, or responding to written communications. Can be layered with other charges to point results in a specific direction, for example, pair with items from the Exalted Mars series to induce type-A qualities of drive, precision, and motivation, while supporting premier mental function, or Venus to heighten aesthetic sensibilities, and write and speak more beautifully. 1/2 oz vial for $66
  • $27$57

    Exalted Mercury Cazimi Water

    , ,
    A wide variety of mercurial plants were ritually harvested the day before the cazimi election, on Mercury’s day and hour. These and other herbs, along with Virgoan grains, were combined with freshly collected water from the headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta. The distillation process for this hydrosol was initiated the day of the cazimi as it conjoined the Midheaven in the hour of Mercury, and produced throughout the day as Mercury moved even closer to the heart of Sol. Mentally activating with a grounded quality, with notes of soft fennel and pearl barley. Spray on the neck at the base of the skull and around the head for a cerebral boost before writing, studying, researching, responding to written communications, setting upon your to-do list, or performing any activity that would benefit from expedited mental processing, linguistic traction, and attention to detail. Each glass bottle contains one stunning AAA grade Ethiopian opal with excellent clarity and colorful spark, ethically sourced. 1/2 oz spray for $27 or a 2 oz for $57
  • $27

    Exalted Mercury Cazimi Self-Igniting Incense

    , ,
    A blend of ritually harvested plants, herbs, frankincense resin, and 24k gold leaf were ritually combined and suffumigated during Mercury’s cazimi in Virgo. These were combined with self-igniting ingredients to create an Exalted Mercury incense cazimi blend perfect for way-opening in ritual or mundane life. Burn to open any crossroads, draw Mercurial spirits, or to get mental juices flowing. 1/2 oz vial for $27
  • $66

    Black Walnut Ritual Ink

    , ,
    Black walnuts were hand collected from a local tree after making offerings and asking permission from its spirit, who enthusiastically consented for its fallen fruit to be made the coloring agent for a magical ink. These were harvested on the Wednesday before Mercury’s cazimi on his day and hour, broken into pieces and simmered in spring water until a thick dark sludge resulted. This was strained and combined with grain alcohol, alongside other natural textural and preserving agents, informed by Daniel A. Schulke’s Viridarium Umbris. This ink is scented with genuine myrrh, in accord with recipes from the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM), which also suggests the addition of blood. The client-mage may choose to add a drop of their own for this purpose, as I know better than to use my own blood in public offerings ;) Black walnut has protective and masculine properties and is aligned, according to Culpepper’s Complete Herbal, with the Sun, making it a fine choice for a cazimi ink, given that Mercury rules over all inks, regardless of their dye base. The ink was consecrated along with the rest of the Mercury cazimi series, with colloidal gold and frankincense to further enhance its bright and solar qualities. Use this sepia toned ink to write spells, charms, and sigils, or create automatic drawings and artistic works of magical import, using pen, brush, or extremity. Excellent as a natural vehicle for impressing your will upon creation. 1/2 oz for $66
  • $144$225

    Full Exalted Mercury Cazimi Series

    , , , , ,

    Receive everything in the Exalted Mercury Cazimi Series. Includes:

    • Exalted Mercury Cazimi Oil
    • Exalted Mercury Cazimi Water with AAA grade opal, in 1/2 oz or 2 oz
    • Exalted Mercury Cazimi Self-Igniting Incense
    • Black Walnut Ritual Ink, in 1/8oz or 1/2 oz

    $225 for the large, or $144 for the small while all offerings last.


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