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Author archive for Kaitlin Coppock

  • The Thanksgiving Holiday

    in Updates / / 0 comments

    And just as normal operations resumed, Thanksgiving happened! Going to take this opportunity to catch up on laundry and other…

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  • How Independent Makers, Small Businesses, and Consumers Can Help One Another Thrive this COVID-19 Holiday Season

    in Business + Self Help / / 2 comments

    This post was inspired by two things: the incredibly thoughtful and supportive posts/ tags beginning to circulate asking people to shop small this Holiday season, crossed by my experience as an independent business navigating the typical difficulties we all face, currently being exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  • Normal Operations Have Resumed

    in Updates / / 0 comments

    As of Wednesday November 25th, Helper and I have overcome the Immortal Heart launch-alanche, digging ourselves out one carefully packed…

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  • Immortal Heart Week 1 Post Mortem

    in Updates / / 0 comments

    The first full week of Immortal Heart shipments are a literal wrap — 95% of the launch day orders have…

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  • Anticipated Fulfillment Schedule Nov 10th-20th

    in Updates / / 0 comments

    Immortal Heart was released on Wednesday, November 11th at 11:11 AM PDT, and fulfillment for the series is scheduled to…

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  • Lo, a Step by Step Guide to Energetic Cleansing + Ritual Bathing (using Astrology)

    in Orphic Hymns, Remediation, Rituals + Prayers / / 10 comments

    Or alternatively, The (Very) Venus in Virgo Protocol for the Establishment of Energetic Sovereignty.

    In times of hardship and strife, energetic cleansing and ritual bathing is more than a source of self-care and stress relief. Done well, often enough, and thoroughly with the right tools and ingredients, it extends into the deeper realm of spiritual hygiene which helps free us from the energetic detritus that pollutes dreamtime and generates anxious and negative states in waking, reducing our vulnerability to outside influences.

    They can also serve to uncross, unbind, and lightly hex break, cease the impacts of Malochia, Open the Way, and generally detach from that and those who drain our vital energies, wanting things for or from us which we do not choose. They are profound sources of psychic, emotional, and magical liberation, and have an important place as a routine aspect of any spiritual practice.

    It is best to follow this procedure more or less to the letter the first few times you do it (before making alterations), to feel and see its effectiveness for yourself. What follows is an energetic cleansing + scraping, cord cutting, ritual bath, and anointing/ blessing in the form of one continuous process, providing thorough and effective restoration of one’s energetic Sovereignty — vital for better living through These Times.

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  • On the Sun’s Fall in Libra + Taking Our Astro-Magical Vitamins

    in Remediation, Talismans + Talismanic Materia, The Sun / / 0 comments

    The Sun has difficulty functioning in air signs because of their multitudinous, temperate, and back and forth nature. It finds its Detriment in Aquarius, whose classical Saturnian rulership limits its ability to beam and brighten, and its Fall in Libra, whose Venus ruled, harmonizing and conciliatory nature makes it difficult for the Self to rise above the relational Other.

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  • Defining Talismans + (Authentic) Talismanic Materia

    in Talismans + Talismanic Materia / / 1 comments

    A talisman is an item of power, classically created of metal and/ or stone at particularly fecund times for whatever forces one intends to capture. They feature inscriptions of key images, names, glyphs or sigils, and are created for the purpose of generating specific magical effects for their owner. They’re often intended to be worn and thus appear in the form of rings or pendants, but aren’t strictly limited to that per se.

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  • Obligatory Mercury Retrograde Remediation Post

    in Mercury, Orphic Hymns, Remediation, Rituals + Prayers / / 0 comments

    The good news: Mercury retrogrades aren’t nearly as bad as the hype surrounding them most of the time, and actions can be taken to reduce their impact. This is what we in the traditional + Vedic astro biz refer to as “remediation”, which we’ll get into shortly.

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  • Working with St. Expedite — Altar, Offerings, Prayers, Specific Applications

    in Rituals + Prayers / / 291 comments

    Saint Expedite is a powerful and efficacious spirit, turned to throughout the globe for quick results and material intercession, especially in the case of emergencies. Most famed for delivering fast cash and bringing a swift end to lawsuits and bureaucratic nonsense, he can also be called upon to expedite the results of other magical work and prayed to for all manner of manifest results. Specific applications are listed at the bottom of this article.

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